[Rapper T.I. and son in the latest issue of Blender magazine]

    T.I and his 9-month-old son Major are in the latest issue of Blender magazine. In the issue, T.I. explains his kids names:

    “My kids would be the best representation of what I meant to this Earth. As long as they (are) able to fulfil their dreams, then I did something right. “I want them to have high expectations. Ambition. And what better way than through their names? If people call you King, you’ll expect more of yourself.”

    T.I has six children in all:Sons King and Major with long-term girlfriend and former Xscape singer Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, and three kids, named Domani, Messiah and Deyjah, from previous relationships. He also has a stepdaughter (with Tiny Tameka) named Zonnique.





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    1. Major is an adorable baby, fat and chubby! love those legs, i just want to squeeze him! he is adorable and gawjuss!!! Who cares if he looks like Tiny the fact of the matter is MAJOR is a cutey!

    2. he is so adorable to any who has the nerve to say a baby has unique features you must have a low self esteem your self because you are talkin about a innocent child……personally he is adorable every child is. the only people who talk about the looks of others in a negative way are reall the onnes with unique features…..thats my opinion

    3. it´s a cute picture….and Major is cute…because I find all babies cute…but I´ve seen sweeter babies….I still think he´s major cute….especially with this “doh” look on his face….and the chubbyness….aaaaaaaaaaw

    4. @Lakesha that is MY opinion please respect it. My opinion dosen’t change he looks like tiny’s behind. He has “unique features” like I said in the first place. Tiny has “unique features” as well.

    5. Major is cutie pie! He does favor Tiny more but not as much as King does. I see T.I. in him more than I do King. King looks sooo much like Tiny. I read that the baby girl they lost looked just like T.I. So sad.

      You know those boys, unfortunately, aren’t going to have much height on them. With Tiny being 4’11” and T.I. barely 5’8″ they are more than likely going to be really short men. And it is tough being a short man. But hey! if T.I. manages his money well…. they will be some rich little men and that can DEFINITELY compensate for their height! LOL

    6. Sinnamon are you kidding me–unique–that child is adorable. It’s a baby, honestly what can you find wrong with this child?

    7. This reminds me of Sirr Parker’s (the football player) story behind his name.

      With a name like that regardless of race, background, class everytime the call you by your name they have address you with a certain level of respect.

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