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In all,singer Erykah Badu has two children named Puma and Seven. Daughter Puma is the offspring from her relationship with Tracy “The D.O.C” Curry ; Son Seven is the product from her relationship with Rapper Andre 3000 of the popular group Outcast.In a recent interview with Essence magazine,Ms. Badu talks about both the fathers of her kids. She expresses that although she may not be intimately involved with the two dads,they are a significant part of her life: 

the-doc.jpgOn her daughter Puma’s father, rapper Tracy “The D.O.C.” Curry, 39, . . .
“Me and Doc fell in love,” she says, recounting their brief romance in 2003. “And, hey, we played the grown-folks game. He was not the one, but Puma came on through.”

Pictured:Rapper “The D.O.C’

On motherhood . . .
“I’m a real good mother. And I make sure that the fathers are active. The queendom is in Dallas. Various times in the year, everybody’s there at once, and we all get along. Those are my brothers, I don’t get in their business, they don’t get in mine, but we’re very cognizant of what’s going on with our children.”

Pictured:Andre 3000 with son Seven

Picture Source:D.O.C. Myspace




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  1. Om Shanti!( I AM A Peaceful Soul) Soul Sista, much love to you, and all that you co-create into this universe…alwayz and ever more!!!

  2. For all these negative comments lets put those to rest. I remember reading an article around the time when she was dating Andre 3000 and she as well as him said they did not believe in marriage. She feels that she don’t have to be married to have that same commitment.

  3. What’s the big deal about being a Mother OR a Wife. Many women who are waiting to be married will miss out on God’s greatest and most natural gift: MOTHERHOOD. Marriage is NOT natural; bearing a child IS. Period. Who gives a crap if she’s married or not. She has something on most women, she can claim to have breathed LIFE into this universe. Not all wives can say that! There’s nothing worse than a wife who cannot bear children so I’d pick being a Mother ANY DAY!!!! (no matter with how many men I have bore a child)

  4. Miss badu is a sexxy beautiful wonderful woman and artist all i could say if i was one of babies daddies ill be there with my woman like i am now

  5. Ms. Badu is a person with ideas. She is just a person the way we all are. Everybody has some kind of issue. Her business is just on “front street”. I read the comments and I do understand what EVERYBODY is coming from-but I think that people may be confusing morality and “righteousness”. Morally, in this country: it’s “ok” to have a baby out of wedlock if “they can afford” it. It is moral to have sex out-of-wedlock. It’s moral if you love someone. According to the Word of God, it says that we should not fornicate. We should not have sex out-of-wedlock. Sometimes we, as people, who love God mix morality and righteousness either out of ignorance, not true understanding and/or just repeating what we “heard” without studying the Word for ourselves. Or sometimes, we even mix the morality and righteousness to serve our own agenda. We also do it if we have not come to the revelation yet. A lot of people do it. I definitely did it before I studied the scripture for myself and vigorously tried to live the part of the Word that I understood even though I still falter. I myself can’t judge Ms. Badu, because I had sex out-of-wedlock before I was married. It was wrong. To be honest, I knew it was wrong when I was doing it, but I just wanted to. As a matter of fact, no one really called me out on it, because socially it is acceptable. But when I look back on my life now, I wish I had married as a virgin-hindsight is something!!! I probably could be a better wife/life partner if I wasn’t so experienced-maybe I could more open with less “baggage”.
    Some would say, “I did it and I love my baby and I would not give anything in the world to change it!” I say, “I did it. I wish I didn’t, but that proves that God’s grace is sufficient and even though I willfully sinned, he loved me enough to change my lemon into lemonade. He loved me enough to take my mistake and not let it destroy me. It is true that he does not give you anything you can’t handle, but he doesn’t CAUSE out-of-wedlock pregancy, he happened to ALLOW it just as he did when Abraham went to Hagar to have a child instead of waiting on his wife to bear him a child. Abraham was wrong because he didn’t wait on his wife to bear him a child, which she eventually did and confusion ensued. As a fact, it is STILL confusion for certain ethnic groups to this day because of it. Even though Abraham did that, God did not throw him away and still used him. Don’t forget, Ms. Badu is an artist- she forever evolves, she forever changes, apparently, she is forever thinking. I enjoy her stuff. If you say, “She is a sinner, we all fall short, don’t talk about her, pray for her.” If you say, “she is a strong Black woman”, pray for her.

  6. Women and men just need to be smart about the things they say and do in life…we all fall short in some areas..learn from them and move on…having kids with different fathers, is sometimes hard on the kids…i wouldn’t want children to think this is cool…we as parents and adults should be setting the example for our young ones to follow..so you need to ask your self is this what we want for our kids? I don’t…looking for the right man stop having kids til you are married.

  7. I actually respect Erkay. I am a single mother of 3 with 3 three different children fathers. I respect that woman. She was strong enough to carry through with it despite what anyone would say.

    Those are her children at the end of the day. She can have as many babies as she pleases. She has an occupation and a big heart. Lauryn Hill has 5 children with 1 childs father, who never married her. Does that make her better ? Ans: no.

    So please you can’t elaborate on anyones life if you don’t know them. If she was not independently doing anything for herself it would be a different situation.

    She has been blessed to have children and she has them. Her children will last forever not the relationships. Even if one of them did marry her.

    I’m happy she strong enough to not give a f@#k about anything any of ya’ll say.

    • Brittney, you must not have any children calling her children MISTAKES. if you do have children, i bet you’re a HORRIBLE mother!

  8. Kim, how is she ghetto??? she is taking care of kids, is civil with their fathers, and is keeping both of them involved in her childrens’ lives. I don’t see what’s ghetto about it.

  9. I guess you can call it ghetto and there for black but it is a problem that happens all across the racial spectrum.

    I know that marriage is supposed to give kids a sense of stability but lets face it, her situation is pretty ideal because the men in her lives are real dads. Call it ghetto if you want but this situation is far beter than kids born into a terrible or forced marriage or kids born into a marriage that leads to a divorce and again parents who don’t pay them any attention.

    Just because white folks are more likely to make a legit go of it for a few years doesn’t change the fact that they still end up with multiple baby mamas and daddys due to divorce.

    We all know what the ideal is but we also know that life does not always end up the way you thought it would. For all of those saying she is ghetto I’m pretty sure she just got “caught” doing what you have done at least once or twice in your life. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  10. What is right, and what is wrong? The way Erykah may have chosen to live her life, is totally her choice, and no one else! That’s like saying college is for every, when we all know each and every person has their own destiny to fulfill. Getting married first, and then having children is what society has impacted on us, such as teaching us it is legal to smoke cigarettes, but it is totally wrong and illegal for us to smoke drugs, or the choice to have an abortion. People, we are not living in the 1920’s anymore and times, morals and attitudes have changed right along with everything around us. Try to think out of the box, and stop bashing others, because she is a strong individual who chose to stand out and do things differently, regardless of opinionated statements from shallow fools that will never fade due to idiots.

  11. What is right, and what is wrong? The way Erykah may have chosen to live her life, is totally her choice, and no one else! That’s like saying college is for every, when we all know each and every person has their own destiny to fulfill. Getting married first, and then having children is what society has impacted on us, such as teaching us it is legal to smoke cigarettes, but it is totally wrong and illegal for us to smoke drugs, or the choice to have an abortion. People, we are not living in the 1920’s anymore and times, morals and attitudes have changed right along with everything around us. Try to think out of the box, and stop bashing others, because she is a strong individual who chose to stand out and do things differently, regardless of opinionated statements from shallow fools that will never fade.

  12. Why is everyone attacking her? I mean she is not the first one to have children out of wed-lock. Goldie Hahn has a child out of wed- lock and so does her daughter(Kate Hudson) and they all live happy lives. Also lots of other non famous women have children out of wed-lock. I personally belive that there is nothing wrong with being a baby momma beside Baby mommas always come first! I would rather be baby mother than to have a failed marriage where the kids then go crazy from living iin a broken home. What if she was married ad then divorced? I bet you would still have negative things to say about her… and its not like she’s having all these kids and the fathers aren’t involved like many other cases.E-Badu takes care of her kids and thier fathers do also. I bet you wont hear about her kids in the news getting drunk and hooked on drugs like other children of celebs.Until you live a day in her life you shouldn’t judge her… She is a powerful BLACK Woman and I respect her fully no matter how many kids she has or will have.

  13. The rap group is spelled outKast not outcast.
    BCK you’re AfrAm u should know that! OK has been out since 92 afterall.

  14. Wow… would it make a difference if she was married to both men… No, because today E_Badu would still be a baby mama of two(2)… Let’s just pray that she is a great mother and both fathers are active and loving to their children and E-Badu… My point is; Just because you get married and have children does not guarantee that you will not be a baby mama!!!! However, I still believe in marriage first… but not everything happens the way we want, and so with that said… who are we to judge that woman?! Lets Walk with God and look after his Children, not punish his children with your words… Love us

  15. I strongly agree with “person”. Half of the people passing judgement are not even taking care of their own children-married or unmarried. It seems to me that Ms. Badu and both men understand the value of raising children regardless of the relationship between the parents. A marriage, coupled with children, doesn’t necessarily mean the children have parents. If more African American men and women would simply help raise and provide for their children, the entire black community would be better off. Trust me, I believe in marriage before procreation. The lack of marriages are not why we’re losing our teenagers to drugs, incarceration, and, yes, murder. We are losing them because mothers want do what Ms.Badu appears to be doing, to wit: being the Queen of her Queendom and respectfully demanding responsibility and accountability of these to brothers who seems to be responding as real men would. This can and must be done whether one is married or unmarried. “Ghetto”, is just a mental figment of ones’ imagination.

    Peace! Be Still.

  16. I believe that a child is a gift no matter if it is a result of a marriage or just a relationship how many women have married men who were worthless fathers and husbands now if Erykah can have two babies take care love and give them a normal life which every child deserves but not always receives and still have a respectful relationship with the fathers of her children i see nothing wrong yes Badu hasn’t fulfilled society up most requests to be the perfect woman perfect wife thats is no fact in my opinion to what kind of mother she is and just because she was never married that doesn’t mean her daughter will think it’s right in today’s world the only teens who are taking after their parents are the ones who parents are not really in their lifes Badu’s children are happy have mother and a father and the word ghetto is far from Erykah Badu although she has had children outside of wedlock she is still taking care of them and with her Outlook you would never understand her even if you tried just because she doesn’t want to be like every other woman in society there is nothing wrong with her she’s successful and she a mature and loving mother who knows what best and has done whats best for them

    “We should really love each other in peace and harmony, instead we’re fussin’ n fighting like we ain’t supposed to be ” – Bob Marley

  17. I disagree with a few of you. Badu you are a domestic princess. Do your thing. My man got me pregnant. It was a shock to the both of us, were in college, and he doesnt want this on his plate. So he gave me an ultimatum. Have and abortion or I will leave you. Being a man I know he doesnt understand the weight of such a decision. So I told him to leave, I was keeping the baby. I am not a killer. And I am a christian woman, I know im not to engage in pre marital sex, but no sin is greater than the other, and well, why keep on sining? He didnt leave me he said he would give me time, saying I would change my mind. Long story short the baby is no more. But not from an abortion, I had a miscarraige, turns out i was sick. So have them babys. NO ABORTIONS PLEASE. I lost out on the most beautiful gift anyone could have. Dont look down on her for giving life! Shes a mother, a good one. She values life, dont hate on her for it. God Bless

  18. I think Erykah is just as capable of caring for her children as the next single mother. I am sure no one sets out to become a single parent but life happens. Black people love to cast each other down (the unfortunate nature of the black psyche). Instead of bracing another successful black woman who is “happily” raising her children . . . we have found a way to throw our misinterpreted Bible passages and judgements on her. I am a little wary of being surrounded by so many perfect people (glad that I don’t know many of you). I am an MBA-holding proud mother of two beautiful children, I have never been married and I am happy. Your tax dollars are not affording their insurance or my grocery bill as I can provide for them with my income. It is a sad thing that a black mother is frowned upon for not wearing a ring on her left finger . . . a ring does not make you special . . . it just makes you married.

  19. Erykah is a Queen… she can have as many baby’s as she want.. given a chance.. most women end up labelled as promiscous if she does not hang on to a crappy relationship…. Keep searching Ms Badu.. whats happening is a clear evidence that she has an idea of what she is looking for… coz once she realises its not it.. she leaves…( she is not a bag lady) and sincerely how many guys does an average woman date in her lifetime.. if it was up to us women we would have married the first guy we dated.. but if he wants to leave.. whats a girl to do? we are left with a tag!! “Promiscous girl” who cares.. as long as she is happy.. thats the formula the whole world has been looking for.. she can have a fourth one by a different dude. Such is life..

  20. Wow, bapbarbie! You certainly said a mouthful, but one thing is for certain: it is her business. Do you realize that we have over 7 billion people in this world? Do you realize that there are people (women, children, men) suffering from disease and famine, while you are worried about someone’s bundle of joy? Do you realize that we are consuming all the natural resources & fossil fuel is in short supply? There are far more important issues concerning the world today. We live in a world where cyberspace produces simple-minded people & a keyboard is their only friend. Much of the world is in poverty & the United States is included. We have an abundance of children in our foster care system that need much attention, but individuals like bapbarbie is only worried about the ones who are loved. Erykah loves her children and that is all that truly matters in our world of lovelessness. Please if you feel that her “way of life” is somehow detrimental to society, by all means go do something about it. Well you can’t because you are too busy giving negative commentary on the beautiful things in life. Each child is a blessing.

  21. I have to agree that Erykah’s life and choices are her business but I’m soooo disappointed in her. She has three children with three different fathers. Can she honestly tell her daughter that’s cool and that she should make the same choices if she was in her shoes? I highly doubt it. If this relationship with Jay Electronica doesn’t work out, is she going to have another child with another man?

    I noticed that she tends to gravitate towards men that don’t want to marry her. Why keeping having kids with these kinds of guys? Just have sex with them and keep it moving. I don’t get why she has to have kids with almost every man she dates.

    She does have a ghetto mentality. We allow men to have unprotected pre-marital sex with us, which is a sin. Then when we get pregnant and we want to keep a part of the man that we want in our lives, we use God when it’s convenient for us to. We use the excuse that God doesn’t want us to murder His child(ren) by having an abortion. God also doesn’t want us to engage in pre-marital sex but we still go against His wishes.

    Ladies, please stop lying to yourselves!! This way of life is not only ghetto but the reason why black men have such a disrespect for us.

  22. it’s sad to see how people judge someone they do not know at all. not to mention that other people’s choices in life are none of their business as long as it doesn’t affect them. hate is ghetto. badu’s choice isn’t mine, and that’s that. what struck me was that i would have never thought that she and the d.o.c. hooked up, i dunno why … but then again, their both from texas … d.o.c. has been a favorite of mine ever since i got hooked on “straight outta compton,” life’s complexity is beautiful.

  23. I don’t personally judge anyone but erykah should have stayed with COMMON. In 1 of his songs he said ‘so many black women can say that they are mother but not wives. I believe COMMON unlike others in his industry would have married her.

  24. Perosnally I would want to be married before I decide to have children. I understand that it may not happen this way, but at least let marriage be on the heels of having the child. I have been blessed to have 2 parents, 3 siblings, and we all have the same father and mother. And my father DOES NOT have ANY outside children, excpet with his wife of 26 years.

    BUt I think the problem, people are having is Badu’s choice, or not being a wife and just a baby’s mother. Truth is when you have two different father’s, you WILL be looked down upon. Unless, you are married to the 2nd father.

  25. This is crazy, how everyone has something negative to say about having more than one father to a woman’s children. I think if you have not been in that person’s shoes and have walked in their steps of life, then you really shouldn’t have too much to say negatively about that person’s situation. I myself am going through this right now; where I was in a relationship (back in love with my high school love), when I unexpectantly received the information that I had a blessing in my stomach “BY MY 4 YEAR OLD SON”. I had to take a test after that because he is my angel considering I lost my 1st son after 2 weeks of life. The relationship went down hill after he found out I was expecting because he was very forceful that I should get an abortion. Now what make a guy think that after having an abortion because you say so, that you will still have the same relationship. Well long sotry short I decided against the abortion procedure, and to give life to what god has placed in front of me. He decided that he could no longer be around me because I made a selfish decision. (i didnt get myself pregnant, its my body i thought of) God doesn’t place anything in your life that he doesn’t think you can handle, or that he would not be by your side for. its the faith you have in him that judges how your situation turns out. if you disobey him,of course things will fail, but you are also forgiven if u believe in him. Get it together folks, there is more to life than to sit back and judge another person’s. Take a few steps back and analyze your own.

  26. im not here to judge u. I think u r a strong woman that inspire me on so many diffrent levels. I love ur music n u have beautiful kids. Just keep pressing on. With women like u still around u make me keep my head up.

  27. Empresslyana, I don’t know that what your saying is entirely a good thing. Just because we are given organs to give life doesn’t me that we should do so wrecklessly. Fall in love, have children why not, but don’t give birth to more children than you can take care of just because you’re capable. What is important is that these lives are nutured when the make it to this world. How many times have we heard that story about a woman who has 8 million children who grandmother, aunt, uncles, cousins, DYFS workers, group homes, and the streets are taking care because the mother cannot. You can give life without being wreckless about it.

  28. Andre 3000 goes around and sleeps with a different woman every night. So go figure. He sleeps with anything that comes his way, like reality tv stars and strippers.

  29. It’s EXTREMELY GHETTO!! What ever happened to GETTING MARRIED FIRST AND THEN PRO-CREATE? Why would you want to bring another life into the world and NOT know if you and the SPERM DONOR will even like each other NEXT WEEK. Let’s be MORE RESPONSIBLE than that. They’re CHILDREN WATCHING…

  30. Empresslyana, if your children mimic you they aren’t that respectable. Right after you use the word, garbage comes out of your mouth.

    Kim, girl, I understand what you said. But, you have to understand, you are speaking on a forum where, chances are, the people who read and post have baby daddy’s (more than 70% of black children are born out of wedlock). And you know black folk don’t like to be called out on theirs (see Cosby backlash and the hate that spewed from Jessie Jackson’s lips).

  31. Oh I get it you want her to stay with a man that she doesnt love and have more children with this man and make one big unhappy family.We all know how that turns out!

  32. Kim, you act like people can’t have 2 kids by 2 different dudes and still be enlightening. What’s so “ghetto” about it? Emphasizing on what Kierra said, I agree, things happen, and wonderful things and beings can become through relationships that are thought to be real and meaningful from the start.

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