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A masked Michael Jackson and his son Blanket(born 2002) were photographed at a Beverly Hills medical center yesterday. While at the medical center, Michael signed autographs for fans.




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  1. I seriously don’t understand why people are so judgemental…The man is dead, let him rest in peace and leave his family alone…The media has harmed him and his family enought already…We should only think about all the beautiful things Michael did and how we have lost the greatest entertainer of all times…To those who don’t believe those are Michael’s kids === give me a freaking break === who cares if they weren’t his, all it matters is that he loved them and cared for them like father and now those kids have lost their daddy…for those who have nothing positive to say about MJ, bite your tongue. ==== RIP Michael Jackson =====

  2. Aww Blanket and all MJ’s lovely children are beautiful just like Michael is!! Leave MJ and his children alone and get a life! He is only human and a single father leave him be he is doing a wonderful job with his kids.. MJ RULES…=)

  3. To the mean spirited people of the world…you wake up!
    It’s interesting how when it come to Michael his kids can’t look the way they do and not be his. Honestly that is not fair? No, it is not! Like him or hate him I think it’s disrespectful and narrow minded. I think we’ve seen many biracial children look more caucasion or very dark. Black Celebrity Kids has produced many pictures of mixed race children and their famous parents to make the example clear as glass…stop being hateful, ignorant and ridiculous…..after all he did have these children with a white woman.

  4. you people are pathetic if you hate mj so much have have to convince yourself this is not his child when it obviously is.

  5. Why not? He is also a man and can make babies:D. Like it or not Sha that is the fact. Blanket is cute and Michael is a nice father.

  6. This one is definitely Michael’s- he looks just like Michael did as a boy… with lighter skin, of course :-) He’s a cutie, just Michael was.

  7. It’s a really sad state of affairs that Michael has kept the children so isolated and hidden from public life. I understand his need to protect their privacy, but his methods are definately over the top and surely the children will suffer long term psychological damage as the result.

    • Yes, but look what happened to him. He was keeping his children safe and out of the public eye for good reason. Reasons only he knows.

  8. I was never really sure if his kids were his biologically, but I think he looks like Michael. Wish we could see more of him. Without being covered up. Looks cute!

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