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  1. Well, even though we may never see chance,I’m 100% sure that sarah chapman is getting somes thousands in child support.I’m still waiting to see a picture of her with or without diddy, she’s probably a pretty little girl,i know those twins are so beautiful.

  2. “YEAISAIDIT”-I kind of agree with that because technically she didn’t have the ring on her finger and did not have the paper saying they were married, so she should’nt have a say if the girls can see their other sister to an extent.

    Though she wasn’t his wife, they were with each other for a longggggggg time.

  3. “BLUE”- Okay thanx for that information and yes it’s messed up if she feels like that because it really isn’t the child’s fault.

  4. Leah I agree. I feel the same way about Angel (Mel B. and Eddie Murpheys daughter). I can not believe that he chose to stay out of his daughters life. I really hope that Eddie’s ex will stick to her word of letting her children get to know their little sister.

    YEAISAIDIT I am not sure if Diddy and Kim were together at the time (I’d assume so) but if they were then he cheated on her. Marriage or no marriage.

  5. Well its not like Kim was married to diddy…so he really hasn’t did anything wrong…so why can’t his children with kim see their other sister….

  6. This video is too cute. I love seeing him with his girls! They look just like Kim. They’re gorgeous! I agree with Opinionated…this is always a good look for Diddy.

  7. Blue, I also read in an Essence interview with Kim that she did not want Chance around her children. If Diddy agrees with this then he is not an excellent dad and Kim is DEAD wrong. These children are siblings and deserve the right to get to know one another.

  8. Suz, it has been reported that Kim has said that she doesn’t want her children around the other little girl. I hope that this isn’t true because Kim shouldn’t blame the little girl for anything that Diddy did.

  9. “YVE”- I agree we don’t see his other daughter or see him spending time with her.

    I’m sure he spends some kind of time with her and sees her at least behind closed doors. Now if he doesn’t or if he dont bring her around his other kids, that’s messed up. They won’t have their sibling bonding.

    But they are so adorable! Patting sisters back and whatnot… =D

  10. They are adorable. Little girls learn quickly to wrap daddy around their little finger. This is always a good look for Diddy.

  11. He probaly does take care of his other dauhter..you dont know..He does acknowledge the fact that he has another daughter. Mabe her mother dosen’t want her exposed to the public..

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