Actress Alexis Fields-Jackson,best known for her role as Diavian Johnson on television series Sister,Sister, is pregnant.The mom-to-be is pictured at Chris Webbers’s Bada Bling gala on 7/26. Alexis is the sister of actress Kim Fields of Facts of Life.





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  2. Alexis is so talented! She looks just like her mother! I love her and Kim and their mother! I wish her the best of luck with her career, and I hope that we see more of her on t.v. I just watched a re-run of “One on One”, and I kept looking at her, and I said she looks like Chip Fields, and then one of the lines from one of the actors on the show said ” yeah, you looking like Tootie from the Facts of Life.” That’s when it hit me, so when they ran the credits I had to see what her name was, and of course she is Chip’s daughter! A delight to see family so talented! I hope she has a wonderful and continued acting career, and congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! Oh,and whoever wrote that she is Kim’s daughter is an IDIOT!!!!!

  3. OMG! I remember her playing on Kenan and Kel, House Party 4, Moesha and soooo many other things! She’s like a bookmark to my childhood! I’m so proud for her!

  4. MZ DIVA, u are so wrong. The Facts of Life aired in 1979, the same year Alexis was born. Kim was only 10 years old so it’s pretty unlikely that Alexis is Kim’s daughter!!!

  5. Rumor has it that she’s really Kim’s daughter. Kim Fields was pregnant on Facts on Life. They kept her off skates and sitting down–not to reveal her stomach. Alexis’ age is how long ago Toodie appeared pregnant. If anyone can get the reruns, you will see. Oh, she was supposedly dealing with Todd Bridges so maybe he’s the father.

  6. Congrats I remember she use to play on Moesha when they were in Colleage! I also remeber when she played on ROC the TV show!

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