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A judge ruled on Tuesday that retired football player Michael Strahan no longer has to pay $18,000/month in child support payments for his twin daughters. Just last year,Michael’s ex-wife was awarded $15.3 million, in addition to the $18,000/month child support.Not only has Michael won his appeal against the monthly child support obligation, but he also does not need to get a multi-million dollar disability insurance policy or pay for his ex-wife’s legal fees divorce as was deemed in 2006. Here was the reasoning behind the judgement:

The judges [Tuesday] said it was unfair Strahan was required to pay 91 percent of the child support since his ex-wife, Jean Strahan, was well-educated and employable. “Both parents have a shared obligation to support their children,” wrote Judge Lorraine Parker.

Jean Strahan’s “employment opportunities were, in all likelihood, enhanced by her celebrity marriage. There is no question that as a healthy, educated, 41-year-old, (she) is capable of earning her own income,” wrote Parker, who was joined by Judges Rudy Coleman and Thomas Lyons.

The panel ordered a trial court judge in Essex County to reconsider the child support and to determine what needs the children have that are distinct from their mother.

“Some of the expenses claimed by (Jean Strahan) clearly should have been deleted by the court,” wrote the court in a 23-page ruling.

A few of the expenses the court questioned were: that “the children” paid for a trip for their nanny and her family to Jamaica and gave their grandmother diamond jewelry. The panel also singled out that no explanation was given for why the girls required $30,000 in landscaping, or what $3,000 in audio visual expenses provided for the girls.

The couple married in July, 1999 and in October their twin daughters were born. He filed for divorce in March, 2005.

Twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, were born on October 28th, 2004.


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  1. White women always go after black guys just to have a kid or two and than divorce them just to get money,make one really wonder if they really want the children or the money.just saying

  2. I am a female and I am glad that he won a reversal. It just seems to me that men get a bad rap when it comes to child support and ends up paying not only for the children but for the wife as well. As long as both are able bodied, they should BOTH have to work to take care of any children. After all, they BOTH are responsible for the children not just the parent who makes the most. Send her arse out to get a job.

    Camie, they always go back to black women when they are busted and disgusted. Now that his income is not as great and after he gave most of it away, now a black woman is desirable.

  3. When does Micheal spend time with these children? I only see him with Nicole Murpy Eddied dead beat Dad to Mel B’ baby ex. And nIcoles children.

  4. I wonder what sort of implications this judgment will have in other custody cases. Take Kimora, for instance. She gets crazy amounts of money in child support; yet, clearly is just as if not much more capable than Strahan’s ex to take care of half of childcare expenses. Word of advice: these successful women who are married to successful men need to stay on amicable terms and avoid the courts unless they are prepared to take a pay cut…lol.

  5. Wow…glad it was ruled in his favor. Nothing wrong with making sure your children are paid for but you have to be reasonable. It’s about the kids.

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