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    On the field, NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year, James Harrison, is an “intense”, “no-nonsense” kind of guy. Off the field, James has also been described as being a bit  “intense”.   Just last year, he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and mother of his son; the charges were later dropped because Harrison agreed to attend anger management classes. It would seem that James’ personality is the same  on and off the field, except when he is playing with his 1-year-old son, James Harrison III.  


    BCK Says:Congrats to the Steelers for winning the Super Bowl!






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    1. His girlfriend is a successful attorney and they met when he was on the practice squad. I highly doubt this relationship is for economic benefit for the person who made the comment “The fact of the matter is, for the amount of interracial relationships that take place once SUCCESS is reached, it’s obvious that it’s not LOVE that is making this relationships.”

    2. I don’t think anyone is being a racist by stating what we are seeing…the media is at fault for not showing black women with their famous husbands or boyfriends (be they black or white)-it is like they think we don’t exist when in truth some of us are in good marriages and are supportive of our men. And it is becoming a trend… this may be off topic but I was watching a movie located on a college campus and in the background all I saw was white females and black and white males. There were no black females to be found…in the whole movie! In reality, the flip side is that you will mostly find more black women on campus then young black men…so take it for what it is-the media lets the public see only what the media wants the public to see.

    3. Solene, you don’t have a CLUE! How unfortunate. One day maybe you will understand. You have totally missed the point. Bless your naive heart.

    4. the percentage of ir marriages and or relationships is not that high. the last time i checked it was maybe 4% if that. the thing is, alot of ppl are so used to seeing celebrities having kids, or marrying outside of their race. but look up the info and yall will find that the number is not that high. and majority of the athletes and celebrities are married to black women, we as the public just dont see it because the media dont take the time out to show them. but hey thats with everything, we as adults have to teach our children about blach historians. schools only teach it during black history month. so instead of focusing on who have kids with females outside their race, teach yall kids that love have no color and choose the correct man or woman for them. celebrities shouldnt be role models for kids, the parents and community leaders should be their role models because the kids see them everyday.

    5. wow, how did i by pass this one, its sad how when celebrities beat their wives,girlfriens or baby mothers they get a pass and charges are dropped if they attend anger management classes. that still dont excuse the fact that someone was a victim of domestic violence. i hope the cycle dont continue in that household. when kids see their parents in domestic violence situations, sometimes the girls will end up in relationships where they think its ok for a guy to hit them. and the boys will think its ok for them to hit their girlfriends. and yes i know alot about this subject.

      i dont care who people have kids with as long as the kids are taken care of, its 2009 get over it already. yes i know i saoid freedom of speech but people cant help who they fall in love with.


      **smh at the other comments**

      The baby is cute. Dude’s an a-hole for abusing his girl though.

    7. Solene, relax, good grief. If you’re involved in a IR, no one is putting you down. Just like “hmmm” said, people are just noticing a trend, okay, so relax for crying out loud. Yeah, he’s cute.

      I told you guys someone would be on here having a coronary over the comments. Sheesh, touchy people.

      Oh, and btw, Solene, it’s not all about love all the time, so please spare us the “we are the world” mess.

    8. The kid is adorable. My comments are not a reflection of his beauty. It’s not even racist. Don’t confuse people noticing a trend with racism. The fact of the matter is, for the amount of interracial relationships that take place once SUCCESS is reached, it’s obvious that it’s not LOVE that is making this relationships. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a trend or a fad. That doesn’t mean that love doesn’t take place, I’m all pro-marriage of any color based on love, but based on economics? NO.

    9. @ sam I could not have said it better, What kind of message does this send to our little black daughters. I have no problem with them dating white and having babies. Just don’t come to the black community when you get in trouble and the white people remind you that you are still black now that you are in trouble.

    10. Not only what message is this sending to black girls, but BLACK BOYS. Now before someone comes on here getting their panties in a bunch, I don’t believe anyone is saying anything bad about IR’s per se, but it’s just an observation. I’m with you, Leah, I love seeing my president with our beautiful First Lady. Contrary to popular belief, I hear that a lot of NBA players are married to sistas.

    11. I’m with you HMMM, KATRINA, WINNIE AND RESSE. When they hit the big time they do not bring a “sista” with them. So sad. What does that say about us as a race? It just keeps the money out of the black community. He’s taking care of this baby’s WHITE mother; therefore, her White family is probably benefiting financially from that too. Wake up Brothas!!!!! That’s why I can appreciate Barack Obama so much. He’s got a sista with him. Maybe these “ignorant” athletes can take a notes from him!

      And WINNIE you are right. The black coach who made history last night, Mike Tomlin, has a very pretty black wife and three kids and they were not shown at all. They never show the black wives or girlfriends. It just pisses me off!

    12. It’s a trend with all sports, not just football,its actors & singers. They are all in the spotlight and that’s what we all see.It’s sad because it is DEFINITELY sending a message to our beautiful black young girls and that message is you are not good enough, pretty enough. I absolutely have nothing against interacial relationships, but when I see trends like this, I get really concerned about the esteem of our girls.

    13. More like they sleep with non-black women and get them knocked up. Larry Fitzgerald demanded a DNA test from his baby momma (a Raiderette cheerleader), and this dude Harrison seems to have anger management issues with his baby momma. Maybe the black women are better off.

    14. He is so cute!! Hopefully those anger management classes help!!!!
      He needs to set a good example to this little boy.

    15. So none of the football players have black kids? I’m not making this statement in reference to them being on the Web site because I see nothing wrong with that OR interracial dating. I just think it’s pretty telling that, yet again, football players don’t marry black women.

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