LL Cool J’s daughters(L-R) Italia Smith(b.1990), Nina Smith(b. 2000), and Samaria Smith(b. 1995) attended CosmoGirl’s “School of Style” on September 27th. Rapper LL Cool J a.k.a Todd Smith and wife Simone have another child,a son named Najee Smith(1989). The entire Smith clan is featured in a Sears’ Fall advertising campaign for the ” LL Cool J for Sears” clothing brand.CLICK HERE  to see an adfeaturing LL and his daughters Italia and Samaria.

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  2. First and foremost….LL has a beautiful family and should be given props for being with his georgous wife forever and raising such beautiful intellegent children. These kind of comments make me so upset. I can not believe sometimes how many ignorant people live in our country. I think that our world could be a much better place if everyone was color blind but…that is not a reality! I am speaking from a non-black woman stand point. Their are racial slures and comments in every race. It doesn’t just come from your own race it comes from all of them. I am hispanic but I look like a white girl….seriously. I was never really accepted by the “Darker” latina girls my whole life. The white girls didn’t like me either. I am married to a wonderful black man and we have a beautiful daughter and we get it from both ends…….”Why you married to that white girl?” “Why didn’t you marry a hispanic man?” It’s a never ending vicious cycle. I vowe to teach our daughter and any future children not to see color but to accept people for who they are not for their skin color or what they look like. The ignorant will always be ignorant because they teach their children ignorance and the cycle continues throuh the generations of their family. I say just be happy with who you are and @#&* the other ignorant people who think that skin color should matter and that black, white, yellow, green, purple whatever your color should not intermix. We all need to get over this color barrier because we are a country of mutts. Not one of us is pure bred…follow your family tree! Seriously people let this color thing go already!

  3. Maryamb- I agree with you here. I just had this discussion on the Halle Berry Baby Blog.

    I am a lighter skin black female and we are almost attacked for not being dark enough.

    This kind of behavior is getting out of hand. LL is light skin and his wife is maybe a tad lighter than him what difference does it make they are still black.

    Now he’s being attacked for marrying a light skin black woman. Give me a break people.

    People we gotta get over this color barrier.

    And then we get angry when white people make these same ignorant comments about our race. When in fact alot of these racist comments are coming from our community. We have to change our way of thinking before we go throwing stones at others for thinking the exact same way as some of our own people are thinking.

    LL Cool J & His Wife is a beautiful couple who have been together for over 20 years and I think that should be celebrated.

    And their kids are beautiful.

  4. Yo I don’t where you get your info from. LL’s wife is about the same color as him. Only a little lighter and He is not dark. So now we are not only angry about our black men marrying outside of their race, but someone of the same race but wit hlighter skin?

    We need to wake up. When are we going to learn the color of someone’s skin does not matter. If was as people of color can’t see pass the color of someone’s skin how can we expect other’s to?

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