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New data shows that there is an increase in teen birth rates in 26 states. The data not only ndicates that there is an increase in the number of teens having babies, but also show the rate at which the teenagers are having babies.

The federal data — largely from birth certificates — shows widespread statistically significant increases for 2006, the most recent year for which data are available. In the two previous years — from 2004 to 2005 and from 2003 to 2004 — only one state in each year (Tennessee and South Dakota) had a significant increase.

These state-by-state breakdowns add to previously released data from the national center that complete the picture for 2006, a year in which the general fertility rate hit its highest level since 1971 and one that ended a 34% drop in births among women ages 15-19 from 1991 to 2005. In 2006, the teen birth rate increased 3%, to 41.9 births per 1,000 women ages 15-19.

“It occurred among teens 15-17 and 18-19 and among whites, blacks and Hispanics, and now we know it occurred in most of the states,” says Moore, who has tracked teen births for 30 years. “It appears to be quite a general pattern, which makes me think it might not be a blip but a turn-around.”

The highest teen birth rates are in the South and Southwest; Mississippi is highest with 68.4 per 1,000, followed by New Mexico, with a rate of 64.1 and Texas, with 63.1. The lowest rates are in the Northeast. New Hampshire had the fewest teen births with 18.7 per 1,000. Vermont, with 20.8 per 1,000, and Massachusetts, with 21.3 per 1,000, were also low. Decreases were noted in New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia.


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  1. well what I have to say about teen pregnancy is why do they do it?when they have sex they think it’s all good but when they find out their pregnant the hesitate about it trying to figure out how to tell their parnets/parent and wishing that they had of never did it but first thing you have to be carful of what u do and what u wish u can’t change anything that already exist’s. Boy’s don’t even get me started first boy’s is ok with having sex with a girl because their not the one’s getting pregnant in my case it’s ok to like a girl or to like a boy but having sex is going to far y do u think so many teens as well as unmarried adults have hiv aids or std’s and all that because they don’t think they just go and do it to teens i think their thinking of it like mAth first u subtract the clothes and multiply no it’s not that way but u can’t blam teens for that most parents aren’t even explaining to their childrens all the steps during sex because if they did they wouldn’t be so surprised when the find out their pregnant or have a hiv. sex is a beautiful thing because god created it for thoes who are married first so parents are even ok with their childrens having sex. but all i can do is pray for them

  2. What do you expect?
    Dishonest/inaccurate sex ed, no access to birth control, and a culture that encouraged kids to either hide/deny their sexuality. NOt to mention, we live in a culture that glorifies RAPE ( not sex, ppl).

    Parents don’t want to admit their kids freak. That is, they would rather their kids “wait” and know only some biased information. That makes me sad. It really does because sex is a wonderful thing and once someone realizes they want it, They DO IT.

  3. I FULLY agree with Tesha and Jae. We need to stop trying to be “friends” with our kids and start being parents.That doesnt mean they wont make mistakes but let it not be because we didnt guide them. We need to places rules and be able to talk to our kids.Children are not wild animals-they are human beings who crave love,attention and they want to know that you care enough for them to try and protect them. Yes,they have sexual urges but, unlike barnyard animals, they can control them.We should try and focus on teaching them to CONTROL their urges (not banish them) and as AMomma said, we should try to see that they engage in useful activity.That said,the rest is up to GOD!:) Take care, all you great Mums!!

  4. Isnt the south supposed to be quite conservative… compared to other areas in America. So much for family values, all that preaching just goes straight out the window.

    True that AMomma and Tesha, as a parent , one can only do so much with the lessons on pregnancy, STIs, AIDS, self respect etc. The rest is up to them. Its standard that teenagers will want to know or even experiment with it. You have t be open minded with it, I know my mum is, my dad… not so much. Luckily for them and me, I’m not thinkin about that drama

  5. You don’t OWN your kids. You can’t CONTROL your kids. As parents, you are there to GUIDE you kids. They make their own decisions, including those about sex.

    Instead of preaching ‘don’t do it’ (especially to girls) try to give them other things do – like sports and having fun. it’s working so far for me.

  6. I am 20 years old and I am proud to say that I am still a virgin. I did what Tasha said a long time ago and made a promise to myself that I would wait until I was married. I just kept thinking what I would say to God on judgement day when He asked me why I disobeyed Him if I had premarital sex. If I have to die a virign so be it; that was God’s plan for me (though I pray that it isn’t lol).

    Too many people are living in the flesh instead of the spirit.

  7. My opinion of why there is teen pregnancy is because when most of us turn about 10 we gain a mind of our own. Our parents can only guide us. We meet these guys or girls, and then feel a sexual desire to have sex with each other. It’s human nature. But most people will wait until they reach the age of 13 to date and have sex. No it’s not cool and I do believe that parents are trying to keep their kids from having sex. But how can you stop another human being (even your own child) from having sex. You can search their stuff, follow them around, preach to them, hit them, or disown them, but they always find away to do the opposite. They know about the condoms, pills, and other contraception. But when you are in the moment with that person you do what a lot of people (Not all) do, they feel like they can do the pull out method. And that’s where teen pregnancy comes in. Tell the truth even adults people do it. How can we stop this epidemic, by keep preaching and hoping our child, friend, or relative don’t become this statistic. And yes your straight A student can become a statistic. And yes the condom can break, pills might don’t work, but it takes an individual person to say no I do not want to have sex with you because we are not married, “ I want to wait until we married and financially stable” . How I wish that people can plant this in their head. Even if you are that teen or adult who have a kid or kids without the marriage or finance you can keep this in mind so you don’t make that same mistake. I’m going to preach it to myself and my child until God decide to call us home because I refuse to not find love and happiness the right way. And I pray my child grow up and do the same. Hope, and Yes We Can!

  8. I was a young mother and I have no regrets, cause my oldest daughter helped me become the woman/mother I am today.. BUT! I also missed out on SO much. Just the “usual” stuff. College parties. FREE Saturdays. FREE time!! All I can do is hope & pray my daughter doesn’t repeat what I did. I’ve been talking to her about teen pregnancy since she was able to talk pretty much. I want so much for her. I want her to travel, go to college, have money, do things with her friends, etc.. when you have a baby so young, it makes it very difficult to do these things.
    We have to keep talking to our children. And I talk to mine daily about regular struggles, including pregnancy. It’s a tough topic, but as her mother, it’s my JOB!

  9. That’s crazy and sad. It looks like in the South they have nothing better to do than have sex and pop out babies. Or the sun is getting to them, making them do crazy things. LOL Smh… Hopefully things change.

    Sometimes I don’t see why people make a big deal out of it because back a couple centuries ago most women had babies during their teens.It wasn’t a bad thing, but now it is a bad thing. I guess maybe that has to do with the fact that we live longer now, and back than they did…Still they were teens!

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