Dwayne Deleston’s niece Jelani and sister Joy Deleston

Dwayne Deleston,the brother of rapper Juvenile’s baby’s mother, says that the rapper wasn’t a good father to his now deceased daughter Jelani. Dwayne claims that Juvenile ignored his daughter the whole time that she was alive. Dwayne,who is now incarcerated,has written a rather lengthy letter expressing his anger at his deceased niece’s father:

To whom it may concern,
I’m praying this information reach the right person to expose the truth about how Juvenile has used his deceased innocent daughter he ignored. My name is Dwayne Deleston and I’m the brother of Juvenile’s deceased baby mother Joy Deleston. It’s disturbing to know Juvenile never had a relationship with his deceased daughter but accepts the sympathy like he wasa good daddy to the child. It’s not fair to the people who care. Juvenile and his family are receiving all the condolences like they cared about my sister and her kids. Juvenile didn’t have a father and daughter relationship with my niece.My sister tried for years to communicate with Juvenile and his family concerning Jelani since Jelani’s date of birth to Jelani’s unexpected date of death but Juvenile and his mother ignored his child. Several days before the tragedy Juvenile told my sister, “he did not want nothing to do with her nor Jelani so stop sending pictures to his mother’s house because his wife didn’t know about Jelani and he is making arrangements to pay the owed excessive child support.” Jelani was before Juvenile’s marriage so his wife should have accepted her. That message Juvenile sent to his child before her death was heart-breaking to her and my family, and our Lord is my witness. In the eyes of the Lord, Juvenile will weep what he sow because he did not have a reasonable reason to deny Jelani. His wife should ask him what else is he hiding from her. For Juvenile to tell his mother to ignore one of his kids is cruel and unusual for a grandmother to do as she was told. I’m revealing a reality check. Juvenile never spoke to his daughter, he never was there for his daughter when she needed him the most nor did hecome to her funeral without a reasonable reason not to. Juvenile’s family was not at the funeral to show their sympathy. Juvenile nor someone from his family sent flowers nor a card nor called my mother to give their condolences. Juvenile saying, “he’s shocked and devastated” after hearing about my sister an her daughters death is hard to believe. Juvenile did a show hours after his daughter’s funeral in Augusta, G.A.

(Rapper Juvenile in Augusta,GA)

The final moment his daughter was on earth he did not witness because he did not care about her. Juvenile said, “he is a star and he did not want the attention on him at the funeral. “I’m incarcerated and I made it to the funeral, thanks to the understanding Warden and staff who participated in making sure I was present at the funeral.Three innocent people was killed. These killings got my family puzzled but all we have to do is continue to have faith in our Lord. There’s a reason for everything and God knows everybody’s heart. Juvenile needs to apologize to his deceased daughter Jelani and Jelani’s mother for wrongfully ignoring Jelani when she reached out to him.Juvenile needs to realize what’s in his heart reflects on the outside. I greatly appreciate your condolences in light of my loved ones death. May God bless you.This information is to inform you, you gave condolences to Juvenile and his family but they did not love his innocent daughter that was murdered.Personally I feel Juvenile used everybody’s sympathyfor his selfish means and its best for the people to know the truth. Juvenile ignored his innocent daughter without a reasonable excuse and I can not support someone like him.Sincerely,
Dwayne Deleston





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  1. I have never seen this much hate before in my life. But to say I never had beef with other women over a man would be a lie. I just never knew things could get this bad that ppl would hate a person after they are dead and gone over a worthless baby-daddy. Me and my childs father’s other women had alot of beef but eventually we all moved on with our lives and now I can look back and just feel so stupid for my actions. I also, grew from the situation and learned that the battle is not with flesh and blood but with principalities, the dark forces above the earth. The battle is never with the other women if it’s not Sue it will be Jane. No matter what type of person Joy was she nor her children deserved this tragedy. Melissa, U sound like a nice person who has been hurt alot but don’t let the devil use u and make u suffer for speaking the wrong words. Let me share some scriptures with u. Matt 12:36-37 But I say to u that for every idle word men speak, they will give account of in the day of judgement. For by your words u will be justified,and by your words u will be condemed.” Luke 6:45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.James 1:26 If anyone amoung u thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one’s religion is useless. Proverbs 4:24 Put away from u a deceitful mouth, and put perverse lips far from u. Proverbs 12:18 There is one who speaks like the piercings of a sword, But the tongue of the wise promotes good health. Proverbs 13:2-3 A man shall eat well by the fruit of his mouth, but the soul of the unfaithful feeds on violence, He who guards his mouth preserves his life,but he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction. Proverbs 15:4 A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, But perverseness in it breaks the spirit. Psalm 141:3 Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips. I will say this to u to Melissa that physical death is not the end your spirit will live forever a spirit can not die. Put it like this there is bacteria everywhere we can’t see bacteria but it is there and more alive than ever. However with a special microscope lens u can see these organisms that is the same way a spirit is there all around us but u don’t have the ability to see them some ppl can see them. If we did just die life would be easier cuz we would know that once this life is over there would be no pain. But that is far from the truth we either go to heaven or hell. Proverbs 18:21 says Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Melissa u said u love the lord but u need to spend more time reading the word of God. Because then u would not let emotions rule u God is not a man that can lie. He is the truth u need deliverance God loves u so much. Who cares about whether u or her is the prettiest Joy is gone. U said you’ve moved on so why does any of this matter. We have to love everyone if we want to see Jesus. God said how can u love him when u have’nt seen him and not love your brother? U need deliverance from an ungodly soul-tie with a person who is passed on. I do believe your story but this is just crazy to hate somebody who is gone. The fact is God loves Joy she is his child just like u are no matter what she has done. Joy has finished her work here on earth she is now in the presence of a higher power and I wish her the best I would never want to see no one in hell but maybe Anthony Sowell. God loves u to Melissa and u still have time to correct things so leave the past behind move forward be free. Get to know your dadddy Jesus Christ spend time with him and his word. See how he heals those old wounds cuz right now satan is happy with the power he has over u. Make satan feel like a BUTT. lol

  2. I live in the area and all I can say is this – I WILL NEVER EVER EVER support Juvenile or anyone who makes a record with him. He’s an asz – didn’t even go to the child’s funeral – a real asz! He ain’t all that big anyway that all the attention would have been on him. Come on now. They had Left Eye funeral here as well and she’s much bigger than you.


  4. I wasn’t going to leave a response however, as a family member I can’t leave this website without responding. I’ve known Joy for 33 years and have never heard anyone spoke ill of her until now. Joy was a true phenominal woman and she learned to be from her mother, Mildred R. Deleston. There’s always three sides to a story; her side, his side, and the truth. The events that happened has been done; no should or can judge. When its all done Juvenile has the lord to answer to as well as Carla and Melissa. Joy didn’t need any man to help raise her children because she was strong enough to do it on her own. Her children were motivation; she lived for all three of them. After 15 years and Joy’s death Melissa; that is disgraceful. Tell the truth, Joy was the main girlfriend and you were the chick on the side that knew about Joy and didn’t care. That’s the real reason you are so bitter. Everything Melissa and Carla has said about my cousin is a Bold Face Lie!! Rest in Peace Joy, Michaci, And Jelani. Anthony, I love you and will continue to pray for you

  5. WOW! I can’t believe ppl are that heartless and to express all that shyte with your real names! My eart bleeds for the chilren, especially the baby girl cos it sounds like she was born into drama. I wish ppl would start making babies outta love instead of lust cos black babies already have it bad…damn!

  6. I could not beleive my eyes when I read this all I can say is I agree (WHAT GOES AROUND COMES RIGHT BACK AROUND) Melissa AND Carla you 2 better pray fo forgiveness real quick the clock is ticking oOH I DIDINT FORGET ABOUT YOU MR. JUVENILLE OR LITTLE BOY YOU ARE SORRY AS THEY COME . R.I.P MS.JOY AND LIL JELANI GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND MAY THEY FIND STRENGTH IN THE LORD .


  8. You need to be upset with the father of your child. We as women need to stop tearing each other down. Also, please move on, because you sound like a crazy person. This woman is dead and you still need to talk about her? Look at your self in the mirror and you will see a Desperate, low self-esteem, border line insane person. It is not the child’s fault that he is here, and in addition his family MUST HAD like you in the first place so don’t blame the child, blame the adults. For you to disrespect the dead and think it is ok says that you are a fool. Please get help. Your husband need to leave you alone, he must not know that you are still holding on to old crap. YOU ARE THE EPITIOMY OF BAG LADY. LET IT GO LET IT GO!

  9. Oh yeah—I see why you two are friends…Financially, you may be successful (or so you may think?), but mentally & spiritually- you guys are LOSERS!

  10. It appears, Melissa Johnson should be a suspect in this case despite the fact that the police has Mr. Terrell in custody. There may be someone else involved in this case, Mr. Terrell and Jelani and Miaciah had it all and Joy always put them first. Rest in Peace Joy, Jelani and Miaciah and may Mr. Terrell find God!

    As for Mr. Gray he’ll never be a father to Jelani or his other kids, it’s apparent he loves his lifestyle more than he loves his family. Family comes first over material things and money.

  11. I hope all rest in peace. Life is a beautiful thing that people take for granted and to give birth from apart of your own soul is a blessing. Some people just can’t open their eyes enough to notice it. Jelani is a beautiful little girl that has servered her purpose on earth and she didn’t need Juvi to do it. God has a will that will be carried out and Juvi is apart of that will. God Bless all.

  12. Johnson, as you say “you reap what you sew” well I suggest you apologize to Ms. Deleson and her girls because there is also the saying what goes around comes around. For you to speak so ill mannered about a deceased person who does not have the right to defend herself is asinine. Mr. Deleson spoke that of Juvenile’s distant relationship with Jelani and the fact that he is taking the sympathy of others to keep for himself when he had no other part of the child’s life other than making her, nothing should have ever been said FROM YOU of Ms. Deleson’s way of life. People do things in life which I am sure she had HER OWN REASON FOR DOING. Maybe she felt the need to do as she did to provide for her family, who knows. Fact is, it really does not matter anymore. Ms. Deleson is gone and everything she has done in life should be laid to rest with her as well not brought out and deform her image while she lays in peace.

  13. Mrs. Johnson,it sounds like you are very upset-and psychotic. I say psychotic, because this is about the third article that I have read that you have left negative replies about Joy.I just need to know how this is relevant to the innocent lives that were taken and Juvenile receiving publicity? That is what this is about.You had a personal problem with Joy and you did not like her, but you need to let go and let God. Pray for your enemies and thier families and God will bless you.Joy is not here to defend herself. Do you think your blessings come through defamation?The fact of the matter is that Terius Gray was wrong for his actions and inactions-since the birth of Jelani. He has received much attention from the slaying of his daughter, and has shown nothing but blatant disrespect, since. That has nothing to do with Joy as a mother or a person, but everything to do with Terius Gray as a man and a father.If you have succeeded as the professional that you claim to be, move on with your life and discontinue your vengeance towards Joy. She and her family has suffered enough. Please— allow her and the girls to rest in peace.Find forgiveness!We are not in a fight with the dead; it is the living that we struggle with.

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