(pictures)Sean leaves behind Sean Jr and Chad(the baby) and four other children.

A wake for singer Sean Levert,who died on March 30th, was held last Thursday and Friday at E.F. Boyd Sons Funeral in Cleveland, Ohio.Sean died at the Lutheran Hospital in Ohio shortly after being removed from Cuyahoga County jail where he was being incarcerated for having $85,000 in unpaid Child support Payments.


Levert, 39, died just before midnight Mar. 30 at Lutheran Hospital. He was taken there from the Cuyahoga County after guards said Levert was pounding on his cell door and had to be placed in a restraining chair for his own safety. Levert’s breathing became weak while he was in the chair so he was taken to the hospital.

The Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office ruled out foul play or trauma in Levert’s death and also performed toxicology tests on the body. The autopsy was completed Monday but the test results won’t be back for four to six weeks.

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s office also is investigating the circumstances surrounding the jail incident. The family has told the media that they also want the FBI to investigate the circumstances surrounding Levert’s death.

Levert leaves behind his wife, Angela; children Sean, Jr., Chad, Keith, Breoni, Brandon and Shareaun.Sean’s brother Gerald Levert(pictured with brother to the right) died only 16 months ago.
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  2. I am a Levert fan and I no it’s almost a year later but it just kinda dawned on me that man Gerald and Sean are both gone I can only imagine the hurt the Levert family has to be feeling. I loved them both and I will always play their music. And they will forever be in my heart.

  3. My husband and I Have following this story sense the day this happen to Shawn. I am not a person to response to such things, but I am so sorry this happen I can not stop crying. I lost a son not to long ago. It was Sep. 30-2006. I can only hope that you can get through this. People do not understand what your family is going through until they have lost a son/daughter. I when to a home going today it was my neice who was so virberent and exciting,happy,and confrident in your self. She was only 30 years old. She wanted a white birthday party,she pitch out her dress, shoe,and jewerley. So, her home going was all white. I just wanted to tell you that during the home going all the lights with out in the church during the home going party. We were singing I am a soulder in the army of the lord. It was wouderful to see all the people get up and cheer. All during the serve the lights were out ,but no one were afraid. At the end of the serve the light came back on right on time. Love you guy may you all be cover in Jesus Blood. God Bless. Gwen L.Johnson

  4. uhm…lana…16mo. is not 2yrs…thats not even a yr and a half~~~~~>but that is so sad that he had to go….but damn…he was in jail for not taking care of his kids…idk…thats sad

  5. May the love of G-d and family hold you together and keep you strong for this next journey in life…always be there for his family and hold them close to you at all times. You have my deepest sympathy; I met both Sean and Gerald in Youngstown along with Eddie, jr befopre they got their big contract and became stars. Both had great personalitioes , a good sense of humor, kindness and were wonderful down to earth people who will be sorely missed. Your family will stay in my prayers.May G-d forgive his sins and Grant him Pradise.

  6. The deaths of both Gerald and Sean Levert has affected me on so many levels, even though I never had the chance to meet them, but, felt that I personally known them. I have met Eddie in person several times, and he is such a sweet, down to earth, and genuine man. My heart goes out to him, Ms. Martha Levert, Sean’s wife, Angela, children, and the entire Levert family. God doesn’t makes mistakes; but, the test of time will be that the family stay strong, and be ready when God calls them home to reunite with Gerald and Sean. God has relieved the burdens Gerald and Sean was carrying; they are at peace and are resting in the Lord’s bosom. My constant love and prayers are with the Levert Family, the O’Jays Family, and the Levert members – Marc Gordon, and Dwight Thompson; it is up to you to continue what Gerald and Sean started, Marc. Will forever keep you in prayers and love you! Much Luv and Blessings….

  7. This has truly been a tragic situation for the Levert family and my prayers are with them. I hope Sean is resting in Peace. One thing for sure him and his brother Gerald are up in heaven making some beautiful music. To the family be ye of great courage and hold on there is always a blessing in the storm. With my deepest sympathy.

  8. I would like to give my condolences to the Levert family. I don’t know what happened at the time of death, but I definitely think it should be an ongoing investigation to determine what incident caused him to start having breathing problems. My concern is; if he was beating on the doors, then maybe he was trying to get some one attention to let them know he was having trouble breathing.
    To the Family, May God continue to bless you through out your bereavement and stay strong.

  9. It is with my deepest sympathy that death has touched the Levert family again. All I can say it whatever the circumstances were surronding Sean’s death God makes no mistakes. I am a beleiver that he calls all of his children home when then burdens on this side become to much for them to bear any longer. Lastly, continue to look to the hills which cometh your help; and know that everything will be alright after while. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning. God Bless, and my prayer are with the family.

  10. That’s really sad and may he rest in peace. I’m sad this had to happen to their dad. Both of his sons are handsome, too.

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