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Vanessa Williams featured with children Sasha, Jillian, Melanie, Devin and her mother Helen Williams.
Picture Courtesy of URBAN-HOOPLA.COM


Vanessa Williams and her family are being featured in the May issue of Ebony/Jet magazine. In the issue,Vanessa talks about life after divorce,motherhood,and living through the pains of life. Here are a few quotes from Ms. Williams:

“The best things have always been something that I’ve never really planned on and I think maybe that’s just my pattern in life,” says Williams.

“Everything is unexpected is a great premise to live by because you never know. To worry about what might happen, to try to control might happen is futile. It’s a release when you can approach life like that,” says Williams.

For a woman who says “I love being married,” being twice divorced has been devastating….”Divorce is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. It’s like a death, and it doesn’t get easier either time. Because it’s a dream that dies, and it’s heartbreaking,” says Williams.

“….So listening to sad music, crying all day, not wanting to get out of bed. It’s a grieving process. You have to feel the pain in order to process a big part of that is also forgiving the other person and forgiving yourself for feeling like you failed,” says Williams.


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  1. Ijust love this woman and her cute family. Hey V, just don’t listen to what people say because you are doing a great job raising those kids alone. indeed you are showing the strength of a woman. usband or no husband, God takes care of us all.

  2. she;s a beautiful woman , no denying that , so if she raises the children acording to the bible so what if she has alot of kids , she makes beautiful children , the world can always welcome beauty and grace . she reminds me of a portrait of Sally Hemmings painted in france in 1786

  3. I am truly shocked and appalled at the disastrous grammatical errors in the posts I read above. I cannot believe people talk like this…What a shame indeed…And why would anyone possibly care what VM does in her personal life?

  4. I believe Vanessa has three children’s fathers. It just indicates that she is making wrong choices where men are concerned. From looking at the family picture, she looks as if she has reared her family to love oneanother. That is what is important, because a man or husband is not guaranteed.

  5. What a Beautiful Family!!!! In life you will always have haters but don’t worry they are just POOR, sick, sad, souls!!!! in need of saving…..Ms. Vanessa Williams keep holding your head up high. Nomatter what you do career wise, you are doing your number one job, being a GREAT mother. Keep up the good job!!!! With every HATER you have 100 fans:o)

  6. Wow are you serious? How in the he** are you gonna try to criticize this woman, no matter how many kids she has, she is taking care of them all on her own and that is commendable!!!! Do you have a man? And why are you sooo worried about her relationships just because someone else stayed with a cheating as* man does not mean that she has to. You are a truly athetic person to get on here and be totally nasty like that. You are the one who needs serious prayer!!!! We need to be saying oh heaven help YOU!!!

  7. You are a true hater and does not know a good thing when you see one. Stop talking so much and start listinging they maybe one day you will have something special in life too!! Gues we know who drunk there HATERAID TODAY!!! God Still loves you….

  8. Vanessa’s first husband is the father of the two oldest daughter and the only son. The youngest daughter is with her second ex husband, rick foxx.

  9. Vanessa Williams is so beautiful and so is her family. I cant believe how cute Sasha is. Rick Fox look a like, but cuter. She is a doll.

    • Sasha is a very beautiful child. In her book Vanessa states that she actually named Sasha after a doll she loved to play with as a child!

    • I have always thought that Ms. Vanessa Williams was a force to be reckoned with. This woman overcame what seemed at the time to a disgrace to the Black race. She did it with such grace and class! Her parental foundation was one that some people only dream of. So I definitely give honor to her parents, Mr. Milton and Ms. Helen for raising a class act of a daughter in Vanessa. Let’s not forget her brother Chris. He also made wonderful contributions to society. I just finished reading Vanessa and her Mom’s memoir, “You Have No Idea”. I thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse into her world. I was truly inspired. This woman is great at everything she sets her hands to do. Don’t get me wrong, he has had some failures but who doesn’t? Please read and enjoy this project that she and her mother so lovingly shared with the world. Thanks Mrs. Williams and Miss America! You will always be that woman to me.

  10. I always loved Vanessa Williams because in my opinion she has always been courageous, strong willed and sucessful in every goal she set out to accomplish. It’s unfortunate that her marriages did not work, but it takes a strong women with self confidence and love for herself to pick up the pieces and know that GOD knows how much you can endure. Regardless that the marriages did not work she is showing her CHILDREN that no matter what obstacles come their way they will SURVIVE.

  11. Jantai- It is good to know the facts before spewing out garbage. Vanessa doesn’t have “baby daddies” as you so eloquently put it. She was married to Ramon Hervey II from 1987 to 1997 and three children came from that marriage. In 1999, She married Rick Fox and one daughter came from that marriage. So, she did not have any “baby daddies”, all of her children are legitimate. Romans 7:1-14, supports her decision to marry again and have more children. Never “damned” children, because if you have kids or if you are planning to have them, you wouldn’t want someone to do that to your children. Also, Ms. Williams can have as many kids as she wants, because she can afford to take care of them. I strongly believe that if a person can afford to have children, then do so, as long as they can afford to financially care for the and she certaninly can. Oh, you made a simple grammar error, you meant to say “hair” as oppose to “help”……. “FASTER THAN SHE THEY PUT THAT WEAVE IN HER HELP”. It’s ok, everyone makes mistakes!

    • Don’t get undies all in a knot. Baby daddy only means what is says; you’re putting too much into it.

      Calm Down

  12. For jauntai it is awfully contradictory to say heaven help her and then use acronyms which include cuss words. If that isn’t enough you are being awfully judgemental which god has eplicitly forbid us from doing.

    The kids are lovely and i do believe married people should stay together unless there is physical harm being done but that is easy to say from the outside looking in. Congrats Vanessa and i wish you all the best

  13. JAUNTAI i just want to say it was Rick Fox that filed for divorce not the other way round. Rick is some kind fool thinking he’s gonna get something better than vanessa with that face.

  14. @nikki: Ramon Hervey didnt cheat on V. V was too busy so they div.
    It was rumoured that Rck cheated so tehy div.
    But V isnt w/o fault. She has admitted that all things must be HER way & that she neglected both her husbands.

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