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  1. If willow is between 8 and 12, my niece looks the same way and eats WELL.
    I looked like that when Iwas that age too and I ate normally. Some kids are naturally thin.

  2. What in the hell can yall say about the Smith’s. Some people in life grow to either be Beetles or Eagles. Some of will fly and soar high above the rest. Then there are some that will always be low and forever crawling,looing up and saying why can’t that be me, flying high living the life. Know your place this is to the beetles out there making their stupids ass comments about Will& Jada’s or their kids.Question beetle would you swap a day of your life to live a day in their life hell yeah you would. Now ask yourself would they swap a milameter of a second in your world Hell- Nah!!

  3. Obviously families aren’t perfect but at the end of the day the parents are still together raising their kids well.. nah jada doesn’t hav a drug addiction problm

  4. How would you know there strong? seeing one thing. knowin is one thing. it alot of people seem to be strong in public eyes. take whitney and bobby appear be so strong!!

  5. One day! will an jada may not be those big times movie stars an need there kids they will tell them no way! ! you made me pay for everything it hard to teach those values.when you got parents have everythings. i guess? his son trey happy he did’nt get in rich famous being young still learn from right an wrong. parents movie stars they still try to find there way must be hard on smith kids. take michael jackson for example he only was a kid. very selfish of will an jada let them enjoyed they life being a kids and when they get 18 if showbiz for them then do this.to manys kids life mess up behind early showbiz. my advise to trey stay real an true to youself you only a kid once!

  6. willow looks normal for a child her age to me lol, its looks like she is mal-nourish, cause you got so many fat american kids out here.

  7. Ok, that chil’s arm is hella thin to the point where if I didn’t know her parents were well off, I might’ve thought she was mal-nourished.

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