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[Rapper Maino and son Zane on the set of his "Hi Hater" video]

Rapper Maino a.k.a Jermaine “Maino” Coleman is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York whose hit “Hi Hater” brought him to prominence. Maino’s life has been one of harsh realities;he was once incarcerated for ten years.The birth of his son Zane,however,taught Maino the responsibilities of adulthood.Today,Maino takes great pride in taking care of his son.


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  1. Meandmyself.

    Let’s just say for the sake of arguing that I agree with you. Everything is based on perception. I see lots of kids on this site both cute and not so cute. That I haven’t said anything about. Not because I have a preference but because I saw their pic in passing and I just thought to myself oh that child is cute or that little boy has a big water jug head.

    For instance I think Halle’s daughter is cute I didn’t say anything about her. I think T.I. and Tiny’s son is strange looking but I didn’t say anything about him until I replied to your comment. They are both light skinned.

    The fact of the matter is that most of the things we feel insecure about other people don’t notice as much as you think they do. It is just your belief they do because it bothers you.

    Also if you must know I don’t think America biggest problem is racism I think it is classism. I think if Obama doesn’t get elected it is because the rich white people will feel that their status will be threatened. You get one black person making it into such a high position what’s to stop others from seeing that it is not impossible. A lot of people with money feel that they are better than the people who have less and the fact that they have more the a lot of people it gives them a sense of one up man ship or power. If you take that away then they realize that no one person is better than the other.

    Your view on skin color is your view and that is only because of the experiences that you have had due to yours. Your perception is build a place of hurt and it makes you take everything personally. If you come from a place of power and someone said something negative about skin color you would just shake your head and realize they are just a blind soul that needs some enlightenment.

  2. TO Maryamb,
    Look at the comments from different viewers in this site. If you look at it, most light skinned black babies get more good comments compared to dark skinned black babies.
    Its unbelievable
    Is it that lightskinned black babies get more attention than cute darkskiined babies?
    Lets put it to the test/ Let this site show a dark skinned baby and lets see the responses they get.

  3. Lol. You’re right about that, Maryamb. I have one son also and there’s a world of difference between he and his two sisters. He’s my world but I’m glad there’s only one of him.

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