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    Actress Halle Berry is gracing the latest cover of Essence magazine. In the March 2009 issue, Halle opens up about her love for her daughter Nahla(almost 11 months old), as well as for Nahla’s dad, Gabriel Aubry.

    On dating a White man:
    “I tried Black men. I tried,” she wails in a mock southern accent. “I married two Black men. You know I tried.” She laughs again before making clear that “I don’t hold all Black males responsible because of the two bad eggs I got. I even dated Black men after my last divorce, but this is just where I found love.”

    On her longevity in Hollywood:
    “Setbacks energize me. They make me realize that I have more work to do.”

    On being a mom:
    “I thought I knew love before, but I never knew anything like this.”

    On going bald for a role:
    “I am shaving it off,” she says. “I know. Here comes the controversy, but I have to do it for the role and it will grow back—I hope.”

    On leaving a legacy for her daughter:”I don’t want my daughter to look back at my work and think, ‘Mom sold out.’ I want to leave a legacy that she can be proud of.”





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    1. to all the comments saying that “she doesn’t have to explain herself on dating a white man , her mom is white and her father black”
      y’ all seem to hint that if this was about a black woman (not biracial) it would be even more…well let’s say unacceptable.

    2. I totally understand why Halle feels like to she needs to keep explaining her love interest. I am in an interracial relationship with a WONDERFUL, AMAZING man. I was looking for love with a man, who happens to be white and I thank God for him everyday. However, I receive the horrible remarks and scrutiny from my own people. When we walk down the street, from family members, etc. It really upsets me that we continue to hate racism towards us, but do it to other people without getting to know them. I always read about love in the bible and I never see anything about it being a color.

    3. As long as she is happy then I am happy for her. Everybody wants to have a genuine, sincere and loving partner. Real love is real love, doesn’t matter what race its coming from.

    4. The interview is in Essence so they probably asked her about dating black men. Anyway I think Halle deserves all the happiness in the world. She has been through a lot.

    5. She’s just talking, but she can date white men if she want to, her Mother is White and her Father is black,
      Whatever Halle, I don’t think she wanted a black men from the start,and she contributed to the break up of those marriages, it’s not the men fault all the time.

    6. Whatever Halle, lol, this is the same broken record. Now that a child is involved hopefully everything turns out right. We don’t need Halle part two in her daughter.

    7. i’m happy halle has found happiness…she should not have to explain why she’s with gabriel…no one asks tiger woods (for example) why he married his wife…

    8. Was the comment about Gabriel an apology or a joke? Either way it wasn’t needed IMO. You fall in love with someone based on their character not skin color. If someone has a problem with that it has nothing to do with you.

      I do wonder one thing though, Halle was raised as a black woman (her words not mine), will she raise Nahla the same way?

      Amy I agree about the short hair. It made Halle fierce!

    9. Hey Get Togetha, this is Sho Ya Right (from Brownsista). Anywho, I second an earlier comment re: Hally being fabulous regardless and not having to explain who she falls in love with. We love you Halle!!

    10. I’m so sick of folks getting mad about halle dating a white man..why do people act as if biracial people are not um……mix

    11. Halle doesn’t have to explain herself on why she is dating a white man and she looks great no matter what hairstyle she is rocking

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