Victoria Rowell and daughter Maya

Jasper Marsalis, Victoria Rowell and Maya Fahey

Victoria Rowell, her son Jasper Marsalis,and her daughter Maya Fahey attended the “Victoria Rowell Steps Out for High Tea at Noon” party over the weekend. The party was held to benefit Rowell’s Foster Children’s Positive Plan.

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  1. Black people are so quick to call white people racist – meanwhile, all you have to do is read some of the comments; not only are they racist, theyare ignorant also! Education is they key!

    • @Julie – you are right. Some blacks do call some whites racists because that’s what they are. Do the prejudicial comments of some black people diminish the facts that racism still exists in this country?

  2. Her daughter, Maya, does look 100% white and I thought she was when I first saw a picture of her on Wendy Williams show. You should also look up Karyn Parson’s daughter, who is also 75% white and looks 100% white.

  3. you know i read all this and i sit here and wonder what my childs life is going to be like. i am white and have never slept with a white man and in december of 2008 i had my first child harmony her father is black and when she was born she was as white as bread she was the spitting image of him but white and with white people hair. My sister is white of course and her boyfriend is black and she had her daughter amya in august and she came out with white people hair and dark and now she looks completey black and with black people hair but looks just like her mother. Now i got upset because i wanted harmony to look like amya because harmony is going to ask me since her dad is black and amyas dad is black they should look the same and they dont and she is going to want to know why and i dont know how to answer that. All the negative comments on here are stupid how can you look at a child and tell what race they are? you cant because of this story also have you ever seen tyra banks show with the girls that look white and were black and the white girls that looked black. Biracial means a mix of genes but nobody knows who’s genes they are going to get. Now for a twist my best friend had twins and one is black and one is white dna test was done because he was as ignorant is half of yall. so stop doing this cause one day a biracial child might come across this and read it and it might break her heart into and then she will see why hate still is part of this world.

  4. Black is not always dominant. Most times its the mathematical equation. Her child is 3/4 white and 1/4 black, how did you think she would look. I too am biracial and have a son whose father is white and he looks like a white boy. Both of my sisters whose husbands are white, their children look white (including features). Historically, this whole “if you have a drop of black blood in you, you are black was created by white people to ensure that anyone who had a drop of black blood in them had no rights as human beings. If you are mixed you are mixed. This whole black/white thing concerning biracial/multiracial children shouldn’t even be an issue. It lies more in what people believe this means when one says you are biracial/multiracial. Again historically, this meant you had certain previleges ( housenigger/oversear/whatever – still a slave). We must abandon these slave way of thinking and just be who we are without anyone getting “offended” or feeling that because one say they are biracial that you are (a) ashamed of being part black, (b) you are better than other black folks, or(c) in denial. I am proud to be black and white and wouldn’t want it any other way. When I was a young girl I never wanted to be white or black. My mother made it very clear that I was biracial. I love it. I love my black side of the family and i love my white side. If I was Indian/Arabic this wouldn’t be an issue. What would I be called? Biracial. Hmmm. Something to think about. Oh, by the way my youngest son father is African and can you believe he has blond hair and yellow skin. I guess mathematics doesn’t always work. It must be the genes. Educate is everything.

  5. This is so interesting to me. I completely believe this is her daughter because I too have a child who looks white – white skin, straight, stringy hair, blue eyes – and I am very dark-skinned, full black, not mixed (although I do have long, ‘soft’ hair). People don’t even give me funny looks, they just assume I’m babysitting until they call me Mommy. I get more funny looks with my other child who has olive skin, dark eyes, dark kinky/curly hair, people wonder if it’s my child whereas with the blue-eyed one, they just don’t think it’s possible. Really interesting how genetics works. People like Maya really bother real racists…shows the races aren’t as distinct as they believe they are!

  6. who cares about color, people are people we all bleed red blood, peel away our skin color and we all look the same, you can’t tell if we are black,white,brown or yellow. If you have ever worked with small children in daycare or pre-school, I’ve noticed that little children don’t identify people by color until someone points out that they are of different skin color, I have seen this firsthand and it’s very sad that adults can’t be like little children, colorblind!

  7. Beautifully said. Those children are gorgeous and we are all human beings. Thank the Good Lord and Mother Nature for the amazing variety of people on this Earth.

  8. & you know this to be true? Where you in the room when she gave birth? I guess you think the same about Judy Brown. She is also biracial with a daughter looking white.

  9. Victoria is Maya’s mother. Maya actually looks just like Victoria. First of all Black women have been having white babies since slavery. There are a lot of white people who are really black, but are just passing for being white. That happened a lot during slavery because slavery was very painful.

    Victoria’s father was all black and her mother was white. That has nothing to do with the color of Maya. She just happened to get her mothers and fathers recessive genes.

    My fathers sister looks just like Maya and both of my grandparents are black. His sister just received recessive genes from both my grandparents.

    Black women can have all kind of babies; black, white, brown, asian, filipino, etc. you name it we have had all color and texture of babies.

    And just in case some of you guys don’t know. Maya is considered black because she has black in her.

    It’s so funny because this younger generation do not understand all of the colors of being black. Black people range from blonde hair/blue eyes to mid-night black with cold black hair and dark eyes.

    May be some of you guys need to go back into American History and see how when the white man would rape black women, a lot of those babies looked just as white and blue eyes as if a white woman had given birth.

    Please learn all of the colors of being black. Victoria Rowell is Maya’s mother and she looks just like her mother. People always look at color instead of looking a facial features. Maya looks more like Victoria than Jasper. He looks like Winton and she looks like her mother.

    • Maya is only 25% black. Her mother is half & half & her father is white. Nothing unusual about her looking the way she does.

  10. Actually, a biracial person can have a child that white, especially if the other parent is 100% white. I know this personally. My cousin who is biracial (black and white)is married to a white man. They have two boys and appears as if they do not have a drop of black in them. Both boys have red hair, pastey white with freekles. With bicracial people, you really do not know what they child will look like until it is born….

  11. I have a child that appears to be full white just like Maya. I am half-black half-spanish. My dad has pale skin and my daughters father is white.

    Everyday when I go out with my daughter we face ignorant people like you. I just teach her that she has nothing to be ashamed of and to ignore the ignorant.People constantly ask me if she is “really mine” or if im babysitting.

    Open up your mind. Something tells me that you are a person that has little or no education. Please pick up a book and educate yourself.

  12. I’m mixed and I have always idetified myself as black, that what I considered myself. My mother is white. I love her and
    I would never deny her or my white half. I have two children with a white man ( which I never thought would happen cause I never saw myself with a white man; but it did). I also like victoria have got the same types of comments was I the nanny. Until my children call me mommy:) Really funny. It hurts sometimes but they are my babies with my blood running through their vains. My fiancé is black and when we are out as a family we get weird looks sometimes. Oh well, we know who we are and we love each other. My children know who they are and where they came from, me and I guess their daddy helped a little lol! I hope Victorias daughter and she have a good relationship, don’t pay attention to the crazy don’t know anything or have nothing better to do. They are simple minded. You and your children make a beautiful family!!!

  13. Don’t you know that her father is white? So that makes her 3/4 white and 1/4 black. Plus Victoria’s father may have been less than 100 percent african, which most african americans are! Blacks have been able to pass for white in the past… What do you think they looked like? and how do you think they got that way? Have you not heard of the “one drop rule”? And when was the last time you heard of a court allowing a black person to adopt a white baby. My parents tried to foster a two white teenagers in the mid 80’s in california, and they said hell no! it wont be done! Read your history books… Why would she have to lie? Is being white that much better than being black that a rich star would lie about it? Well a sane rich star not MJ

  14. Whoever MAc Queen is is really ignorant. Victoria has a white mother and black mother, then her kid’s dad is white. Yes, black genes are very strong, but I am mostly black and my husband is white and our son is pale white with blonde hair (as a baby, now brown) and blue eyes. I also got terrible looks when he was younger and still do from especially black women. Who should care anyway in this day and age. But to make such an ignorant comment shows that MAc Queens knows nothing about genetics 101.

  15. Ok. You clearly must not be black or I hope that you are playing by saying that. I believe that Maya’s father is white and Victoria is bi-racial so there you have it. That type of thing happens all the time. I have plenty of people in my family who look like that and they have black or mixed parents. urgh!!!

  16. Victoria is mixed and the daughter father is probably a white man. The white genes just ran strong. She said that it was a bit hard raising her daughter because people thought that she was the nanny until her daughter called her mommy in fornt of everyone.

  17. I like Victoria and I’m sick of all the negative comments about her daughter not lookin like her. Get it straight, Victoria’s mother was of white, of English ancestry. The girls father is a white man, Victoria looks bi-racial but carries alot of white traits within her blood.. What’s wrong with that, she appears to be a good mother. Do you see her daughter on drugs like Linsay Lohan, or making porn like Paris Hilton, she must have done something right… Give her some credit..

  18. I hate it when mixed race people only seem to identify with one of the races. Victoria, Halle, etc. They’re just as equally white as they are black, so why are they just called and identify themselves as “black?” There’s no shame in being mixed. And hey, why don’t we just call them what they are? Beautiful women!

    Genetics are a wonderful thing. I think they should embrace them all. Anyone who can look past the skin tone can see that Maya is Victoria’s child…and a beautiful one at that.

    • They go by black because that is how society seems them. They are not going to look at them & say “Ooh they are biracial”, they look at them & see black. Society has to change it’s views on race. Things are not always black & white.

  19. That is not true! I believe that this is her biological child. Why would she lie? There is no shame in saying that she adopted a child and I’m sure she would have said it if that were so. My uncle’s girlfriend is white and she has two children by a black man (not my uncle). Her children’s father is the same complexion as and resembles Ice Cube, but her kids look white. They do not have any brown tint in their skin at all. They don’t even have any type of curl in their hair that would make them look as if they are biracial. When you look at them they do not look like their father is black, but he is.

  20. ok, it really is simple genetics. 1) victoria rowell is 1/2 black & 1/2 white. she was married to a white man, tom fahey who is the father of maya. maya father’s genes happened to be the dominate factor in her genetic make up along with the white genetic make up of victoria rowell, therefore, maya looks more white than black.
    2) victoria rowell is 1/2 black & 1/2 white. she was in a relationship with a black man, wynton marsalis who is the father of jasper. jasper’s father’s genes happened to be the dominate factor in his genetic make up along with the black genetic make up of victoria rowell who looks black herself, therefore, jasper looks more black than white. so, for mac queen to ignorantly say that victoria rowell is lying about maya being her daughter is beyond stupid. did you not pay attention in biology 101?

    • mzguerra, you summed it up better than right. My Mom is the make-up of a biracial couple. I have 4 siblings and we are more of my Dad’s genetic make-up (Black). Some of my nieces and nephews take after my Mom’s genetic make-up. Some people genes are more dominate than others and it doesn’t take a scientist to come to that conclusion. It is a pitty that there are so many people that are still so hung up on color. Life is short and too short to show your ignorance. Keep up your beliefs and attitude and your life will be so worth it. Thanks for such an intelligent post.

      • oh lord, you cousins genetic are that of their aunt? how is that possible? A child’s DNA is made from parents/fore parents not from branches such as aunts and uncles…sigh..leave this woman and her lovely children’s business alone..

  21. mac queen: this is actually her daughter by birth.The father is white of course. I recall after she gave birth to her daughter, she went on Oprah and was telling of stories how whites thought she was a nanny.And to be with her white-skinned child and people staring at her suspiciously was at times challenging. Stacy Dash’s daughter has white features as well, not to mention that Halle Berry is bi-racial and her daughter’s father is white , but little Nahla is darker than Halle. Genetic empowerment.

  22. mac queen: You’re so ignorant. Victoria grew that child in her body for 10mo, HELL YEA Maya is her daughter !

    U do realise that Vic is bi ethnic. So Maya is 75% Anglo & shows those genes.

    Nicole Richie looks Anglo & IDs herself as Anglo on her documents ( c her arrest intake forms ) but she is Mayan-Mexican and AfrAm..NO ANGLO IN HER.

    U need a reality check !

    • Personally, I think that Nicole is Lionel Richie’s bio daughter.
      I always thought that she looked like him but when I saw her
      with his little girls they look like her and that convinced me.

    • Come on silly, Victoria is mixed, the first child father is white, the second child father is black. I think it’s a beautiful picture. She has a child of both sides of her. I’m sure she loves both equally. It’s lovely. With that said, we all belong to the human race regardless of color. Dogs come in different colors, but they don’t seem to differenciate.

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