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    Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald and his son Devin Fitzgerald, 1, are pictured at the team’s morning walk through at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training facility Saturday, on  Jan. 31, 2009, in Tampa, Fla. The Cardinals faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, on Sunday.

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    1. One, there are two sides to EVERY story and if you read the articals CORRECTLY you would know that it says, Nazario admits she responded by swinging at him and “may have hit his face.” So initially SHE took the first swing. And IF…IF Larry had put his hands on her (which I doubt) it was probably out of self defense to protect himself and his son for her crazy____!!!! Two, Angela Nazario is NOT white, she’s hispanic! Not that it makes anything any “better” BUT there is a difference btwn a white woman and a hispanic woman…I’m jus sayin’.

    2. FURTHERMORE, Angela is his baby’s mother – not his wife or girlfriend (a separate issue) but all the same, she is not Larry’s first or ONLY love. Trust and believe (as if this is really an issue worth going into) Larry has had relationships with and will probably pursue a woman of character and integrity when he’s ready to settle down with one. He’s allowed to date whoever he wants to, but I know for a fact he does not exclusively date any one race.

      As a Black female, I am sick and tired of how preoccupied my “sistas” get about what our brothers are doing or who they are dating. It’s becoming a sick obsession. Check yourselves (and the facts) before you wreck yourselves (or someone’s reputation).


      You people make me sick! A woman CLAIMS that she was shoved, gets lawyered up, slaps on a restraining order, and goes to the media, and the great gods of TMZ say it’s true, and you eat it up and SLANDER the man. Horrible! Absolutely sick.

      Women like Angela make it that much more difficult to tackle REAL domestic violence issues.

      Larry is a gentleman and man of integrity both ON and OFF the field.

    4. It has only been alleged that there was a altercation between him and his son’s mother. No charges were ever filed and he was never arrested. The incident happened in October and she didn’t request the order of protection until late December. She only has a order of protection, he has never been even questioned about the incident. Being as I have had the pleasure of meeting him several times, I don’t believe the allegations. It seems as if she is just trying to ruin his good name or get more money. As of February they still have no official child support order in place so in my opinion she is just trying to get more support then neccessary. I am glad he got to spend time with his son during such a important point in his career.

    5. yep mixtrymama..and its still more black married couples than Interracial just seem like a lot..because black/white couples stick out more..

    6. Why are black women so preoccupied with black men dating outside the race? It happens! It’s so common where I’m from in the Midwest for black women and white men to date/marry also that I guess I just don’t pay race as much attention as apparently every other part of the country does!
      Is it bothering you because black athletes are RICH and that means they are now obligated to “bring that income into the black community”?
      (By the way, why is anyone worried about a man who beats his wife/girlfriend just because he’s a black athlete with a white woman? Ew, she can have him!)
      What’s wrong with just worrying about finding a good man for yourself, regardless of race, instead of worrying about “that black man over there with a white woman”?
      It just makes me CRINGE to hear other black women talk like that! It makes our whole group seem bitter and desperate, and that’s just not the majority of us!

      • AMEN GURL!!! I’m with you! Get over it already!!! If it makes you that irritated and sick to see a black man with a white woman than go and get yourself a white man in rebellion. Then once you see that no one gives a crap about you or any other interracial couple come back to this site and check yurself. By making these comments you make yourself look just as nasty and ignorant as you claim these black men are just for gettin with a white woman. Do us all a favor and take a long look in the mirror and dont look away until you’ve found some pride.

    7. i was saying to myself that i cant believe larry pic is up there and he just beat up his baby mother. its another article on here where it says he beat down his baby mama. go and read it if yall havent. i dont know larry personally so i dont know what kind of charitable work he does in the community but if he did in fact beat his baby mother up, thats foul as ever because im pretty sure he woulldnt know one hitting his mother or grandmother.

      its so many hypocrites on this site, i laugh so much.

    8. Hey Shawna get the facts right before you sound off. Fitz never hit a woman ever…It’s to bad there are women out there that seem the need to benifit in anyway they can in life…Larry jr is a role model for kids in this country…Oh and I guess I didn’t know that black men are not allowed to date white women..

    9. @ Leah I am not a racist but I ask the same question. I find it interesting that these BLACK men love to claim these children when they are by a light skin or white woman. but I hardly ever see them claim dark black kids and how much their children mean to them. That’s why I respect Obama even though i=he is mixed he went for a beautiful black woman name Michelle and they have beautiful kids. To each his own. Bt I have noticed this so it’s not a secret. It goes both ways. Eddie Murphy don’t want to claim his baby by a black woman half Mel B. Then look at some of these black women in Hollyweird have white men as husbands. So it’s both ways. The Black boys I want call them men, Have it bad.

      • He does not beat woman! My girlfirend dated him for a a number of years and never had any problems but the fact that he was a cheater. I’m just glad he stepped up to claim the boy.

    10. Glad to see he and his baby momma have worked through their issues and he was able to spend time with his son at the SuperBowl.

    11. I really thought he was a brother but, it seems he is just another fake black man. The real brothers are few and far apart.

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