X-men actor Hugh Jackman,wife,and two adopted children Oscar Maximillian, 7 1/2, and Ava Eliot, 2 1/2, were in Rose bay,Sydney this weekend. Many people are curious as to the ethnicity of Hugh’s older child,Oscar Maximillian.In an interview with magazine New Idea,Hugh says the following about the ethnicity of his children:


Oscar is a bit of everything – African-American, Caucasian, Hawaiian and Cherokee. We specifically requested a bi-racial child because there was more of a need. People will wait 18 months to adopt a little blonde girl; meanwhile, bi-racial children are turned away. The same was true for Ava, she’s half Mexican, half German.




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  1. This website is racist in my opinion. Just because someone is tanned, it doesn’t make them black, because you’re half black or 1/4 it doesn’t mean the rest of of your racial make up doesn’t count. Ava is mexican and german, ok the last time I checked, those we’re NATIONALITIES, not RACES, so aval is hispanic and white. It’s very IRRITATING

    • I agree.. I am italian. People say: “Italians need to be Blackish!” I am as pale as snow. It’s just racist.

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  3. actually…jack loves culture..
    when i watched him on a talk show he kept talking about how he loved korea (south korea for those of you who are dumb enough to ask which korea)

    there may be some celebrities that adopt just for show but i believe he is one of the few good adoptive parents

    so dont be a hater

  4. i guess that’s better than the latest trend of “black baby handbags”. Im not sure why these kids are on “black celebrity kids” the girl is hispanic and white and the boy is bi-racial, there IS a difference. My children are bi-racial, technically multi racial and they dont identify with just ONE race

    • Tell that to President Barack Obama and Halle Berry. You may identify with a few but society chooses your race for you.

  5. who cares yall need to stop trippin because in god s eyes or whoever u believe in theres only one race of people;the human race

  6. I agree with Jennifer, and applaud Hugh for making the choice to adopt multi-ethnic children. The reality is that it is much more difficult to find a stable loving family to adopt you if you are a non white baby. These children sit around getting passed by, and get older. The older a child is also affects the likelyhood of them being selected.

    It’s hard enough trying to make in this world being black or “other” without compounding it with the insecurity of feeling unwanted your whole life because you were never adopted, and bounced from foster home to foster home.

    I am a multi-ethnic (black, Italian, Cherokee) woman trying to make it in the entertainment industry (acting and directing) which is a daunting task in itself. I couldn’t imagine that I would have the wherewith all to even be in this industry if I was fighting the demons of having grown up as a “system” kid. I am so glad my mother decided not to give me up.

  7. I just read on another web site that he and his wife took the boy to have his hair straighted…what’s up with that? I think the boy is very cute with his curls. This could be the beginning of the boy not feeling really part of this family…is this an identity crisis in the making? I hope Hugh and his wife help this boy in loving who and what he is. Most of America’s African American population is of mixed race so…why is it that people don’t get it? Ever noticed the vast rainbow hue that is the African American people? I don’t know why Hugh and his wife felt complelle to adopt these children, I can only hope it was for the right reasons…but first do no harm.

  8. I was thinking the same as one of the posters. I thought his children were aboriginy seeing that he is from Australia…Haha!!What he said is absolutely right though, there isn’t very many Caucasian children needing to be adopted, not to mention you would have a lengthy wait. With that said, either way if there is a child in need of a home it shouldn’t matter what ethnicity they are. Open up your home & give any child a family.

  9. I definitely agree with Jennifer’s comment. The act of adopting a child, regardless of race, is something that should certainly be commended. Come on, do you guys really think that someone would adopt a child for the sole reason of satisfying their image?! That accusation is ludicrous!!

  10. My daughter and son-in-law are adopting a mixed-race child. They had had a miscarriage and fertility treatments did not work. They had been foster parents for 2 years, and the boy was put back with his mother. (He was also bi-racial, and our whole family loves him like he’s ours and still stay in contact with him.)

    When applying for adoption, they did not request a certain color of child. The one who became available is biracial, beautiful, and our grandchild as much as if she had my daughter’s eyes and my son-in-law’s chin. I cannot imagine why the race (of someone ELSE’S adopted child) should upset anyone.

    There is a long waiting list for white newborns. Meanwhile, non-white babies and older children of any race are waiting for homes. My daughter and son-in-law had room in their home and in their hearts for any child who needed them. And they knew that both their families did too.

  11. totally agree with jennifer. From the abundance of the heart comes out our words…amazing how something good can become a bad thing for some people….just amazing

  12. why can’t the simple act of adopting a child be good enough? why does he have to be scrutinized for the line “specifically requested adopting a biracial child” because you know reality is these kids end up on the street and oh my gosh someone actually does the right thing and makes a request for a child of mixed race. read The Color of Water… maybe that will enlighten you.
    at least these kids can grow up and say my mom and dad wanted me.. they didn’t get stuck with me.
    and calling him a moron? really geez people are doing good things and they are still a moron? some world, some world…
    and i don’t know where hugh says adopting out of his own race is better, racist, or makes him a better person?
    amazing how syntax can be changed and manipulated to what people what to hear… again, some worllllld

    • You are absolutely right, Jennifer. At least someone is talking sense here. What’s the big deal about adopting a bi-racial child? Why does people take offense in that? Does it make you a better person than Hugh Jackman to say these nasty words about his actions and words? Is it not good enough that someone gave these two kids a name, a home and a family and some love that they couldn’t have experienced had not jack and his wife adopted them??? That’s the problem with our world today. You can not just do a simple good deed and get away with it. Other people would always try and question your intentions, no matter how noble they are. Why complicate a simple and noble act and intention? Let us just be happy for these couple and these kids.

  13. Adopting outside of ones own race is no better than those that adopt of their same race. So is it racist or something if a couple adopts kids only of a certain race. You know part of the reason why people adopt kids of the same race as them, is so the adopted dont become confused and such and some parents dont want them to know they were adopted. Then of course some adoptive parents dont want to be reminded that they are really not their kids. So STOP with all the BS on how adopting outside of owns race is better.

    • Personally, I thinks it’s wonderful that Mr. & Mrs. Hackman opened up their hearts in order to adapt mixed race children. Just think how exotic they are. I wonder what it would be like if they were Black and had adopted White or Asian children. That would certinly be something to debate about. I believe there has to be a spiritual connection between people in order for a relationship to thrive. I’m sure the Hackmans met these children and felt there was some sort of chemistry between them. Think for a moment about how much they had wrestled with their decision to adopt these children. They had to confront their own biases (prejudice) regarding ethnicity and race. The bottom line is “Love is Love” folks. Thank God they have the courage to think beyond the box

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