BREAKING NEWS: Teena Marie found dead. Click here to read more and to see a recent picture of Teena’s daughter.

Rapper Gail Gotti,Teena Marie,and Alia Rose

Gail Gotti and Alia Rose

Gail Gotti and Teena

Click here to see archived pictures of Teena and her daughter Alia Rose.

Singer Teena Marie a.k.a Mary Christine Brockert  is an American Grammy Award-nominated R&B/Soul singer/songwriter/producer.   The soulful singer has one daughter named Alia Rose(Rose is her middle name),16,who is an aspiring singer.  In fact, Alia Rose sang a duet with her mom on album Sapphire, Teena’s album released in 2006.  Although Teena has remained private about her personal life, she has said this about her daughter Alia Rose: “She’s a little Sista, she’s just naturally a Sista. She always jokes with me and says, ‘I didn’t get my soul from my dad, I got it from my Momma.’  “It’s funny because Alia’s father is Black; he’s a postman.”

Recently, many have said that Teena has another daughter who goes by the name Gail Gotti. Much is not known about Gail Gotti except that she is a rapper who is married to rapper Kurupt. Gail refers to Teena as her “mom” and to Alia as her “sister.”   Although it has yet to be confirmed that Gail is indeed the offspring of Teena, Teena has said this about Gail and Kurupt: “They’re like my grown kids.”   Gail and Kurupt also worked on album Sapphire.

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  1. Teena Marie had a lot of lines of black blood, just like our Black Queen who was an actress, & who was Michael Jackson best Black buddie Elizabth Taylor. Teena Marie had Irish Black, and the Irish blood might have already been mixed with black, and then when they migrated to America before actual slavery set in by race Black male and White Irish females had sex & children together. And then she was Proteugese,and some of them have Black blood in them from the Moors who used to live in North Africa, & then they invaded Portugal and Spain and mixed with those people. And then I just read where she has ancestry in New Orleans. And black Women were taken are lovers by White men and Black men who looked White. So Black Queen Teen Marie was definitely our Black Queen.

  2. I know Teena, Alia and Penny. I know the whole family very well and although I have heard of Gail, she is NOT in any way Teena’s daughter!!! She has one only and that is Alia!

  3. Yall do this same tired a** debate every time there’s some multiracial people on your computer screen….lol. We as a people really need to find new, more important things to discuss. This black, white, multiracial argument is soooo old. Teena Marie Rest In Peace.

  4. Teena Marie would surely be missed. She was a true artist we love her here in Detroit..God Bless you Lady, rest in peace.
    It’s not Important how many kids Teena had or who’s the father, what important is the world lost one of the greatest female singer of all time.

  5. we are are all blessed to have been and always will be patrons of Teena Marie’s beautiful music, it doesn’t matter what race or multi-race you are we are all god’s children and should embrace the beauty in us all. Ms. Marie has a right to her privacy with her life and now that she has transcended to the heavenly father she will be one of his singing angels. to the family of Ms. Marie my sympathies are with you in this time of your loss Teena Marie will live on forever in her music, thank you for what you have given the world. God bless you, love forever Ms. Marie

  6. Come on people the web is here for all of us to use. Gail is NOT, I repeat is NOT Teena’s daughter. She had one child, Alia there is a picture of all three of them so how could the two be the same? R.I.P. Teena you will live on forever in your music.

  7. idk but i think i read somewhere that alia’s full name is alia rose gail so not sure if gail gotti is her daughter, i doubt it because i dont think teena would keep that a secret, idk.. but we know for sure alia aka rose la beau is

  8. There are only three races. Negroid, caucasoid, and mongoloid. Mongoloid includes asians and indians. A mixture of any two would be biracial, a mixture of all three would be multiracial. Hispanic is not a race. There are black, white, and indian hispanics.

    • ok owen, by the way, indians come from indian,hispanic is considered a race by some, my cuban granpa is black, and my cuban grandma is what they call in latino cultures a “mulatta
      “(of a black and light parent). the terms you mentioned are scientific generalization of humans. i am black and cuban, i am not 1 race mixed into 1, i am proudly both, enjoying both worlds quite easliy.i dont play that bi-racial bull crap. race=skin color only, hispanic simply means a person of a spanish speaking country. black ,white, native skinned, not indian…


  10. I must say, my sister and I really enjoyed Teena at this year’s Macys Jazz Festival here in Cincinnati, OH. She was the best performer of the concert and received a standing “O” which is very difficult to get from a Cincinnati Audiance. Rest in Peace and my heart and prayers go out to your daughter, Alia.

    Brenda Eliese

  11. Tina Marie was a true artist… she will be sorely missed. God Bless her family, loved ones, friends and fans….draw nigh unto Him.

  12. Forgetting all the other mess and jokes being said here. “Teena Marie, is now singing for the Great King in the skys. You will be truly missed and all that you stood for will be remembered and cherished. I truly love you from my heart.” May you rest in peace. God will bless your daughter and love ones, while you continue your mission in heaven.

  13. Her daughter is black and thats besides the point. Sleep in Silence Teena Marie. passed on December 26th 2010 Sunday. Just right after Christmas. You will be missed.

  14. Dont get mad at BLACK PEOPLE for saying that bi-racial people are automatically black. White people demanded that we say it! Around the late 1800’s along with Jim Crow law this was a tactic of Southern Whites to make sure the races stayed separate, that whites would always have the upper-hand in society.

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  15. I love Tina Marie but her kids are not black.Bi racial isn’t black.Stop considering mixed people as black.

    • What choice do we have? Whites dont claim you with an ounce of black. Ever check the census? Any drop of black and you’re black.
      And now anybody with a drop of Hispanic is Hispanic.
      Again, check the census. Once it determines you’re black, it then asks if you have any Hispanic decent.
      Sorry but they don’t have a bi-racial category.
      And we’re all mixed with something; not many of us here in America are pure black… so, I really don’t know what you tripping on.

      • the singer carly simon grandmother is black but she is considered white, she obviously has a drop of black blood but that still doesn’t make her black, people need to stop tripping off what the white folks instilled in us and embrace the multiracial category, it’s like some of you folks attitude is ahh that person is black regardless cuz they dad is black or mom is black but they can be looking straight up white, its a case of im black so i want you to be considered black, which is not true.
        Im done with this stupid thread, you never see white folks arguing over someone is french or british etc but always gotta see black folks arguing if someone is black or mixed or crap like that lol slave mentality

        • The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is accepted as white,so is Vindiesel,and others!Don’t believe me, just check out his movie roles and who he’s cast with!!

      • Niecy you are incorrect about the Census. It is up to each person to report the race and u can write in whatever u want. No one makes you put a race there if u want to put bi-racial u can write it in. You are not allowed to assume anyone’s race and u are to put down whatever the person tells u. If they say my race is purple people eater that’s what u put

      • Your exactly right Niecy, NO one here on this earth is whole, meaning your not 100% of anything. You have to have something in the mix, it really doesn’t matter if your Bi-or Fli you are a beautiful person and that’s what counts. So, yes I consider bi-racial a mixture of two or more. And, I believe that some people not of color may think they don’t color in them, but if they look back into their Ancestors I BETCHA you will find a little black.

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      Look at the geography of the world, look where man have traveled and settled all over the world and you can trace the origin from Africa, such as east africa and India

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    • TEENA calls her child black! Who the hell are you to tell her not to? African-Americans are NOT Africans. We are descendants of them. We are ALL mixed. So, actually, bi-racial people ARE black Americans.

    • thats funny..he says “stop considering them as black”…they probably consider themselves black, how can you tell them to STOP??

    • Uhhh David, just wanted too let you know that mixed race kids can be anywhere from light skinned to dark skinned, it depends on the dominance. I’m mixed black and white with curly fine hair, but I have dark brown skin.

    • that is an uneducated statement david, my mother is black and my dad cuban, i am as light as teena marie with green eyes and curly brown hair.99% of people i meet cant tell/dont know i’m black unitl i tell them….

  16. High yellow girl “Got a little sista” named brown sugah’ brown sugah'” so maybe a little sister a brother don’t know. I saw Lady Tee November 29th 1995 at the Strand? Alia was there, she had POOF! in her hair, she was cute.

    You know I’d really like to see Teena live doing her current music. I love what she’s doing down in Atlanta. A coming together that was meant to be.

    Milk and Honey on Congo Square, my new workout jam!!!!!

  17. teena actually has two daughters one who is younger than alia rose and one son who is her youngest. not including gotti…

  18. I saw Alia Rose with Teena Marie at the Stone Soul Concert this past Memorial Day in Concord, CA. Teena said Alia is her “One & Only” child. Alia who is now 17 sang “Can’t Last A Day” with Teena (Faith Evans could not make it).. AWESOME VOICE!!

  19. Teena’s manager Penny is actualy Rick James’ sister. She and Teena go way back. Penny is very down to earth and fun to hang out with. Everytime Teena came to D.C., Penny would look out for me and invite me to hang with them after Teena’s shows, publicity events, etc.

  20. Those are some beautiful photos and by the way Teena has only one biological daughter, Alia Rose. Gail Gotti is a rapper who has worked with Teena numerous times and is like another daughter to her as is Teena’s manager Penny’s daughter, Malaya Rain Sarai.

  21. Beautiful daughters!
    Wasn’t Kurupt with Foxxy Bornw then had a baby by the girl from Blaque? He keeps his business VERY private. Didn’t even know he was married!

  22. He father is the postman? At first I thought it said her father is the milkman. I don’t know why but this made me laugh so hard until I re-read it. Yes I am easily amused.

  23. Thanks for this post! Teena Marie is one of my favorites and one of the greatest! I noticed that she featured her daughter on her last album so it’s just cool to put a face with the voice.

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