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  1. This looks like a nice family picture. But word is you can put a fork in the Eric Benet – Manuela Testolini relationship, it’s done. Since Eric is interested in someone else and he didn’t want to be cheating (I guess he learned his lesson), he stopped dating Manuela.

  2. @Poet & Mel…lol yes Eric is something—and i mean sum thang…
    also Mel I agree that the current girlfriend does bear resemblance to Old Halle girl…i think its sad that Halle loved his daughter so much that she adopted her but when the marriage disolved…she ended the relationship with India…which by the way is gorgeous
    India you can call me mom cuz i want daddy to call me mommie..lmao

  3. Nobody knows what the true story is weather Halle keeps in touch with India or not we will never know!!! Stop speculating we know nothing of the REAL situation only bits and pieces from the media so some of you shouldnt go on about Halle not wanting to have contact with India because you dont know what there real situation is or the circumstances! anyway his daughter is beautiful, dont like the dress though.

  4. Stop saying what u heard and only what is seen between the lines. The Loudest voice always get heard, but Eric’s silence (on the Halle issue-trashing her in defense of himself) speaks volumes.

  5. I heard Eric was playing hardball with Halle during the breakup. He was limiting Halle’s time with India. If she didn’t pay him alimony. I don’t know if its true. But Halle decided to walk away from the situation. Anyhoo everybody seems happy now. good luck to them all.

  6. I’m not meaning to sound rude but Eric could of done better with this girlfriend of his Manuella…Lemme STOP…

    Eric is still looking sexy as ever and India favors her daddy and Halle….

    The dress seems a bit immature if you’d ask me, I mean the top part is okay but the bottom part just seems childish as of something a little girl would wear…

    I hope India grows to be the beautiful and intelligent young woman that she is…


  7. I read somewhere that Eric said Halle thought it would be better if she did not stay in touch with India. Manuella is Prince’s second ex wife and she didn’t have the baby that died. Prince’s first ex wife had the baby that died at birth and her name is Mayte Garcia.

  8. I totally agree that children should not suffer when 2 people have differences. Life is too short and I believe that time heals all pains. The only way anyone can live a healthy and fulfilled life is to forgive and move on. It seem that both Eric and Halle just did that as they have both moved on and found love again.

    Also, don’t forget that it is also India’s choice to decide whether she wants to keep in touch with Halle.

    Does it really matter who Manuella dated or not as long as both her and Eric are happy and as long as India has accepted her.

    They all look like a very happy family together. The two girls are stunning (I adore India) and Eric as handsome as ever.

    All said and done – it will be nice if they are left alone.

    May they all stay blessed.

  9. One love- Eric and Halle were together for 6+ years. In that time Halle and India got very close. Halle has even said that she considered India her daughter (and I am sure that India considered Halle to be her mother), that IMO is why she should have still seen her.

    From stories from Eric, the poor girl was heartbroken at the seperation (of course Eric has himself to blame). When realtionships end like this I can understand the hurt party walking away from the situation, but there is no need to walk away from the child. She did nothing wrong but is being punished like she did. I am sure that Eric would have allowed Halle to reamin in India’s life and there are ways to do it so that Halle would have no contact with Eric.

    India seems to be doing fine though and I hope that this decision was for the best.

  10. All 3 are stunning! I can’t believe that India is 16. Where has time gone?

    Eric said in an interview that Halle has not stayed in touch with India.

  11. India is such a beautiful little lady and the girl can sing her tale off. Hope she starts a career in the music business. Oh and Eric Benet is a great singer too.

  12. Daughter is very, very pretty. I also wondered if she still has contact w/Halle. Eric’s new girl is the spitting image of Vanity! Amazing.

  13. Was Manuella the one who was pregnant by Prince but the baby had some sorta genetic illness and died? I guess Prince doesn’t want any more children after that.

  14. India is so pretty. I also hope Halle and India keep in touch. Because it would be sad for them to go from a mother daughter relationship to nothing. BTW I hate her dress.

  15. What a pretty girl! I guess cleavage is de rigueur for the teenage set these days (see Jamie Foxx’s daughter).

  16. She really is a gorgeous girl. His girlfriend looks like she could be her biological mother. She looks a lot older than Eric in the face though.

  17. India is absolutely stunning. Dad ain’t too bad either. Manuela used to be married to Prince. Eric definitely has a type doesn’t he? :)

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