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    A woman who claims to be a friend to actor Eddie Murphy says she knows why Eddie hasn’t seen his 22 month old daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

    “To see the kid, he’d have to see the mother,” a friend of the Norbit actor, 47 (who has five other children by his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, and two from a previous relationship), tells OK! magazine “Maybe when she’s older, Eddie will see Angel, but not now.”

    See lots of pictures of Angel Iris Brown and her family now

    Singer Melanie Brown has said in the past, “I want Angel to know she has two parents who love her so much,”  but the insider scoffs, “Mel’s a crazy woman. Eddie wants to stay far away from her.”

    Meanwhile, RadarOnline claims that Eddie Murphy and Mel B have settled their differences in court. According to Radar, ” [the] behind-the-scenes battle over money and visitation rights has been ongoing but was recently settled, according to close sources. Eddie will not have custody but will have visitation rights and still believes Mel B manipulated him, even scheduling a C-section so that their baby would be born on his birthday!”




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    1. Mel and Eddie need to grow up, they have a daughter together, if he can see his other kids then he can see Angel, why not be there for your baby because of you and your babymama’s drama, Eddie get your head from up your rear and become a father…

    2. This whole story between the two of them is pitiful! First of all, mothers don’t schedule c-sections, DOCTORS DO! How I know, I had two of them. Any doctor that lets a mother schedule a c-section (somewhere along the line knowing that the mother is ready to pop), doesn’t need to be practicing medicine, period! Eddie and Melanie need to get their priorities together and do what’s best for their daughter, not themselves. They are making this whole custody foolery about themselves, and they are both being selfish. SMH.

    3. Regardless of what the situation is between him and Mel B, that is not the point. The point is there is a child in the picture. If they had done their thing and she never got pregnant, then if they choose not to speak or see each other again then that would be cool. But when a baby is involve, you throw all that bull out the window, put your feelings towards her mother on the back burner and be a father to your child. Choosing to miss out on your children growth is never good or acceptable.

    4. I don’t know the true story of what went down between Eddie and Mel and I don’t care. There is a child involved and Eddie needs to get in her life NOW and not wait until she’s older. If Mel is truly as crazy as Eddie claims, he shouldn’t want Angel to be around her and should be fighting for custody of his daughter. There is absolutely no acceptable excuse for Eddie not to see his daughter. It’s entirely possible for him to form a relationship with his daughter and not have to see Mel. They could use the services of their bodyguards and nannies so they won’t have to see each other. Eddie has always had trouble respecting women. I even wonder if the attitude toward Angel might be slightly different if she was a boy. Maybe, maybe not. At any rate, Eddie Murphy is not a real man and he’s a poor example to all of his daughters and sons.

    5. I wish this hadn’t grown so public even though it did give Mel another 15 minutes of shame in the US and put a quiet Murphy back in the headlines. I couldn’t have been the only one wondering about the timeline considering she was with another guy very, very soon after taking big pockets to court. I wish all the best to beautiful Angel.

      Eddie’s “I Wanna Be Freeee!!” ex made overtures to Mel early on regarding her children’s new sibling. I’m sure it’ll all work out but, shame, shame, Mom and Dad!

    6. i agree @ the end of the day he dont hav 2 like the mom but there are so many ways around the situation other than not seeing your child n if he thought she was madd n crazy then maybe he shoulda worn a condom.. i was gonna say not sex her in the 1st place but well most men will sleep with anyting..even a woman dem na like..

    7. I agree no excuse!Mel does not have a good relationship with her oldest daughter’s father either but he is still in the picture.There are ways to work around that.

    8. NO EXCUSE! He was crazy for having unprotected sex with her. He can have the baby visit him via bodyguard like Britney Spears and K Fraud did. So I am not buying this. What does he tell his daughters when they come to him regarding men and relationships.

    9. Eddie is just making up lame excuses. That’s what mediators are for. There are plenty of people who could drop the baby off with him so that he doesn’t have to see her mother.

    10. I agree with Jae and Teri! He will regret not knowing his daughter. What makes him think she will want to get to know him later in life? Eddie, be a man and….oh wait never mind.

    11. Jae, I hate that too. It’s a lame excuse if you ask me. It’s funny how she didn’t think she was “crazy” when he was between those legs. If this is true, it’s a crying shame and poor Angel is probably not going to want to see him when she gets older.

    12. Mel B and Eddie both needs to grow up.

      Why do we always put so much of the blame on the men, when women can act childish too?

      The father of her 1st daughter had to take her to court for vistation rights.

      We do not know MEL B she can be one of those crazy babymamma, who wants everything her way!

    13. It’s too bad he’s missing out on his daughters LIFE, cause he has an issue with her mom. I hate when men do this! The child is the only one to suffer! He needs to grow up, man up & get over it!!!!
      Get in your child’s life!

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