The couple were pictured at the opening of Jay-Z’s club 40/40 in Las Vegas over the weekend. 

Looks like wife of singer Robin Thicke is just one of the few celebrities to have conceived in 2007. Looks like her baby is due sometime real soon. Some of you may remember Paula Patton from the movie Hitch. Although not yet confirmed by the couple,it’s safe to say that the beautiful actress is expecting. If confirmed,this will be Paula and Robin’s first child. 




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    • Why do people have to be so stupid…..why did you have to say it will be a black baby,
      Clearly, Robin’s wife and mixed. The baby looks totally white to me.

      You need glassess !!!!!

  2. I am happy to see Robin and Paula are having baby. I am sure that the baby will be a beautiful black child, and that they will have a great experience as a black family. Robin is a true brotha.



    • LOL! Your comments are so funny. They can’t be a black family because Robin isn’t a black family. Why do black people always make everything about them. First of all Paula doesn’t even address if she is biracial or not she just considers herself black so that is up for debate. Why can’t they just be a happy family why must they be a black family. I mean lets get real!

  3. Just in case you didn’t know Paula Patton is bi-racial herself! Anyways, they lost the baby. Prayers to them.

    • Just incase you didn’t know she has said she isn’t! Get your facts straight. She comes from two African American parents with mixed backgrounds.

  4. omg they are such a hott couple… robin thick and paula patton baby is going to be very gorgeous…paula patton is very beautiful and robin thicke is hott…i wish them all the best for the future and i hope they live happily ever after and produce many goodlooking kids…..!!!

    love yah both

  5. I saw a picture from that same night from a different angle and she didn’t look pregnant at all. The dress she’s wearing just didn’t fit her quite right. She even looks uncomfortable in it. She is beautiful though.

  6. I saw this picture a long time ago. I think it was in 2007. When she was doing an interview for “Swing Vote”. She was asked if she had children. She said no but she would like some one day. Swing Vote came out last year. And as for the first comment. I won’t comment. Because when you jump in mud all you do is get dirty.

  7. She is not pregnant and never has been pregnant. I see her two or three times a year. And I just saw her Christmas day and she wasn’t pregnant then either. So unless she got pregnant in a week, its just a weird picture. Frankly I can’t even account for the picture looking like it does. No offense to Tanya who is also gorgeous, but Paula is far more petite than her and in this picture she looks twice as wide. And Paula has nothing even resembling a belly. Seven days ago she was totally bikini ready. Second I have to wonder if this is a current picture because it looks like the hat Robin was wearing that hat last Christmas. Its possible he is wearing it now because of the “Magic” deely.

  8. Wow thats just meeean,But i’m gonna pray for you sweetheart.I hope Happieness soon comes to you so you never say anything like this again, I’m Sorry your so unhappy with your own life that you would say something so he said she said.hmm hmm hmmmm.

  9. They make a lovely couple, abolutely fabulous! But what happened to the baby? He was just on the radio here in MI saying that they were trying to see the world before start a family. She is clearly preggers in this pic.

  10. I am so pleased that so many of you are intellects and shut down this idiot that wishes she were in Paula’s shoes. They make a wonderful couple. They inspire one another and that’s what makes their love so special. I hope they last forever. Again, thanks to all of you who love and support Robin!!! Keep Rockin Robin

  11. Thanks to all of you for setting the record straight. Why is it that some of us find joy in degrading and saying hurtful, unsubstantiated trash about others. Is it just hating? Or maybe it’s because Paula (Robin’s Paula) has so much that the other Paula doesn’t, i.e., beauty, talent, intelligence, great opportunities, and a fine man who truly loves her. I also loved her in “deja vu”. Much love and success to both of them.

  12. I think that it’s great that they have been married and together for so long. The main thing that I love is that Robin put his “true love” in his video. There are a lot of men that are married in the industry and have yet to put their wifes in the video’s besides the Notorious B.I.G. (put his then wife Faith Evans in One more Chance video)

  13. They’ve been together for about 10 years while they were both struggling artists prior to getting married.The comment about her being a prostitute-FALSE-I think you’re just messy and like other peoples’ lives to be just as messy too.Quit gossiping.

  14. she was never a prostitute, she studied film at usc, she has her bachelor of fine arts, whoever said she was a prostitute or services men sexually is an idiot and should jump off a bridge. she’s a beautiful, talented, educated woman.

  15. Celebrity Attorney, nice try (I’m being very sarcastic here). But, actually it would be extremely difficult for an alleged defamed person to win a defamation suit against a person who posts on this forum what he or she merely heard–without substantiating the facts. In most states these celebrities must go beyond proving that the statement is false, they must also prove (among other things) that the person INTENTIONALLY made said false statement(s). Note to Celebrity Attorney: please don’t pretend to be what you’re not. You’ll just sound foolish; there’s at least one attorney who reads this forum regularly and he/she will most likely call you out anytime you misstate the law:)

  16. @Celebrity Attorney:If you were a real attorney, you wouldn’t have misspelled the word DEFAMATION. Any legal professional knows this…

  17. No, that is not true at all. Please do not post comments on this site if you don’t have factual information. You can be legally sued for slandering a persons character. It’s called deformation of character.

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