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Actor Derek Luke,who is well known for his starring role in 2002 film Antwone Fisher, is pictured with his wife Sophia Adella. The couple arrived at the premiere of Miracle at St. Anna, director Spike Lee’s latest film in which Derek stars.

It looks as though Sophia is pregnant. It was announced in fall 2006 that Derek and wife were expecting their first child in March of 2007. If confirmed that Sophia is indeed pregnant,then this will be the couple’s second child together.Derek and Sophia have been married since 1998.

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  1. It would be really nice if people would stop using the limited perspective gained from their own personal experiences to broadly generalize a whole race of people.

    But, hell, maybe you should continue with the hatred, B. Leaves more sexy black men for me :-D

    Also congrats to Derek and Sophia!

  2. I am glad they are in love and have been married for 10 years. However, even you can’t say you don’t see how this type of behavior affects the image of black women in the media and in their own esteem. You don’t see men of other races who do this as much as black men. This is disheartening and only serves to increase the barrage of insults that black women have to fend off everyday from everywhere.

  3. Derek Luke’s wife is hispanic… They were married in 1998 long before Antone Fisher which was out in 2002 or 2003…. Which means while he furthered is acting career she held down the fort…. never knowing if this was going to amount to what is has…. his love and gratitude for believing in him is evident in the photos….

  4. maryAmb DANG
    U a sociologist? If not, what r u informing us about? You’re just giving your opinion like we are all giving ours. Who said ANYTHING about not feeling or being good enough?

    Seeing AfrAm repeatedly with non AfrAm does make a statement! Images in the media do have power. I’ m not affected bc I have a mind & the right ppl 2 guide me, but others may not be as fortunate. A personal ex is my brother. We have the same last name, same still married parents, raised fairly well, but my brother is all screwed up bc of the crap he sees on bExploitation tv (when he goes to his friends house bc 2 this say we still dont have cable!). Every day I tell him he needs 2 look deeper/beyond looks for personality but his whack &ss wont listen.

    Anyways, you say ‘feel good about yourself’ & ‘dont buy into the hype’ while you wear a european lady’s hair /wig….HMPH!

    most importantly: di Sophia have a baby in March? Is she pregnant again?
    Maryamb Says: September 28th, 2008 at 1:42 am
    Lilkunta first off if you think I am trying to get clout as you put you are sadly mistaken. My goal is to inform . . .If you allow people to get inside your head and make you think that you are not good enough for whatever reason, who’s fault is that?. . .Basically what I am saying is when you are disheartened … it is because you are buying into the hype.

  5. maryAmb: I think you do want clout. If you wanted to share your experience, y not email B personally?

    Im fine with myself. Seeing powerful ppl in the spotlight always with european wifes does have an effect.

    Derek is amrried to the lady he loves & we just have 2 accept that….MOVING ON!

    bck: did they have a baby in 2k7? Is Sophia pregnant again?

  6. B I am so happy for you. If I am not mistaken with the babe on the way you will have 2 girls and two boys. Is that right? You are truly blessed. Children are a blessing. I love mine and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I am happy that they are all happy(most of the time) and healthy.

    I was watching Extreme Home makeover this weekend and seeing those families with sick kids or struggling to make ends meet lets me know how truly blessed I am. No matter how bad people think life is they have so many more that life is harder than theirs.

    I can tell you are a great mom and you love your kids. They are blessed to have you as well. I can tell because even though you were hurt you willing to face your pain to overcome it. Not only for their benefit but for all those you care for. That is true love. Most people sit up and try to blame the way their life problems on everyone else because it is easier then taking responsibility for their own life.

    True strength comes from you when you reclaim you power. As a child you are powerless most of the time to someone’s treatment of you. However when you come of age if you are still saying things like my momma didn’t give me enough attention and that is why my life is ruin, instead of say Hey I had a rotten childhood but I have the rest of my life to make what I want of it and I will us it. Hence reclaiming you power.

    As far as the kids hair and clothes you will be surprised that most of the things I buy for them I get from Walmart, Kmart or Sears, Khol’s(my favorite store) I got my kids some really cute Sketchers for 4.99 on clearance and my baby some of the cutest Carter boots regular $35.00 for $6.00 . It is the way I coordinate it ; you would think I go to Macy’s but I don’t. I get lots of complements on the way I dress them. It make feel good because I do it well and I save a bundle. Where I grew up people would spend all the money on buying name brand clothes and then have no money. I knew I wasn’t going to do that with my kids. I think it is why I SMH when I see these celebs with outfits that cost thousands of dollars. The money they spend on things that don’t matter at the end of the day they could use that to help feed a hungry family. Sorry for going there. It because if this that so many other cultures dislike Americans. We are not only wasteful, but we tend to take all we have for granted. They see us still searching for more when we already have so much and because they have so little they would be happy with a portion of what we have.

  7. Hey Maryamb,

    I saw your pics. You have beautiful children. OMG they are so beautiful. I love the cute way you do they hair, and the cute little outfits they wear.

    So, you have three girls and one boy right?

    You have a very attractive family.

    God Bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Maryamb,

    Thankyou again,

    I am pregnant with an Boy. I really do want to hear & see postive things about black people for i can share with my children.

    My children really do not know black History. Even though, my children are biracial do not feel that way. They feel white.

    In conversation with my daughter which is 12 and my son. they feel like they are white children not biracial.

    Well thanks and have great weekend too. I tried to click on your name for pics but the page wasn’t up

  9. To Mary, I am glad to help. I believe we are put here to help each other grow and learn. I love all people, and I want to help my black people learn to love themselves so we can all grow into what we are meant to be. My mom use to always say this to me too. What begins at home spreads abroad. If I can help my own learn to love and accept themselves everyone else will too. We always see others the way they see themselves. So I believe if other see us loving and accepting each other they will follow suit.

    For a long time I didn’t know what I wanted to do other than raise my family and be the best mother and wife I could be. Now I know that all the things I have been through in my life I can use what I learned to help other and I know I didn’t go through it all for naught.

  10. Mary you are one of the most intelligent persons Ive ever seen online.I’ve seen some of your other post and they were spot on. I learn a lot reading your post.

  11. I will be praying for you B. I know it can be hard, but if/when you have you moments where you are thinking of hurtful things from the past, just tell yourself it wasn’t about you,it was about them and their insecurities, you didn’t deserve their mistreatment that you are good enough just the way that God made you. I do this whenever I feel doubt and it helps more than you know.

    We are all worthy and deserving of the best that life has to offer. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. If they do, just know they don’t feel worthy and they are projecting their hurt and self doubt on to you.

    I know you will be alright. You made it this far even though they tried to break your spirit, yet you are here. You may be battered and bruised but the fact that you didn’t let them steal your spirit speak volumes. Good luck with the new baby. Do you know what you are having. I am sure it doesn’t matter to you as long as it is healthy. I sure you baby will be beautiful.

  12. Maryamb,

    i want to thankyou for your input and yor advice. I will stop being the victim and forgive my black side. Maybe one day i will feel more comfortable being half black. Until then, I will keep it pushing.

  13. B I understand why you made the choices you did and I don’t look down on you are your decisions. I think you did the same thing Obama did in reverse. It was his white side that treated him bad, so he chose a black woman.

    I do however want you to know that you are half black and whatever disdain you feel for that half you pass along to your children. They are aware of the fact that you are if mixed heritage right? As long as you don’t accept that half of you and forgive those that trespass against you your kids will doubt themselves as well. You do and you will come a long on your discovery to self love.

    The only way you can now true peace is by accepting yourself. No matter how many material things you have or how good your husband is to you , you will still be in doubt, because you are uncertain of who you are. The color of your skin, what you possess, what you are capable of doing, none of that stuff makes you happy until you accept yourself first.

    Your black side of the family sounds like a bunch of insecure people who doubt themselves and their place in the world. Because of that they mistreated you, by you continuing to doubt yourself because of the way they treated you, they win. Maybe some of them learned to error of their ways, maybe some of the are regretful for how they treated maybe, a lot of things but you will never know if you don’t let go of your hurt.

    What I am saying to you is that if you come from a place of power instead of feeling victimized you will see that they are the sorry unsure people and that you never were. Take your power back girl. Hold you head up and be proud that God made you the way he did. He did so for a reason. Don’t just focus on outward appearances looks come and go but if your inside is in order nobody can ever make you feel as bad as they made you feel as a child. Just think you have already made it through the worst part. If you made it through that you are already strong, you just haven’t realized how strong you are. Keep you head up and if you want to talk to me more my email address is maryamthomas@hotmail.com

  14. Maryamb,

    My mom left my dad after 10 years of mistreatment. My mom remarried three years after she seperated from my dad. He is a white male. He is so wonderful to me. He adopted me and all of my siblings. I took his last name. I consider him my kids grandfather.

    I really do not associate with my father side of the family anymore. I might see them around the way. My children really do not associate with their black side. They know that they are mixed, but they do not get the black experiences ( if you know what i mean)

    You what realize is that this maybe a cycle in our family because my mother nor my grandmother. It like each generation we becoming more white. Each generation is marying out of race. I have three brother and two sister. my three brother our married and it is not to black female. They are all white females.

    My sisters date outside of their race. I know that they will either choose and biracial man or white male.

    The black is being wash out of our family, and it probably for the best in my situation.

    My step dad and my mom had three more kids together and will probably do the same.

    • who ever you call yourself your comments are full of hate of blacks, am sorry but, you are so bitter for what happened to both your mom and inlaws. Back to the remarks on Derek and sophia Lukes what has probaly made then still together is that LOVE. But bare in mind no one know how the couple live in their household. we all can be out admiring them like how cute the couple look but we dont know how they like.

      Therefore, mind how you can make your life on this earth count by counting your blessing that you are still married to your husband. cos until your burry a spouse is when you can say that he /she was your wonderful husband/wife. WHY because anything can change just as it did happened to Mel Gibson after those years of marriage. ok Dont be so fast to judge people cos alot of us wear that social masks.

  15. Maryamb, If, you have an black man that can provide for you then you luck out. The majority of black men our in jail and in trouble with the law. I am happy for you.

    All, i am saying that white men are just better provider. My husband is an District manger of many resturants and, we own 5 Starbucks. I do have the choice of saying at home, however I decided to work. I have an master degree and so does my husband. I am very much inlove with him. I feel very safe with an white male that is all that i am saying.

    My husband family has been together for 28 years and I have wonderful relationship with them and my husband siblings. He comes from a huge family and they are all very successful.
    I am just glad that I am a part of it.

    I just want to encorage black women to date outside of their race. I five friends that have married white men and love it. It is really a beautiful thing.

    All children are beautiful but for some reason biracial children our amazingly attractive. They have the best of both worlds. My husband have and 12 daughter, 10 year old son, 5 yr old daughter and i am 5 months pregnant right now with our fourth child. They are so beautiful. Biracial children looks so amazing.

    Well, any way, I just want black women to know it okay to date outside their race. Also, i do not have any problem with black men dating white women.

  16. B I have to say you have the right idea but the wrong attitude.

    It is all about who you love and the way they treat you true enough. I couldn’t agree with you more here.

    However when you say White men is are better provider for you anyway. That may be true in some cases, not all. My man as well as most of the men in our immediate family are wonderful providers. My husband makes 6 figures and I stay home and take care of our family. He actually works from home most of the time as well.

    As a matter of fact his uncle is a VP at IBM, he is who encouraged my husband to want to be in IT. We have an almost 4000 sq home with six bedrooms, two cars and we are both good to each other. Neither of us have never been in trouble with the law. He has two brothers and they are like him as well. His mom and dad as well as my parents have been married over 30 years. My mom and dad’s relationship suck but the stayed anyway. His parents have a good relationship and I know it is the reason we do.

    It is obvious that while you have right idea your thinking needs some adjusting. You may not act ghetto but how are you any different then the racist white media that are portraying us the way you seem to feel about men of your own color?

  17. Hey,

    I am a beatitful black women married to a wonderful white man. We have three beautiful biracial chiildren. I love my white man. I really do not mind seeing black men date white women because it all about who you love. It is not about your skin color. Some of you women need to get over. Black men are going to continue dating white women so what.

    You need to learn to deal with it and stop being so ghetto. maybe that is why a black man don’t want to be with you. White men is are better provider for you anyway.

    A black man will give you a headache. They usually are in jail, selling drugs, or out commiting other crimes.

    This is a message to all the black women. start dating men out of your race that is on your intellect level trust me things will start looking up.

    My husband and I have been married for 14 years and it is all good.

  18. Lilkunta first off if you think I am trying to get clout as you put you are sadly mistaken. My goal is to inform. Knowledge is power no one can make you feel like you are less than without your permission. Two strikes we all ready know how the white media portrays us. If you knew why they portray the way they do instead getting upset because of the way they make you look that’s when real change occurs.

    The media wants to make black people out as negatively as possible to distract us from all of the dirt they do. They screwed over the Indians, Asians, and most other races they deal with. Black people hasn’t done anything no where near as bad as what whites have done over the ages. They are using us as the scape goats and we keep giving them the ammo.

    If you allow people to get inside your head and make you think that you are not good enough for whatever reason, who’s fault is that?

    Not the man/or women that goes out and marries outside of their race, not the silly white women that thinks she is better than you because the color of her skin but on the inside wish she didn’t have to tan to have more color.

    I am black just like most of the people that come to this board and you know what? I don’t feel less than because Derek Luke or any of the other people that married outside of their race chose someone other than a black person. No I come from a place of power and I know that no one person is better than the other now matter what they try to make you think. I know people that have more than I do and I don’t think they are any better than me. I know people that have less than me and I don’t think that I am any better than them.

    Basically what I am saying is when you are disheartened because you see Kim Kard with her black man and Terrel Owens with his white girl it is because you are buying into the hype. Not because it is true but because it makes you doubt who you are. I am long past that stage in my life. I am good enough being just who I am. Am I perfect? No and far from it. However I know I growing and learning everyday and I hope never to stop.

  19. maryamb u can reply 2 every1 comments but it wont make u hvae more clout.
    IT IS DISHEARTENING 2 see another successful AfrAm man with a non AfrAm lady.

  20. I agree with you when you said one race historically were on a pedestals over another.And about sarah palin. But I also agree with Time For Real Change because there are black men who feel they can now date and marry who they want because racism is in the past. Some would argue that IR are a good thing because it proves the world is progressing. Which is true for the most part. While some black women will say we are still outcast because of race and gender, some might feel like white women will always be put on the pedestal by both races. Time for real change said some good things. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying life just because of your race and gender.

  21. sorry but we are still dealing with white priviledge in the media and institutions, so the so-called bitterness that some have posted about is based upon a long legacy of racism in this country

    back in 1903, W.E.B DuBois wrote that “the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line.” the color line reserved the best for one group of people, while denying them to another through both the law and institutions…this included disparities in education and socially placing white people (esp. women) and whiter-looking people on pedestals

    even after another hundred years Black women are still less valued in this socially stratified world we live in. on more than one occasion i was told that i had two “strikes” against me because i am Black and female. it is no wonder than seeing successful Black men with white and whiter-looking women touches a sore spot in the psyche

    we still have a looooong way to go before love transcends the color line

  22. curse words are words that ignorant people use when they don’t know a better way to express themselves.

    Now what I wrote is a real piece of art. Gotta love it. I had to make a few corrections.

  23. Thank you so much Not Buying It for standing up for me.

    Leighla as far as you are concerned curse words are words that ignorant people when they don’t know a better way to express themselves. You are starting to sound like Angela on why did I get married.

    As far as me taking what you said the wrong way, I apologize. However if you look at what you wrote again, can you honestly tell me that it does not seem to you in the least bit argumentative. Also as I explained before I called her Hispanic because I know she is of Spanish origin and because I didn’t know for certain where from I used Hispanic.

    I love the way you called me the b-word that is very creative of you. I haven’t been called that in so long I actually couldn’t stop laughing when I read that.

    However if you want to make me angry try saying something along the lines of “You act just like your Momma” LOL

    Also you know the old adage it takes one to know one. You should remember that the next time you name call. Point being this is the definition of the b-word. an unpleasant, malicious, or offensive person. If I am not mistaken I think what you wrote speaks for itself. Now what I work is a real piece of art. Gotta love it.

  24. Time For a real change, I totally agree. Although I must admit I’d prefer to date my own and am glad I found one to marry and someday have a family with. Undoubtadly it is easier for same race couples to last than mixed-raced ones because of a plethora of socital forces that come into play (let’s face it, Americans still have major issues with race). But, I digressed. We truely must open up our options and think outside the “black box.”

    And to Leighla, it’s sad that you felt a need to lambast a black queen in the way that you did. You really need to check yourself.

  25. Basically it is time for black women to wake up and see that we are not beholden to marry or date a black man. Don’t limit yourself to black men- I don’t worry about black guys that don’t look my way anymore, because I am not looking for them either! I look for certain things in a man and none pertain to race, I have never limited myself to one race and I think that all of us beautiful black women (and we are beautiful) should look into making our selections bigger. And don’t buy that mess about other races not finding black women attractive because that is just a bunch of baloney. Trust me when I say that men of other races are open to being in a relationship with a woman of color.

  26. As Maryamb put it, it’s clear those people lack intelligence, let alone social grace. I’d love to have fun with them in fact. How about posting that website to mary?

  27. The black guys responds

    Interracial Dating & Marriage (“Jungle Fever”)
    « #139 on: July 30, 2008, 06:01 AM »

    why we prefer white chicks? simple, we take the 11th commandment seriously, “thou shall avoid drama”

    Noone deserve to be ridicule for being black. Plus Nigeria is another black culture altogether. Cant you ugrasp what I was saying before?

  28. Mary I am none of the thing you describe. And as I said before I have not against derek luke and his wife infact I think they make a beautiful couple.

    This is an example of what I am relating to, from a Nigerian message board.

    ItalianBea Re: Interracial Dating & Marriage (“Jungle Fever”)
    « #137 on: March 25, 2008, 11:23 PM »

    Hello, I’m a white chick as some of you call it!about the whole black gut white girl thing well i got me a sexy BLACK guy that I’m married to I’m 18 and he loooooooooooves his White chick and a little insight he hates ghetto girls who say things like sista and who are so fake and loud and tryn to start a fight everywhere and where i live there are more Black girls than White girls and 99%are waaaaay to ghetto and dramatic So Why do alot of whit girls got Black men Ummmmmmmmmmm???Ask yourself that hahahah lol !Well Enjoy PEACE

  29. I cosign w/ Maryamb 100%. But, if I’ve learned anything from frequenting this site, it’s that you’re often not preaching to the choir when you talk with sense on these threads. It’s a sad reality that a lot of our people have their heads stuck under the sand.

  30. One more thing to Leighla I want to give you an example of what I mean. Cameron Diaz and Christina Aguilera both look European but are of Latin descent. They are only a few examples of you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  31. As far as to mary you know as well as I do that they have a lot jilted sisters. They act just like the ghetto chica from Tyler Perry’s why did I get married. I have to say I am not a man and when women act black as they put it, saying ain’t no man going to mistreat me and all the other things they say, I think it is very unattractive I can only imagine how males feel. The male ego is a fragile thing. If they think someone is going to make them feel like crap they head the other way. I would to.

    No all black women are not bitter. I know I am not. Most people just go from the experiences they have and let them color their views on most things. I however try to learn the lessons I was meant to learn and don’t make the same mistakes are let my past experiences keep from giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Just because one black man mistreated me doesn’t mean they all will. To this day I am happy I am like this, because I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful ,happy and healthy family I probably would not have if I held on to my resentment. I know that some of the people that marry out of their race do so because of self hatred, however that does not speak for all people that marry outside of their race.

    So until you know the reason you shouldn’t just believe they are doing it because they think black women are not good enough. That is a very self destructive way to think. Lots of things can be determined many different ways. Most of the reasons people think that someone does something once they find out the real motivating factor was way off.

  32. Derek Wife name is Sophia Adella Hernandez so excuse me for being ignorant. LOL Ms Leighla. The reason I said that she is Hispanic is because she is from Spanish decent and I don’t know if she is Mexican, Puerto Rician or whatever else.

    Also I know you don’t know this but all races have different color variations. So even though she looks European doesn’t mean she is. Also I didn’t hate on anybody. So if any of the rest of the comments you made do not include me. From now on before you call anyone out you need to do your fact checking.

    YEAISAIDIT. right back at you. LOL

  33. I hate to cut a point or split hairs, people, but one thing that bothers me is the ignorance of Americans, especially black americans, where the term ‘hispanic’ is used. Hispanic is a cultural category, not a race. Sophia Adella looks very European. She may even be of Italian and not Spanish or Portuguese origin. She is gasp! white. Its extremely ignorant the way people always hate on interracial couples, ignoring all the love they share.

  34. I’m not against IR or Derek Luke and his wife. but there are reasons for some of the biterness’. You said; ”maybe the women in their lives taught them to love base on content of character and not race.” This also include black women,all over the internet you see people talking about how ghetto black women act and how bitter they are, I have seen these comments from caucasian women and other women who date black men. I have seen women from every race getting mad at their situation. But the majority of the time black women are the ones used as the scape goat.

  35. Also for you to say the men that marry outside of their race is forgetting about their mothers and what not is going a bit far. Maybe most of them married outside of their race because the women in their family taught them that it is not the color of their
    skin but the content of their character.

  36. LadyOne, You may have been married for 20 years but the still hasn’t changed the fact that your statements sound bitter.

    “I guess all brothas despise all sistas especially in Hollywood!”

    You said all brothas. Does that include your husband?

    I am just going off of your comment. Nothing wrong with marrying whomever you chose to marry. It will be you who have to wake up next to that person for how ever long.

    You don’t know that man’s history for all you know he could have dated quite a few black women like Halle and they didn’t work out.

    They have plenty of Black men that marry black woman in Hollywood and other wise. No matter whom anyone marries it is them who have to live with that choice.

    If you need to see a brotha with a sister that will really make you day. Follow the presidential race. It will be good for you.

  37. Oh whatever marylamb, i have been married to a brotha for 20 years and it’s all good. it’s just a little disheartening to see yet another brotha igonring the fact that his mother, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, are all black……..nothiing wrong with marrying a beautiful black woman. period.

  38. Camie, I have to say your sense of self should not come from the views of the racist media. They spend so much time trying to make us feel like we are less than what we are because they can’t be like us. It is the best view point to have. When women see a nice looking lady or not so nice looking for that matter with a nice looking tasty on her arm they say how in the hell did she end up with him. Not because they think she is not good enough because they are not in her shoes. Believe this if black women were not seen as beautiful they would not be trying to inject collagen into their lips, get butt pads into their jeans, and getting tans to look more like us. When you feel insecure because of the way the media is trying to depict us then you are falling for the hype. I am a firm believer in don’t believe the hype.

    The color of someone skin nor any of the other things they use to distract us doesn’t make you any happier. They have plenty of white folks that are not happy. They plenty of woman that have bodies most women would kill for and they are not happy. Happiness comes from within. You have all you need to be happy. All you have to do is choose to be.

  39. i do understand what ladyone is saying though. Especially here in England it would be nice to see your black footballer married to nice beautiful black sisters. It will help with our self esteem if nothing else. they seem to marry blond blue eyes white women. Im not agaisnt the white sister but just one black couple please!!

  40. LadyOne,

    I don’t know you, but if your statement is any indication I would say that if you are having a hard time holding to a brotha it is because you seem bitter.

    You marry for love and not the color of someone’s skin. They have been married for 10 years to me that has to be love. My husband and I will have our 10 year in April. I know we love each other faults and all. Not because of anything other than the fact we are good to one another and our family.

  41. My first thought is she looks a few years older than him. Love is where you find it. I’d like to see Derek in more movies.

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