Actress Shar Jackson and dancer Kevin Federline’s kids have grown up fast. Daughter, Kori, 6, and son, Kaleb,4, were photographed with their dad Kevin on family vacation in northern California over the weekend of January 17th. Shar’s oldest children Donnie and a daughter Cassie are from her first relationship with her high school boyfriend;the youngest kids,however,are from her relationship with Kevin Federline,Britney Spears’ ex-husband.

    Click to see a picture of Shar and kids in 2007 and a recent picture of Kaleb below:

    Click Hereto see more vacation pictures of Kevin and his sons with pop star Britney Spears




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    1. I didn’t think u had 2 b mixed 2 have long hair..My hair is n tha middle of my back but I don’t think it matter’s what Im mixed with… i kno alot of Black pple with natural long hair..

      • Thank you for the comment.
        I don’t know why people think that black people can’t grow long hair. Even though her hair is long, it’s look unkept.

        • I must agree…i am black and have very long hair, naturally…so does the majority of my family including the men. Both of my grand-parents have really long hair and cycle just continues. Doesn’t always have to be a mixed thing.

          • I agree that a person dosen’t have to be mixed for it to be long.. But honestly are you testifying to your own hair length for comparison to others or are you kinda just bragging.. Hmmm

    2. They are mixed with alot of things. Shar is puerto rican, african american,native american and hispanic and kevin is causiacan

      They mixed with all that when make them have long hair

    3. cosign Sheila. People think that women want to be alone raising their kids. Most hope for the best but the reality of it is that not all men want to be married and womens eggs are getting any younger.

    4. You can’t make a man marry you and you can’t wait around for him to want be a father- if she can afford it, what does it matter how many children she has? These days if we wait around for a man to marry us-it just might be a long childless wait.

    5. cute children. but shar needs to get married. i understand 1-2 kids. but these are the third and fourth. britney made kevin marry her.even if it was for a short time. what kind of example is she trying to send? along with track star denise lewis. more kids with no help.thats kind of shameful.

      • how you know britney made him marry her. how you know he is the one who wanted to get married? you see how britney and kevin’s marriage worked out…it led to a messy divorce and custody battle… kids dont need to go through that…

    6. Britney is the star, not Kevin, nor Shar, so naturally the paparazzi take shots of Britney’s kids. Makes sense to me.

    7. I know this isn’t really related but I will admit it kind of bugs me that whenever I see a photo when all 4 are together Shar’s kids are trailing in the back with the nanny and the other 2 are always in the fore front. Or is it just that the paparazzi is only taking pictures of what they consider the money shot?

    8. Shar’s kids are beautiful- HATE Kaleb’s hair, of course, that haircut is so 90’s… but beautiful nonetheless, of course.

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