[Zoey Kravitz (l);Bonet with her boyfriend, Jason Momoa, and a 4-month old Lola ]

***UPDATE:Lisa Bonet only has two children. In an interview with Ok! magazine,Zoe Kravitz,daughter of Lisa Bonet, says that her mom has only two kids. Read the interviewHERE.(THANKS TO BCK READER Delores for the information. Blackcelebritykids.com strives to not spread rumors.

Former Cosby show actress Lisa Bonet is a new mom to 61/2 month-old Lola Lolani Momoa. It’s hard to believe that years later after the birth of her first born Zoe Kravitz,19, by singer Lenny kravitz,Lisa Bonet,40, is experiencing motherhood all over again. Lisa’s most recent offspring is with actor Jason Momoa(pictured above) It is being rumored that Ms. bonet has a third child by yoga instructor  Bryan Kest,a son by the name of Desikachar Kest,12,.  Sorry no close-ups of baby Loloa Lolani as of yet. 




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  1. I love Lisa, she’s not in to the material things, not drugged out like a lot of Hollywood. She’s just happy with her family and probably lives in a modest home and is just happy.

  2. In another post about Jasmine Guy seeking custody of daughter, someone commented that she “aged badly” in 10 years, referring to the two contrasting photos of Jasmine and estranged husband. I noticed that co-star Lisa Bonet does not look much different from her days on the Cosby show/Different World despite having had 3 children. Perhaps the reasons why Lisa looks so much younger than Jasmine could be because Lisa’s vegan/vegetarian lifestyle which she may or may not have continued since her days as a TV/movie celeb. She played a hippie-like character on TV, but I’m sure a lot of that was not acting as you can glean from her choice of boyfriends, clothing & hairstyles.

  3. I was raised with many cultures of african, asian and native outside of my parents and found extended family is the key to happiness. Lilakoi may view herself as unique or in the lime light of perfection, but people are humans that are not needing to be in any spotlights as they will be false once they are there. I find YOGA to bring out TRUTH and as well FALSENESS as they say YAMA or even Harm to others….and if we can LIVE like the PURITY of a CHILD each day without making ASSUMPTIONS, MISCOMMUNICATIONS or JUDGEMENT…we are ALL like Lilakoi and equal. I have NEVER had loyalty of FRIENDS that Lilakoi has with her fortune. I was born JULY 7 and as a CANCER we LOVE to raise CHILDREN and USUALLY we care for and nanny and emergency care for OTHER KIDS OR BABIES without ANY rewards as they are just using us for their short term needs. LILAKOI is blessed to have LOYAL friends…LOYAL means that if SHE needs THEIR support they are there for her, her kids, or any ventures. LOYAL friends is the key to life and not what TV show one is one or who knows who to get their many a gig, etc THE KEY is BE LIKE MINDED AND HONEST. Lilakoi has FAULTS and is definitely is a Scorpio….one that is in it for their own goals. I have never needed to CONTROL others or DENOUNCE others but I do have to CARE FOR CHILDREN GLOBALLY in any lifetime. Sad that WOMEN are not HONEST friends in Los Angeles or other towns as adults…and the IMAGE is nice but behind every curtain of perfection is a TEAM OF NOBODIES HELPING to make OTHERS like her look good. Been there and we know that LA is the town for NO apology and ego….as the spiritual conciousness that wins. I bless the BEASTS and the CHILDREN as Karen Carpenter would say…..today it is hard to imagine our planet being focused on one love and unity and trust and female friendships….without CIRCLES . See the REALITY that Lilakoi is just a woman with babies and that is not news.

  4. Haters, stop it! ‘Yall should be ashamed of yourselves. Lisa represents pure strength. Lisa is so courageous to be an original. She could be one who try and straighten her hair, etc. like so many of us do, trying to transform into someone you’re not. But you know what this resilient black beauty does, she goes completely against the grain and stand tall and firm as an original. So, stop hating Lisa Bonet and try finding out who the true YOU is today instead of murdering someones character. You know the Word says to judge not or you will be judged. Peace

  5. The person who commented on Lisa not using comments…that is so judgemental. Maybe she wanted to be a parent a second time before she no longer was able to. I am happy for her. Her daughter also seems to have a good head on her shoulders and that is saying something.

  6. Why are we wo fixated on the lives of people we do not know? Why are we so quick to make judgements about people ane the lives of people based on what we hear in the media. It’s been quoted that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. In some cases, “A mind is a terrible thing”.

  7. lisa bonet is beautiful always has baen and always will be.I like the way she does her own thing apart from hollywood and just simply lives her life.

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