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    • Who says he wants a sister, get over it! He wants an Asian chick, stop being racist! I bet you are one to condemn racism…..only if it has to do with you and your race, right? Grow up, it is 2014!

  1. Wow, I really didn’t expect there to be so many negative comments regarding interracial relationships. Especially coming from black people. I’m half black, half white, but I wouldn’t put it past a white person to say something stupid and ignorant that pertains to anything interracial. I really thought I could count on a black person to not have a problem with it. It’s 2012, but who could tell… Sad.

    • I am bi racial and so is my spouse and black people treat us really bad, white people have been so nice and wonderful! Someone has been lying to you!

  2. Sorry, his wife may be Asian, but she is hardly beautiful.

    My glorious sistahs:

    The brothas want to start another race, let them. they want to airbrush us out of the picture, they want to put us down, they want to close up our wombs (no wedding, no womb).

    Let them.

    Keep your money in YOUR pocket and support what validates YOU.

    If one of them gets fired, beat down by the police, white racists, etc. – stay home.

    When their show comes to town, keep your money in YOUR pocket.

    When one of them writes a book, don’t buy it, don’t read it, don’t visit the website.

    Vote with your pocketbooks and feet.

    ‘Nuff said.

  3. I understand the various points everyone is making but consider this… it is much easier to marry within your race for the family of both parties and for the kids when they are grown. It gives them a distinct idea of who they are and where they and their families come from. But I think that there is no problem with marrying outside of your race either. To be honest and frank, a good, smart loving woman is really hard to find. So if you find a woman that you love and has all the qualities you look for then why not marry her and start a family with her? Race shouldn’t be preventing you although it should be considered. The people saying african american women are loud and all that I think it depends on the family and where and how they were raised. That goes for all races. “O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you” (Quran 49:13). No race is better than the other and no race is obligated to the other. You cant say that black men are supposed to marry black women. Thats nonsense, If that as the case there would only be one race. Dave Chapelle has stated that he is a muslim. So based on Islamic teachings he needed to look for a woman that is conservative, respectful, and that has class and morality NOT a club going, provocative, sneaky wife. And it seems like he’s found that. Only he can judge his own situation because from the outside you can paint it any way you want.

    • Amen to whAT? .. you said it all! If a man wants a decent, educated, devoted wife then be it..Read Steve Harvey’s book about what men really desire from a woman…contrary to popular belief, its not about wiggling your booty, or letting your breasts all hang out…its about quality, its about class!


    • Me being bi racial and my husband also being bi racial never have felt excepted by the black race! We are excepted by all the other races!

  5. I am mixed of 4 different races. My mother is black and cherokee (my dad is mexican and otomian) I look either hispanic or black depending on the person… it never ends, but I am mixed. Some people think it is easier being Light Skinned than most blacks but for me that is a major problem. there is inner-family prejudice… even with peers there is separation. You as a mixed person have more to prove that you are associated with your particular race.

    I seen a comment about blacks not suffering from all of the other crisis such as Holocaust, and participate and contributing from losses… it is because in those events Blacks were segregated from society or made slaves and not allowed to participate in combat after the Civil War (they were not to be trusted)

    also I disagree with a Black man not getting love and attention from black women. there is ample attention but like myself it just seems that a mutual attraction and understanding occur when a woman of another race or lighter skin involves herself. Black men and women have so much in common i believe is the reason black men tend to look for women in other races.

    i dont think this because im with a hispanic girl which is in my race group but, i believe that black men through social evolution look to other women because Blacks went through a revolution and with much integration in such few time… blacks find too much in common with each other. as if they get bored too easily. stubbornness, misunderstanding, and lack of attraction lead men on a different path. BUT MEN IN GENERAL are like this… when women are stubborn or become too strong in a relationship, men look for someone much opposite, a woman who is going to be loyal and obedient to her man. that’s probably when race is the issue, because men look at a big picture and try to hypothesize the perfect match.

    but if dave chappelle is still with him womn and married with 2 children this means something is working out and race may or may not be an issue between them but somewhat of a catalyst in initiating their union. peace.

  6. what’s with all the hate? at least he married another minority. did you leave negative comments on the pages with black female celebs with white baby daddies? get over it. if you need validation for why dave is married to a korean maybe it’s because he’s not exactly the best looking guy and black chics wouldn’t give him a chance. or maybe he just fell in love with a korean.

  7. Dave is not a sell out for dating an asian woman. have you ever been with an asian woman? asides from being beautiful, the majority are well mannered, classy, highly educated, conservative, and make good wives. they have good hair, fit bodies, and don’t really get obese. i date all women, love black women, but will marry and procreate with an asian.


  9. She was the one who treated him like he wanted to be treated and she won. Maybe we should ask her how to treat a black man and we’ll get one too.

    I’m an african american woman and my three sons are: 1 is dating a white woman, 1 is married to a white woman and another is engaged to a hispanic woman. I asked them why they don’t interact with black women and dating white woman said I date who I love, married white woman said black women are negative and loud and engaged to hispanic woman said I got what was best for me.

    There you have it, all types of reasons. But maybe we need to stop being negative and loud and let the man do the talking. One more point, “Dating white woman” does not have the best woman for him. They are expecting their third child this November and obviously something is wrong that he has not married her. I’m not her mother but I told her to start looking to take care of herself because it does not take 3 kids to find out if you love someone. One last thing is she acts like the black woman that “married to white woman” describes as negative and loud!!!!!!

    P.S. I love my grandchildren and I want them to be together, but I also want my son to be happy with his choice.

    • i love your comment and wish your family the best, this just goes to show that men and women will be with whoever makes their heart flutter, who they love… regardless of race or, if the person is even right for them
      i personally think every skin tone is beautiful and love to see how these beautiful babies look in so many different colours but its a shame because i hear white women sayin they won’t go with a white man cos they want a mixed baby and i hear black women saying they can’t be with a man whos too dark or their baby will be too black!
      why can’t we just see people not colour? especially when it comes to our children!

  10. Dave´s children are beautifull…..

    and what kinda comments are this?…I live with a black man…and I am white….do I have to live in shame now?…Please…I know that race matters…but it shouldn´t blind people….If someone loves another one…there´s nothing more beautifull than when they unite and a baby results…now if that´s Turkish-German, African-Asian, Afro-American-White….who cares?

    If God didn´t want human to mix up the genders….I wouldn´t have gotten my beautifull daughter 3 years ago

    comments like that are downright racist and thoughts like that are poor…simple as that

  11. Look people and the black woman on this site who constantly must think that a black man marrying outside his race is a sellout. Hmm Let me tell you something.

    1. Do you pay that black man’s bills?

    2. Do you know him personally

    3. Do you give him whatever he asks for?

    If you answer no to all these questions then why are you complaining that a man dates a women of not his race? Stop crying a find yourself a good black man and by the way the more you come across confrotational the more you get shunned away. I am a black man who like a strong woman just not a bullying woman. It does not matter her race if she is not up to being a listner then I am not up to dating her.

    It seems the black woman who complain about a brother leaving the nest are the ones who forced him to leave the nest in the first place.

    Look their are beautiful woman in every race so stop trotting around and look for that man you can call your own. Also to the poster who said why do the kids look Filipino? Have you ever thought that maybe that is because the wife is beautiful and dave is somewhat brown skined sometimes genetics does not mean the kids will come out African looking or fully filipino looking but in the middle with some leaning to one side. His kids lean toward the filipino side. Leave him alone unless you want to pay his Bills!!!

    • I agree. We all are brothers and sisters when you go back to the true beginning. Think about it. Every man and woman that vow before God to love each other and stay a family through it all, and actually do it, I commend them. That takes work, sacrifice, love, patience, caring, respect, faithfulness, sensitivity, humbleness, etc… And that is the truth no matter what “race” you are. Yeah for families!

  12. Somebody answer why is it if your filipino or filipina but the country is spelled with a (ph) phillipines shouldnt it be your a phillipino or phillipina

    • it’s spelled with an “f” because the philippines was named after the spanish king, felipe or king phillip in english. the original (spanish) name of the country was filipinas, hence the term “filipina/o.”

  13. sorry I meant to spell “anchient” correctly. if you realize everyone is an African , you would not actually care. Asians are highly admixed. Even the native population of India looks African.

  14. I dont understand why alot of black men today are SELLOUTS. To many of the rich successful black men would prefer to be with any race apart from there own, to be honst i find this very sad. Call me ignorant if you i jus dont give a f***. I a proud to be beautful strong black woman and i think all these men should be proud to its a blessing.
    Why do his kids look straight phillipino?

    • Kaisha,

      Just because someone marries outside of their race doesn’t make them a sellout. There are many successful black men that marry successful black women (Denzel, Will Smith…etc) and there are many successful black men that don’t (Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie), but look at how many other African-Americans that were helped by all of these men I’ve mentioned and to me; that’s giving back to us and our culture.

      Unfortunately, our culture has an element about it that seems to make it okay to pull each other down in spite of the professional successes and opportunities that one of us creates for one another. Celebrate what we do for each other and not focus on personal decisions that have no direct effect on your well being.

      Dave has a beautiful family and the hate needs to stop.

  15. even if it was this huge psychological thing doesn’t what makes them happy really count? I mean… take gender disphoria. It’s considered a psychological disease by psychologists although the people afflicted with it don’t see it that way. (btw for those of you who don’t know it gender disphoria is when a guy thinks he was born in the wrong body and wishes to become a girl or vice versa) But they are allowed to live the way they want and they get sex changes and live much happier lives afterward. .

    So I guess what I’m saying is if it’s not hurting YOU personally why do you care? Just leave it be. They are happy.

  16. To the ever commented responses about Dave Chappelle’s family, If youever seen his skit whereas he goes to his old African-American girlfriend’s house to show her the successful man he baceame. Then he convinces her to leave her family to join him, then all in all he surprises her with his Asian wife and son. That was an indication of what he was getting across to the audience.

  17. WTF is up with that last comment. My son is a black man, and Im glad he wasnt aborted. My father, My brother, and My husband are all black men. Im glad they werent aborted either.

    People do what ever they want. I chose to be with someone who is black, but if Dave or any other black marries outside the race who cares? Race relations affect our culture, but it doesnt mean people cant do what they want.

    I hope the Chappelles are happy, and I loved the show.God Bless

  18. . People act like RACE does not matter but there are historical reasons to why it does matter especially to black people. Black is known as being NAPPY SHORT HAIR, VERY DARK SKIN, BIG LIPS, BIG NOSES etc. this is what is shown to describe our slave ancestors and what society shows daily of us. Now we all watch tv and look at magazines so the so called beauty of women is seen as LIGHTER SKIN(OLIVE, TANNED ETC), LONG HAIR, TINY FEATURES so when BLACK HISTORY month comes around or talk of black people come about here comes the bad comparison. Some black People unless they do research do not realize that we come in all shades and our hair all types WITHOUT our GRANDMOTHER being INDIAN and mixed with other races. That comment no matter what race has been exposed to that oh you have good hair, yeah my grandmother is indian, we got INDIAN in our family. So over time some black people feel less attractive unless mixed, not of equal beauty and especially black women. There is not a problem of interracial dating but instead the lack of support of black men to black women. Black women have always remained positive on black men but no so much of black men to black women. Black women’s biggest exposure is the BUTT you see and hear daily on TV you gotta love a BLACK WOMEN showing a picture of our BUTT. I could go all day but REAL IS REAL and people do not like to talk about the truth’s of race. For all of you that say RACE and CELEBRITY EXPOSURE DOES NOT MATTER LET ME ENLIGHTEN YOU THAT IT DOES AND IS PUBLICIZED. 1.)MARIAH CAREY made sure she let the WORLD know she’s black in person and in videos. 2.) Tiger Woods need I really go in detail, 3.) Kimora Lee Simmons talking about her life as a mixed child now before anybody makes a comment here is my point. All of these people felt the need to CONSTANTLY remind us that they are mixed with black like that is suppose to validate mariah’s singing, kimora’s clothing designs and tiger’s talent but now do you ever hear Britney Spears telling us if she is Irish or German or Tom Cruise discussing his roots, see being BORN black is bad but if your half the black or maybe just a pinch here and there well that’s something to talk about. Take it for what it’s worth people BLACK WAS WACK BUT NOT IT’S BACK AND WITH VENEGEANCE, but let me say this to all of you that are not atleast 80% black stop trying to tell us about get over it I am tired of people saying “get over it”. If Black People need to get over slavery then let me name some other issues to GET OVER 1.) WHITE PEOPLE-TITANIC, 2.) JEWS-HOLOCAUST, 3.) JAPAN-BOMBING OF HIROSHIMA, 4.)WHITE PEOPLE-ATLANTIS, ARABS-NOT YOUR ORIGINAL LAND, 5.)ALL PEOPLE-IF YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN AND WOMEN YOU DON’T TELL THEM TO FORGET IT YOU HELP THEM HEAL AND THAT COMES THROUGH TALKING, WRITING ABOUT THE PROBLEM. CHALLENGE ME IF YOU WANT BUT I BET ALL OF YOU LISTEN TO RAP MUSIC OH I FORGOT IT’S HIP-HOP NOW CAUSE WE ALL GOT A STORY TO TELL.

    • hard to see where you’re going with this. but the only thing I can, I’m african and from an african perspective, I don’t see what’s wrong in black men marrying women from other races. it will matter if you want it to matter.
      when you refer to the fact that mariah carey, kimora lee etc… want people to know they are half black-half white/asian, let me tell you that this is something that’s important for them. because they don’t want to be seen as white or anything else, they want to show diversity. they are the incarnation of diversity. these people spend their youth trying to find their place. in a country like america where race matter (it does not as much outside as it does in the US) if the world was filled with more mixed people there wouldn’t be as much racism as there is or there was in the past.

      also what’s is the issue with black men and black women.
      I mean I don’t get it, what’s the point in blindly dating inside your so called race? love has no color. i have been dating a mixed girl (half white-half black) I could have gone white, or black does not matter. love does!

    • I have to agree with some of what u pointed out……but i am going to say this……the reason it is bothersome when we (blk women) see a brother marry a woman of another race is because it kind of fuels the stereotype of “if it aint white, it aint right” lol…..see more of yall that say get over it are not blk……yall really dont understand how it feels to be passed over like day old bread because of some b.s that is being put out there about my sisters………as a blk female i know we are loud and we can be a lil outragous but yall have to understand where all this extends from…..lets do our history….willie lynch wrote a book about how to keep your slaves, slaves (so to say)….it has been put in place that a white man can come in and tear down the family unit of the blk community…..i,e, taken the men from the slave quarters and selling them……making the blk woman vulernable to certain circumstances…….now fast forward present day……we are still dealing with systematic slavery…..we have seen far too many times our blk men turning their backs on us….and going with that society deems as a better choice……..i,e tiger woods made it his business to marry a scandavian nanny instead of getting him a sister coming out of college with a business degree…that would have helped him build his future….hmm lol i found it funny that he chose her…..i heard it put best when a blk man said, “tiger dated down, he went and got a white babysitter as oppose to diana ross dated up…she got a white billionaire” lol…..i just think that in some cases of our blk men with a lil loot they have been told this is what u should do……now i dont know daves situation, he was living out here in dc where i am now so he might have just got fed up with “these sisters” around here and said he wanted something different…..i cant knock him…but not to be funny he made a stereotypic move………but what i find even more funny is how brothers get upset when we jump out there and get a white man…..i have dated hispanic ( my sons father), white, mixed and so forth and i find men to be lovely……if i could find a fine ass asain dude that was interested in me i would try him too…but no matter what i always come back to my brothers………lol it all depends on what u want and what u are willing to try…..i dont really like seeing a brother with a white woman but hey i cant do anything about it……..to each is own! if u like it i love it lol

      • Vonni… Um, I know you posted a years ago, but are you serious? I am a black girl with a college degree with two younger black brothers, and we have all dated outside our race. It doesn’t bother me in the least to see them with a white girl if they like her and she treats them well. My fiance is a white man. That is not because of some confused racist mindset I am in. We fell in love. My career path says that I will probably make more money than him, I’m not looking for a millionaire. I have dated black men before, it wasn’t because they were black that it didn’t work out.
        …”yall really dont understand how it feels to be passed over like day old bread because of some b.s that is being put out there about my sisters…”… maybe you are not dating the right men. If they are saying your ‘Black Girl BS’ is the reason they dont like you anymore you should probably move and find some better educated men.

        You say you don’t like seeing black men with white women… yet you have dated and had CHILDREN outside of your race. You should be ashamed of yourself for not holding yourself to the same standards that you have set. Tiger Woods is talented, he should be able to love and marry who he wants *(although he f***ed that marriage up hard, but I believe he would have done that no matter the lady)*

        Dave Chappelle should be able to love who he wants. And so should you. I hope you find someone that will treat you right because I have a feeling you hadn’t at the time you made that post. I am of course making broad assumptions, but if you can… I can.

  19. My kids will marry someone “HUMAN” and someone they love and respect. Please listen, teach and talk to your kids…


  20. oh and by the way… dave is such a talented man. a thoughtful man and i wish him and his beautiful family all the best.
    hope his kids are not hurt by these nasty comments people leave under their photos.

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