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    Congratulations are in order for singer Bobby Brown and his girlfriend Alicia Etheridge. The Couple are reportedly pregnant with their first child. Alicia, Bobby Brown’s girlfriend/manager, is said to be about four months pregnant.

    Bobby and Alicia have known each other for more than ten years as they started off as business partners and friends. This will be Alicia’s first child and the fifth child for singer Bobby Brown.




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    1. He probably already knew her but sad to say some women don’t have to know a man but a few months & entertain the thought of having a baby.

    2. I wonder if Whitney Houston is hurt because he had to have alredy been having a relationship with her because it is too soon after their divorce

    3. Didn’t know he had 5? he had a kid 5 months prior to Whitney giving birth to their child. go figure.

    4. First off what is he thinking having more kids when he has financial issues? Whitney isn’t there to take care of your kids anymore and I’m a suspicious person by nature, is it just me or does it seem suspicious that his new baby mama has been his ‘friend’ for the past 10yrs? I can’t help but think he’s been with her for more than a while. But whatever, congrats I guess.

    5. This will be his 5th child……………….

      He has 2 son Landon and Bobby J.

      He has 2 girls LaPrince(sp) and Bobby Christina.

      This will be his 5th child.

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