Singer Mariah Carey is fueling rumors that she is pregnant with husband Nick Cannon’s first child. The pop star appeared on the Ellen show on Wednesday(today) and left a little flustered because host Ellen gave her an unexpected pregnancy test. What better way to test whether or not a woman is pregnant by offering her an alcoholic beverage!
Conversation with Mariah and Ellen as reported by Faded Youth Blog:

Ellen: “People are saying that you’re pregnant. There are rumors.”
Mariah: “No, that’s ok …”
Ellen reaches for some champagne and glasses …
Ellen: “You don’t have to answer that. Let’s just toast with champagne.”
Mariah: “But they’ve been saying that since … Oh, I can have some champagne. It’s just fattening.”
Ellen: “You can have some champagne?”
Mariah: “That’s not champagne. You can’t have it on TV. … I can’t believe you did this to me Ellen.”
Ellen: “What? I’m not going to ask you if you’re pregnant or not.”

Ellen pours the champagne.
Ellen: “No, let’s toast to you not being pregnant.”
Mariah: “Oh my goodness. I can’t believe her. … (laughing). Why would we toast to that? How about to the future? For both of our futures. Who knows what they hold?”
Ellen: “Who knows? All right. Go ahead. Cheers.”
Mariah: “It’s too early for me. I only drink after 3:00 pm.”
(Mariah pretends to drink the champagne)
Ellen: “You’re pregnant.”
Mariah: “I didn’t say that. No, no, no. … We will let you know when we’re going to have a family.”

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  1. Some ppl just dont drink all the time like that so the drinking has nothing to do with it but if she is preggo I hope the baby takes her skin complection but looks like nick. That would be a cute baby.

  2. I heard that she is ready to start a family and it about that time. She is 38, so she does not have a minute to lose. I wish the best for her and Nick and yep that would be a very cute baby!

  3. I watched this when I got home today. Very clever move by Ellen. You could tell Mariah was stuck and stalled to see how she was gonna get out of this. She didn’t confirm or deny, but also didn’t drink the champagne which leads me to believe she is indeed with child. If so, congrats Mariah and Nick. I’ve always liked Mariah and she deserves happiness in her life. That’s gonna be one cute baby.

  4. she’s aware celebs won’t tell her this kinda info no matter how hard she tries. it’s just humor. tyra does the same thing only she gets a lil crazy/silly tryna get the info out (she applied ll cool j’s chapstick on her lips recently). ellen didn’t the same kinda thing with jessica alba that she’s did with mariah when she was tryna get jess to blurt out her baby’s gender. of course it didn’t work and jess went along wih ellen’s game cuz she found it funny. they’re both actors they know who to manipulate the game if it not mean spirited and Ellen is never mean spirited. She actually gave jess alot of baby items during the show and the played baby shower type games with other expecting moms from the audeience. i’m sure Elen knows she might donate the gift to charity since she has enough and thats not a bad thing eiher.

  5. She might be but maybe she’s waiting until her second trimester to announce it. What’s the deal with trying to get women to announce their pregnancies so early? Something could go wrong. Plus it’s not like she’ll be able to hide it if it’s true.

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