Jermaine Jackson and one of his eight kids, son Jermajesty, 8, were spotted at a mall in Calabasas, CA yesterday. Jermaine has seven other children:Jermaine Jr., Autumn, Jaimy (mother: Hazel Gordy), Jeremy, Jourdyn (mother: Margaret Maldonado), Jaffar (mother: Alejandra Oiaza) and Dawn (mother unknown).


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  4. A friend of mine who is friends with Jermaine told me that Joe Jackson had Michael castrated at an early age to preserve his voice…remember when the cops wanted to look at his genitals? Notice how Michael never really could grow much facial hair? Why did his voice never change? The lack of meaningful relationships with women…all the little boys…it’s so obvious!

    • Well, a friend of yours just lied. According to the coroner’s report Michael had full genetalia. the other strange part is that they took a sperm sample and the boys had” proper motality” (That means that they were still swimming after Michael croaked!).

      That was probably why Joseph got mad at the coroner’s report being released.

    • How do people come up with this stuff?!

      And the cops wanted to look at his genitals because of the accusations the first alleged molestation victim made (in his statement, he described his supposed molester’s genitalia), NOT because they wanted to do a balls-check.

  5. Did anyone see the show tonight? Jermaine is nuts, I had no clue he had 2 kids with his brother Randys ex, who already had 2 kids with him, where is the Family loyalty? he only cares about his self, it is so obvious the divide between the brothers and why Randy is never around, that family is so messed up, the poor kids of Jermaine, and the kids are split between two worlds, poor Mama Alejandra, and Dad playin the player, always wearing the OUT there clothing as if his is Michael….keep dreamin player, you are played out….nothing fine bout his ass! all fake….listen to the lyrics of the song he wrote bout MJ…..I aint thinkin bout u! True hatred…I agree with Leah…he could not be happier since MJ’s passing..the other brothers are kind hearted, not pushy wanna be a Jackson 5 ex hearthrob Jermaine….and homie! please fix that do!take the show polish off! and wifey….quit trying…he dont like u!he wont even touch u! u are always holding on to something that just aint there girl!


  7. I love Jermaine. Being from the eighties and knowing that today’s music is already out the door, along with underwear outside the pants, bald heads and anything else folks try to call hip these days, I can understand the haterism.
    However, I preferred Jermaine’s short afto to his current style.
    Being a Buddhist and an African American, I can tell the damage that the Bible has done to decent folks!
    Head to the Mall with money made from several hits with Motown( Getting Recent airplay on real radio networks not the r channels)
    Money his eex wife can never had. Shocker, this lady was married to another man while married to Randy and Jermaine BIGAMY is a No No in Cali. She still demands child support, Howver, when Jermaine demands custody, she back tracks.

  8. I think Jermaines hair style is something he made up because I have never seen it on anyone. To add, the name Jermajesty is a beautiful name. Someone had a outstanding imagination to come up with that one.

  9. Listen, Jermaine should have known better than to create children with one of his brother’s wife. That tells me that he knows nothing about the Bible. That is a terrible sin to make your kids siblings and cousins. Also, the jacksons Randy and Jermaine’s children look nothing like them. They look like the creation of anther race. So these two Jackson members have practically eliminated their African genes from the appearance of their children. I think that is so sad when one loathes him/herself that much to want to erase its existence. That is known as self hatered. Frankly, I would be afraid to be with someone who did not like him/herself. If one can not love self, he can not love anyone;I guess that explains why Jermaine keeps running from female to female because he loves nobody, including himself.

    • Randy and Jermaine’s children with Alejandra are sweet, well-adjusted youngsters who are good-looking as well. Just because the brothers had children with a Latino woman doesn’t mean they hate themselves. Tito has three very nice sons from Dee Dee, a Latino woman. So what.We live in a free country to love who we want.

  10. Look I love the names and I am a ace top of the line jackson fan jermaine I love u ya hair and the whole family for all the haters yall all just wanna bee’s don’t hate micheal and brandon R.I.P luv you both

  11. No, I don’t like this name, Jermajesty. But it’s my personal opinion and it’s only about the name. Other than that, I respect the Jacksons, esp for the music they have given to the world. (I’m not a special Jackson fan)

  12. yall need to leave jermaine alone yall all know he just lost his brother. and i like the name jaffar and jermajesty. and yall never know if he has some money stashed . and i love his shoes and just back off. and if any of the jacksons reading this i am a huge fan of 3T and michael jackson, and the jackson 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You mean some female got to bag and tag two Jacksons, while most of us can only dream about getting one?

      There ought to be a law!

      If you get preggers by one Jackson, you can’t have another one for ten years! Give the rest of us a turn!

  13. damn how many times jermain need to beat having 4 wives keepen up with raising the kids to become sucessful (i see him rocking the gucci) adorable sonnn

  14. Yeah, but if you want to be in the spotlight you should always look your best. If you’re just a normal person and come out the house looking greasy and swingtime, people gone talk aboutcha, so if you’re greasy, swingtime, and famous they’re gonna talk aboutcha on the internet, that’s all. Don’t be so sensitive – Jermaine obviously isn’t.

  15. jermaine is a wonderful human being. he’s a strong man emotionally to be able to put up with the foolishness of the media types and the haters on this site. haters you do not know jermaine so please stop being ignorant with such mean spirited remarks.jermaine and his brothers have brought nothing but beautiful music to the world; it seems to me that these haters are jealous and in need of some love themselves. jermaine just know that Jesus Christ loves you and your family and he want a personal relationship with you. keep you head up. r.i.p. michael. peace out.lol

    • Amen! I love Jermaine! He is still a very handsome man and he has always had that million-dollar smile! He and Michael were magic when they were the voices of the Jackson 5. His sons are all handsome and his daughter is gorgeous! God bless the Jackson family.

  16. I think Jermaine Looks great with his hair,everbody’s got their own style,
    STOP BEING SO NASTY!!,,you would’t like it if people talk about u like that,be respectful..he just lost his brother..:)♥

    i wish u and ur family al the best JERMAIN.♥X

  17. I can’t tell if Jermaine’s hair is gelled down or tatooed on…

    I wish the best to the family after losing Michael, though.

  18. JERMAGESTY!!!!!! I looooooove that name!
    and also jermaine’s hair and shoes.
    Ahh Hee Hee.
    annnnnd for you haters: stop going out of your way just to make people feel bad. you have better things to do and your just putting people down to feel better about yourselves. your judging them. you dont even know them. What if people were writting mean unessesary things about you and your family???? Think twice before you write something like that.

    • I soo agree . And i’m pretty suree half of yall aree adults commenting on here . get a life ! leave him alone ’cause like no way said, what if he was talking about you. You dont know him! And its a free country and he can name his kids what he wants! You dont know if he has money or not, you just know what the media has publicized, which is 70 percent of the time FALSE ! get real and be more mature and respectful. What if he’s reading this stuff,exactly!

    • Im extremely late….but THANK YOU NO WAY. Like who are you to judge other people && as far as im concerned you might not look all that wonderful your damn self

  19. hey you people…this man is a normal human being like we all are….if your name is jane,louise, and other names maybe your mom or dad did not have the mind to name you something else…hey jackson family you are made by god and thats all that matters…and no, i am not a fan…just a god fearing woman..who loves god….

  20. Why do Jeramine always look so dam greasy. And whats up with that hair that style went out in the 80s along with his career.
    Let it go Jeramine.

  21. Why does he keep paintin’ his head? Somebody should put some dish liquid mixed with water in a squirt bottle, run up on him, spray and click/film away! I would pay to see that paint smear and run right on down his neck!

    • Wow! That was a mean thing to say about someone. He must have been pretty rude to you, or done something to hurt you pretty bad to say something like that. I hope ya’ll make up.

    • I coulden’t help but lol at this comment MistressZhivago! Seriously Jermaine is hidious;) honestly he used to b so attractive. What the hello happened!!!!

    • Has the world gone crazy or did all these MJ fans forget who Jermaine’s married to!?

      I think an Al Saud from anywhere has at least as much money as Michael!
      Translater: You bettah not be creepin on this one Jerm.

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