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    Heidi Klum and son Johan Klum-Samuel took a stroll around a park a park in Beverly Hills. Not pictured are Heidi’s husband Seal and their two kids, Leni and Henry, who were all in atendance for the famiy outing.

    See another picture of Heidi and Johan below.





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    1. Really now. People are so jealous of their love. Try admiring it instead. They are such beautiful people whether their black, white, blue or green. That’s one cute kid!

    2. LOL STACY…I agree with the “keep the swirl going.” That’s how it is. Majority of people are/will be biracial/multiracial. Even the folk that are “full” ethnicity have something else down the line. In America not to far from now OUR nation will be like 70% biracial/multiracial.

      He is too cute and they are one of my favorite celeb fams.

    3. You know people tend to hate on Seal and Heidi for whatever reason: not combing hair, dating a white woman, blah, blah, blah. But they seem to be ALWAYS out doing something with their kids. Not just running from the cameras or going to school, etc. but actually spending real quality time with their kids. I wonder if they only use nannies for special event? i love them.

    4. He is just so adorable. He seems to be the more laid back of the 2 boys. Johan is always with a smile & Henry (a lot of the time) seems upset about something. None the less, they are both really adorable boys & her daughter is equally adorably. I think this is such a beautiful family & they show love to each other as well as the kids. KEEP THE SWIRL GOING GUYS, cause that’s where it’s headed. I love interracial families, maybe b/c that’s what my family consists of.

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