A woman in Georgia is demanding a Paternity suit from Comedian Mike Epps . The woman, whose name is unknown, says that the comedian has fathered her newborn baby, born in December 2007.  According to several reports, Mr. Epps has yet to respond to claims that he has fathered a child, therefore leaving the Atlanta woman and her lawyer no choice but to take the case public.  The woman’s lawyer Randy Kessler says the following:

“We are not asking for the moon, we are just asking him to take a paternity test. Once the tests are completed and paternity is confirmed, hopefully, Mr. Epps will do the right thing and begin to provide for his child.”

The paternity suit which was filed in early February can’t be too welcoming to an already married Mike Epps. The actor and comedian , who is best known for his starring roles in films “Next Friday” and “Resident Evil Extinction”, has been married since 2006. Mike and his wife Michelle Mccain(pictured above) have one daughter together.

Source:Eurweb.com VIA TMZ.COM




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  1. Women!
    Keep your Eye’s open and your LEG’S CLOSED!
    You sleep with these married men and all of a sudden decide it’s time to get paid. Have some morals about yourself.
    And to go even further. He don’t have to be married. Protect your self and your morals. Have some class about yourself. And I’m not justifying the men part in this situation either.

  2. What women go through for money! Not only the tramps that’s cool with sleeping with these married men but the wifes.

    The gold diggers are trying to find a meal ticket. While the wives are afraid to leave because of the life style the money provides for them. I’m sure she love her husband also. Let’s be honest! If a dude was broke doing these types of things, he’d be dropped quick! Plus, a lot of women suffer from I’m not gonna give him up so the next woman can have him or benefit. What about your happiness ladies? Bringing a baby into the picture has to be a painful thing to deal with because that’s never going away.

  3. Well, I’ve seen Mr. Epps out in action and he strait up told me and my girl that he wanted to “bang bang in our boom booms”!!!! Just because he’s married don’t mean anything! I’m sure there are other babies out there, just like all these other celebrities!

    Their wives already know!

  4. I hope so too. Libra the poor baby along with Mike’s wife and their kids or the only innocents in all of this and they have to suffer because these two made bad choices.

  5. Anon Myous, I am sorry your daughter doesn’t have her father in her life, however you are as much to blame for that as him. You knew the man was married when you were involved with one another. Even if you didn’t he wasn’t married to you, you all were not committed to each other. Why did you have unprotected sex with him? You should consider your self lucky that all you got from this incident is a baby. Believe it could have been something else entirely. It could have cost you your life. Just because a man is a celeb that doesn’t make him any better than the average man on the street. It just means that more people know about him, and therefore more people will be inclined to try and seduce him. With that being said and AIDS is so rampant in the black community you need to make better decisions in your sleeping partners. If not you baby may end up with no parents. That would really be a shame.

    • I’m sorry to come off mean, but why would you get involved with a married man? Is it because he has money? Your child is now fatherless and who’s fault is that? It’s your fault. It’s not right to interfere in a marriage no matter how much feelings you might have for the person. You should of at least wore a condom. You thought because he is a celeb then he’s clean?? Celebs are human like us too and can also contract STDs too. I know the main reason for your actions was child support money. You acted very selfish by messing around with him and now you got what you wanted, oh let guess money and some attention from the media right? You should be ashamed of youself. A real woman wouldn’t come in between a marriage. I’m not 100% sure of your intentions but I honestly think your a gold-digger. Now your child is going to suffer for your actions. He was wrong for commiting adultry too. Both of yall are wrong and karma will both get yall.

      • Yes. I totally agree with you. Leah should have never been messing with a married man but what would you expect from a stripper. Now she is married and her husband is doing the same thing to numerous women that she done to someone else. I would never KNOWINGLY come between someones marriage! Karma always gets it’s revenge. Tsk-Tsk

    • You must know the women personally or you must be her since your made comments about the child looks.
      There are always consequences in people actions wether they be now or years later.

  6. think of all the people that lie about whether a famous man fathered their child…. for example the lady who wants MJ tested for the third time…. beleive half of what you see and some and none of what you hear!

  7. Mike and Mechelle have two babies now, they have two little girls. Mechelle was in Sister 2 Sister magazine with her baby bump showing and Jamie had posted that she had her new baby. The baby is barely a year if that. I am really sad and disappointed in Mike, I attended the wedding in Hawaii and they havent been married long enough for Meme to be going through anything like this…

    • ok, ok….we get it. You were at Mike Epp’s wedding. Your whole point of commenting on this, was to let everybody know you were at the wedding. You are an opportunistic, selfish broad. Leave them both alone. Its their life. If Epps wants to have a broad on the side, its up to him and his wife. You nosey broad. I bet you are one of those broads that is constantly name dropping to further your own career.

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