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  1. Hey just to say , i know Young Jezzy isn’t my dad buti really repsect. Anyways i be telling people thats my dad ans they actually believe me. I mean him in my dad look just alike. But i do look up to Jezzy like no lie. But i love you Jezzy in have mad repsect for you , muahhhhh :)!!!

  2. His name is Taderius Dykes. He goes 2 my school Huntington Middle School in Warner robins GA. He tries to act like a thug but he talks so fast and retarded u can’t understand a word he says.

  3. U never 4get where u came from and the struggle . Ur child is the only thing dat is ur’s and cant no1 take dat from u . dats wats wrong wit 2days youth 2 many sperm donnors and not enough fathers cuz of fake ass men thinkin a photo op makes up 4 a lost childhood . And mom has 2 work 2 jobs just 2 make ends meet while daddy 2 busy stacking bread and wonders why jr. dnt smile 4 pics .family u dnt take 4 granted in the long run the money and tha fame will b gone ur FAMILY WILL ALWAYZ BE THERE UNTIL THEY CANT TAKE BEING PUSHED NO MORE

  4. U should be ashamed of yourself!!!

    I understand completely what your son’s mother is going through, I had a similar situation.
    You Know….I am so dam tired of these men/women contributing to making another life, and then want to put all the financial strain on the mother (or the PRIMARY CUSTODIAL PARENT)! I don’t know who this woman has talked to, but if she can get adequate representation (private lawyer), she can sue the sh*t out of his *ss! I know that you might think you can’t afford a private lawyer, but if you look hard enough, some will work pro bono, or not charge a fee up front, because this dude makes a hell of a living, and they know that at the end of the day, they know they will be PAID!!! And before I go….. I know you are not crazy enough to believe that this playr only makes $75,000 a year!! Sweetheart, he probably makes that every month! Think about it;;;;;;;;;; Not only does he make money off of his albums, but he also does alot of colaborations, ringtones, tv appearences, etc. Girl, just find you a good attorney. \\
    And Mr. Jeeeeeeeeeezzzy: u fowl man!!!

  5. i really wish all fathers, dad’s, sperm donors, whichever name that is put upon them, would spend some of that time they do in the clubs makin it rain, and gettin the largest feet put on their whips, and spend that extra time with their children, they’re the future, our future…

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