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Christopher Wallace Jr. a.k.a Biggie Smalls Jr. a.k.a. Little Biggie is pictured with his mother Faith Evans at “Notorious” (The life and death story of Notorious B.I.G.) movie wrap party on May 10th.

Just a few days ago, singer Faith Evans and eleven year old son Christopher Jr were spotted again on the set of “Notorious,” a biopic on Faith’s late husband, the Notorious BIG. To see a picture of the late Notorious Big,CLICK HERE

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  1. Let the man rest in PEACE!!!! But you know that saying people will be people. I was raised on his music and I loved him dearly. As far as his son God bless him and hopefully all the negative statements wont affect him. Baby keep your eyes on the prize. Regardless of what someone say remember its not where you come from that makes you who you are.. Love you and God Bless..REPRESENTING BROOKLYN TO THE MAX!!!

  2. dam i miss biggie seein this really makes me happy that he had 2 children…i believe he loved faith!and also lil’kim but more in a homie way

  3. Biggie, Jr. did an amazing job as his dad. I didn’t even know who that was, but after I found out, I was truly amazed. He’s such a cute kid, and all you idiots need to back off. If ya’ll had a kid who was his size and people made fun of them, you’d be a little pissed, don’t you think? Drop it already.

  4. Yall need to grow up, Chris is gunna live his dream, he’s gunna go down the road he thinks is best for him. Y’all just hatin cuz da kids a great person, he gets it from his mama n papa. And faith, y’all don’t know the truth, Noone ever will. Get off her back n let da poor mother live. None of you have lives to sit their n judge someone over people who don’t really know 100percent. All you can do is wish them the best of luck, and stop being so stupid.

  5. honestly, i think that it would be amazing if chris.w.jr took over his fathers footsteps., but if you think of it.,Biigie had a reason for it., he did it for the money to support his family.,therefor Chris.W.Jr., doesnt need to cuz there rich already., so i wonder whjat lies in front of his life.,..

  6. First off i would like to say R.I.P to my late cousin Biggie. Now faith and his marraige was legal they just had problems and Lil biggie and tee tee are his kids. Second faith got her own career going on so she well off. Second lil biggie is fly and another thing is I would rock my pops name because its about the legacy. He had to grow up without chris around but if he was alive him and tee tee would have their pops k.

  7. I’ve seen the movie today,and I’m a B.I.G. fan…Young Mr.Wallace has a career in acting which is a beautiful start to a successful and blessed life. SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!!

  8. christopher jr. is the same age as me ecept i was born in july and he was born in october.

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