Actor Ron Perlman,wife Opal and kids Blake,24, and Brandon,18, attended the movie premiere of “Hellboy II The Golden Army” in Los Angeles, California on June 28, 2008. Ron Perlman(center) plays the role of Hellboy in┬áthe upcoming film.

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  1. Ron Perlman and family is lovely. Mr. Perlman don’t give interviews on his family life. It has been an example for all to see (WONDERFUL). For his grown children to hangout with mom and dad so much together speaks well for the man as a DAD, HUSBAND, AND MAN.

  2. I think Ron and his family are georgeous!This is a beautiful family,very lovely wife and children! Ron is a ruggedly, handsome, man and his son is very fine!

  3. Ronald Perlman and his wife has been married for many years! They have two beautiful. Love has no boundaries. All it matters is character.

  4. Ron Perlman is one of my favourite actors, ever since Quest For Fire with Rae Dawn Chong. I love his son’s wild and wooly locks. He looks almost exactly like his dad did in Quest For Fire ( minus the make-up)! I truly appreciate seeing a “mature” couple who have lasted so long. It is sad that so many comments must reflect such fleeting superficial judgements…I wonder what colour, texture, or weight our soul displays. If we lost our vision today, the compassion and empathy we share with one another is what really matters. Pax.

  5. Beautiful family. I’ve always admired Ron Pearlman, he is not the typical scandal based kind of hollywood actor. I especially admire his wife as she is a school mate of mine from Montego Bay, Jamaica. Pretty daughter, handsome son. Brandon’s hair suits him just fine.

    • I am glad to here that you knew Opal Perlman. I have always been curious about her. I once heard that she was a well known fashion designer. Is this true? If so, does she still work now. You can tell she has a sense of style as she always dresses classically but never over the top like some of these Hollywood types.

      I have loved Ron Perlman from his B&B days. I think he is a very underrated actor and has not been used to his full ability although he has a huge resume.

      This is a lovely family. Never any gossip or scandal. And their children look very happy.

  6. That’s a great looking family. That boy is cute as hell. look beyond the hair, and so what, he’s only a teenager.(maybe I’m a little biased because his mom is my country’s woman-JAMAICAN-where else.)

  7. Beautiful family. Strong resemblance from both parents.Would like to know more about their son and daughter but family is a private thing even in the entertainment field. Ron Perlman seems like such a strong person and his wife I’m sure is also. Much admiration from a long time fan, from Quest for Fire,Tinseltown,City of lost Children, both Hellboys, and looking forward to the future. Thanks!

  8. I knew he had a sister, but I did’nt know that she was so beautiful. I love his son’s wild hair, keep being yourself, because if you had straight hair their would be something for someone to talk about. If you do you are damed and if you don’t you are damed. So leave the fine young man alone. Get a life.

  9. Jackie and Jesse said this on August 10, 2008 at 3:26 p08
    i agree with you. 100% ron and his family are beautiful together so wbat about bandon’s hair leave that baby alone and back you petty clowns you hair ain’t perfect either

  10. Well my son and I think that Brandon Perlman’s hair is very cool – we like it! Didn’t even think anything of it, I can’t believe that some people commenting on here are so petty.

  11. It is so good to see that he has good taste in women. A beautiful black women. What a lovely family. And his son’s hair…what is wrong with it? Teens today have all kinds of crazy hairstyles. Would it be any better if his hair were straight??? You go Ron and family….kudos!!!

  12. I think the son is just trying to be “different.” I don’t know his exact age, but he’s young. Like someone said above…he’s just going through a phase.

  13. that’s cute he’s holding his daughter’s hand. his son’s hair is so…..special. must be going thru a phase.

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