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  1. @KATEM…It is selfish and I’m agnostic. LOL

    Of course it matters. People need to read more…
    The relationship matters.

    Children require PLANNING.

    …but it’s difficult to get that through to idiots who swap mothers/fathers ever 5 years, think cohabitation=commitment while birthing welfare babies like beasts in a field.

    Why else do you think there are so many single mothers running around. The men are only half the problem ladies…

  2. So glad to see a couple doing it the right way…marriage, then kids. Kudos to Paul and his wife, what a lovely couple. And a plus for the interracial couple!!!

    The idea that it doesn’t matter whether you’re married or not if you have kids is completely selfish, because the best interest of the child is to have a 2 parent home that is connected as a unit. If we could all figure that out and started acting with morals, maybe our country would stop going down the toilet. Wishful Thinking… -Jesus Freak here!

  3. I am a big fan of Paul Wall and my name is Crystal – I am so happy to see a successful and happy marriage in the rap industry–and his son is cute.. looks like his mom — Peace and blessings to you and your family Paul and Crystal!

  4. Way too many Jesus freaks on this thread. Newsflash! Not everyone believes in a mythical Sky Daddy. Abandoning the ‘Black Church’ was the best thing I’ve ever done. Nothing but phonies.

  5. It says they were married in 2005 but she could have been pregnancy before they got married. Also, God states that we are to married even before sex, so I say let start there first. Get married then have babies because even if you have sex before marriage you are out of God’s will. Having a child before marriage is only adding to what have been done.

  6. I don’t think I ever really paid any attention to Paul Wall until now. He and his wife look nice, hope they have a happy family too.. A guy I went to school with actually met Paul Wall at a military base ;-)

  7. I think that safe and healthy gets redefined when we begin to subtract/change what that looks like year to year, changing times etc. For example a safe healthy environment for a child includes a father and a mother, according to God’s design. Truth is as someone stated things do happen ie sin and we see the downfall that we do.

    I am a single mom because I had sex out of wedlock, had no desire to know the things of God. Now that I do, I teach them to my daughter and pray one day that she has a father in her life and if she doesn’t I pray that what is taught resides in her heart over her going off of what she’s experienced which is a fatherless home.

    The beautiful thing about God is redemption through repentance. So a person choses to get right with Him, it’s like that wrong never happened and He’ll do things that get relationships in order (ie the father the drunk the dead beat etc) or send replacements:) But people don’t seek Him or to know Him, just accept what the world says is cool to do or decide ourselves to be ok and go with the flow of it.

  8. I guess I don’t understand the fuss. Is the issue unwed mothers or unwed mothers who are not in a relationship with the father? I have a child, I’m engaged to my child’s father and it doesn’t make me any less of a good parent or positive role model for my child than if I was already married when I had him. I think the most important thing is if both parents are committed to the child and are able to provide a safe and loving environment, and that can be achieved if the parents are married, not married, or separated/divorced. By the way, Paul Wall’s wife was already pregnant BEFORE they got married.

  9. Exactly, everyone is different, and there are people who get married, have children, and then divorce, so, it’s no worse then having children and getting married after, or not getting married at all. There are married parents who are uncaring, and there are married parents who are caring, same goes for single parents, there are caring and uncaring….. And ME… if it wasn’t ‘God’s plan’ for your mom to be a single parent, then he wouldn’t have allowed her to be a single parent, so, obviously – that was HIS plan for her. And ‘S’…. marrying doesn’t always ensure that a child is going to have a happy life. There are a lot of miserable couples, and unhappy family units that would be better off as single parents. It works both ways, and it’s simply a matter of who the parent is, and how well adjusted in life they are themselves.

    • Well said.

      I am single parent. If my child’s father and I had married we would be divorced today. He had problems (drinking and gambling) that I did not want to bring into a marriage. WE were together for ten years and his problems only got worse. We have been split up for 2 years now and I have to say it has been the best two years of my life. No more constant fighting in front of my child. Sometimes being a single parent is for the best.

  10. The truth is that things don’t always work out the way we plan. But I would have to agree that marriage should come first, it goes to show that the parents are planning for the child’s future by trying to establish a biblically correct family. Another point is that everyone doesn’t have the same values! Live and let live.

  11. The fact that we continue to have children out of wedlock is just a reflection of how completely Godless our society is becoming. I mean, its a norm nowadays. My own mother was a single parent and she absolutely did the best she could, but that doesnt mean she wont be quick to tell you that it wasnt God’s plan that way.

  12. People wake up! Children out of wedlock IS out of order..Don’t read too much into the word “care(ing)”. The point is- it is sadly becoming more rare to see marriage first, followed by kids. Maybe “caring” wasn’t the best description to use.

  13. to the poster above, so what you are saying is that if you have a child first then get married, then one is not a caring parent? Wow. I would have to say that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.

  14. What?!! Married first THEN having kids? Caring parents DO exist!(By the way, I got pregnant myself, and had a child without the notion of marriage and it was the absolute most selfish thing I ever did!)

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