Damon Dash and his son Lucky,4, are pictured above. In all, Damon and wife Rachel Roy have daughter Ava,8 and daughter Tallulah Ruth Dash. In addition, Damon has a son Damon “Boogie” Jr., 16, from a previous relationship, and son Lucky, also from a previous relationship.

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  1. He was out of control, I saw him on MTV talking about he wore a different pair of socks everyday, And now we hear the money is funny. I hope he can take care of all his cute little kids. But the little baby does not look like him at all. Momma baby Poppa maybe. Just saying. In my eyes.

  2. I’m not going to go into his relationships or marriage. He had a rough patch I suppose, but anyways the son is a cutie.

  3. @Jessica…i don’t necessarily think that money means that one is able to have a child outside of the marriage. Money has nothing to do with that behavior.

  4. damon didnt cheat on his wife they were not together exclusively at that time and were not married. If u recall her and damon had their oldest in 1999 and they broke up during that time period he was dating and said to be engaged to aliyah at the time of her death in 2001. he and rachel didnt get married til 05 which gives him plenty of time to mourn, holla at other ladies, and get back with rachel. i mean he left her before for someone else only to return his womanizing ways are to be expected

  5. Awww, he is too cute! I’m glad that he is including Lucky in the family despite the circumstances unlike other celebrities.

  6. I’m glad to see Damon is taking care of his responsibilities, and continues to take an interest in his older son and the little boy conceived outside the marriage, however, it’s disappointing to think he may have cheated on his wife. It isn’t fair to the family.

  7. Dash’s children are all good lucking children. It’s sad that he had a child outside of his marriage. He just had a baby almost 7 months ago! But if his wife is sticking with him despite his cheating then who am I to comment about their marriage. ((Shaking head )) Happy Holidays!

  8. I’m surprised that people are surprised that Damon Dash is a cheater. Really? Are we really surprised about that?

  9. Yep, this kid doesnt necessarily count as “from a previous relationship”. Damon and his wife also have a new born, six months.

  10. Lucky is a handsome little boy. I hope that’s just a nickname. It’s horrible that he had a child outside his marriage. His wife must be very forgiving. Wow.

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