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sharjackson and kids

Celebrity Rap Superstar Shar Jackson has four kids: son, Donnie, 16, and a daughter, Cassie, 12. She has two other  children with Kevin Federline, a daughter, Kori, 5, and a son, Kaleb, 3. Shar’s oldest children were from her first relationship with her high school boyfriend;the youngest kids,however,are from her relationship with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.
These pictures were taken June of this year. Shar Jackson attended the Ratatouille premeire with her four kids.

Picture Source Concreteloop.com


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  1. Wow, the oldest daughter looks JUST like her. Like a mini me.lol And I love the fact that Shar is covered up. Her boobs aint out or butt isn’t out. She is cover when she is with her kids and that says a lot to me.

  2. Where do yall get yall information from! It sure wasn’t from the horses mouth! Because you written that Shar Jackson X-husband Kevin Federline. Wrong! He was just a baby daddy! It’s good she found out about his dog behind! Talking about he’s a dancer get a babysitter like women been doing for years and quit living off the women money! Talking about hi a Stay at home dad! That means unemployed! No job! Moocher! You know they use another term for unemployed they call it musician! You know he left Shar because she wasn’t as popular as Britney had became or didn’t have as much money as blonde do! And she so crazy, she don’t know what to do with! Kevin married her to help her spend it and live on it! He just another Hollywood Bomb!

  3. Shar Jackson’s son with Kevin Federline bears a very strong resemblance to Sean Preston, Kevin’s oldest son with Britney Spears.
    One thing Kevin is capable of is making beautiful babies. But he should not father anymore, unless he wants to marry his current girlfriend, & have one with her.

  4. Shar’s kids are beautiful! I mean- all…of them! Her oldest daughter is stunning! This girl produces some beautiful children black or white. She’s doing a great job with them two; obviously. She may have 4 kids, but she waited a good time in between the first and second set; and…she has only 2 fathers for the four. I’m proud of her. It’s not like what people were trying to make her out to be, like she had four fathers in these kids lives.

  5. when I first saw this picture I said awwwww shar has little brother and sister. her older kids look like her.she looks good.

  6. shar jackson with her kids and her son iz a teenager i mean come on shar iz like in her 30s and donnie iz like 16 yrs old shar jackson’s girls are the siblings of donnie but she can have a teenage boy if she want’s. doesn’t matter who can have who haha.

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