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In April of this year,actress Jasmine Guy,better known for her starring role as Whitley Gilbert in television sitcom A Different World,filed for a divorce from her husband of ten years.It is now being reported that Jasmine’s estranged husband Terrence Duckett has filed a response requesting for joint custody of their nine-year-old daughter Imani.When she filed her original divorce papers back in April,Jasmine requested physical custody of her daughter,denial of spousal support to Duckett, and posessions of her wedding ring, paintings, sculptures, her BlackBerry, DVD players, pots, pans, and a toaster. The former actress of television series “A Different World “cites irreconcilable differences as the reasoning behind her divorce from husband Terrence Duckett.





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  1. The Daughter looks Pretty!!!!!!!!
    We as a black community need to get ourselves together!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cuz dis is ridiculous puttin down the child for no reason!!!!!!!
    She looks jus like Jasmine Guy shez styll blossoming, and here u r tryin to say stupidness!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jasmine Guy and her daughter are beautiful inside and out!!! If you don’t have anything positive to say, please refrain from saying anything. With regards to her custody battle, I pray that the Lord’s will be done in this difficult situation.

  3. why in the hell are people commenting on whether jasmine guy and her daughter are attractive?

    attractiveness wasnt even the topic… the only thing i can figure is that dark-skinned people are jealous of her because she is biracial… and have low self-esteem…

    i’m a dark-skinned guy and i have decent self-esteem… and i can say that she is beautiful… from inside to outside… and so is her daughter… and to the horror of black women everywhere, i also find some white blonde-haired, blue-eyed women attract… and some dark-skinned, short-haired women attractive…

    200 years have passed since slavery was abolished… and we hve a black president… can yall quit hating already?

  4. What is wrong with you people. It’s not ok to call kids ugly, especially when you are dead wrong. Imani is beautiful. what kind of drugs are you people on? If any of you have children, you know how hurtful this is, and if you can locate the people saying these untrue things, you’d want to kick ass. People have a right to make a living and not deal with these crazy comments. My sister saw Jasmine years ago, and said that she is beautiful and really friendly.

  5. I have known Jasmine since her days in Dancin In The Street back in the 1980’s in Boston. I know that she is a very caring loving indivudual who is a wonderful person and devoted mother. She will always place her daughter first in everything she does in life and should have custody.

  6. woooi people real wicked however Imani looks like her mum bad i always thought Jasmine appeared evil lol !!

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