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    Updated on February 10th: Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster, is recovering in a Brazilian hospital after suffering serious complications from a liposuction operation. Read More

    Originally Posted on February 8th: According to AccessHollywood, singer Usher cancelled his Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Award performance on Saturday due to a family emergency. As far as BCK knows, Usher’s children are in good health. However, it is Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster, who is reportedly ill due to cosmetic surgery:

    Tameka [is] in Brazil and has experienced complications from plastic surgery. A neurosurgeon is on the way to South America.  A rep for Usher had no comment at this time.  Josh Groban will fill in for the R&B star at Davis’ annual event.

    Rumors allege that Tameka Foster’s complications may be due to a tummy tuck. Tameka has two sons with singer Usher and recently gave birth to their second son Naviyd Ely Raymond.

    Rumors that Tameka Foster has died have been denied by family members close to the family.




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    1. I don’t agree with getting surgery but do agree with what’s being said on here. Putting yourself in her shoes, this is normal for those that are able to do it. Most celeb mom’s separate from their babies quicker than the average mom (liked to kill me to put my daughter in daycare at 3 months old!) which don’t agree with either but it’s their lifestyle so you’ll have to say the same about them all.

      Secondly as someone said she is a beautiful women but due to societal standards, she gets bashed, in the public view, married to not just a celeb that can have many a woman that he pleases but an attractive one that people don’t find her to be good enough for. Imagine reading this thread alone and seeing someone saying your husband should leave you!!

      So yeah I can see how she’d go there.

    2. She is an older mother. That being said….you can’t just pop out 2 kids back to back and THEN go under the knife. Your health is most important so you can be there for your children. It has taken me a year to “get back to normal” after my c-section.
      I wish her a speedy recovery and nothing but the best.

    3. Tameka is stupid and her priorities were messed up. What happened to exercise? What happened to loving yourself as you are? I have no sympathy for her. She might as well have gone to Mexico for all this bs. She’s stupid.

    4. I agree with Luna 100%. I went to lunch with 4 ladies last year and when someone brought up Usher’s wife, the insults started flying around so wildly,they almost knocked my sandwich off the table LOL. Boy,were they mean. When I asked “why the venum?”, the reasons were based on speculation, gossip and her age. I still don’t understand why they were that upset. She didn’t murder anyone, Gee!

    5. People that say she needs to get her priorities straight well then so does usher because I seen he was in vegas with JD at parties and getting tatted up

    6. Why in the world did she have to go to Brazil to get the surgery? It’s not like there aren’t qualified doctors to do it here? If she wanted a brazilian doctor she should have gone with Dr. Rey from “Dr. 90201″!!!

    7. Firstly, I hope she is OK, not only for her five young children who need a mother, but also because as a young woman i believe she still has a destiny to fulfil. Secondly, i think people need to read between the lines more. Although i agree, in my opinion opting for plastic surgery was not the right thing to do. However since marrying Usher, she has been subjected to public scrutiny, i cant imagine having constant unkind comments about my apperance and marrige all over the internet, maybe this contributed to her feeling the need to do this. Despite everything, i hope she knows she is beautiful how she is. God bless this family x

    8. She has had several children and she’s somewhere around 40 years old. The reality is her body is not going to snap back like a 20 or 25 year old’s would. She’s married to a man that is wanted by millions of women and she knows she’s not the hottest chic out there. It’s very believable that she would run off to another country weeks after having a child to get plastic surgery. She’s trying to hold on to (probably what she feels) is the best thing that ever happened to her. The wives of these celebrity men do things and tolerate things most average women wouldn’t thinking about doing or enduring.

    9. She left her 2-month old, 1-year old, and three other young children to go have plastic surgery in another country? This woman needs to get her priorities in order. She’s not even giving her body time to bounce back from the pregnancy. I hope she’s okay but still.

    10. well!!I can hear what all of u r saying,but my question is;what is usher still doing with this women? she is totaly wrong for him and she is damaging his career.PLs usher leave that woman and take of them babies PLs.

    11. I heard that brazil is the number 1 place for surgeries. THere is a lot of unregulated surgeries going on in the USA all the time

    12. NOW, I may be wrong, but if you just had a baby less then 6 weeks ago & you run off to “Brazil” to get cosmetic surgery, where are your priorties. We have heard time & time again there can be complecations, after all this is SURGERY!!!! ie. DONDA WEST

      I wish her health, but it goes to show the content of her character, I will not judge, but if this women is willing to risk leaving her “YOUNG” children without a mother for something is “NOT LIFE THREATING”,,,but mearly physical.

    13. Oh, the life of the superficial. Plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons… give me a break! I don’t wish any bad luck on her; but, I don’t feel sorry for her either. She knew the risks and still decided to take them in the name of a tiny waist and small stomach. Whatever happened to good old fashioned exercise, diet and appreciation for one’s body? Some women aren’t blessed with the ability to have children and would pay unspeakable sums of money to have that post-baby body (with baby in tow, of course). I’m wondering who was putting the pressure on her: was it self-inflicted, from Usher, societal or a combination of the three. I guess we’ll never know.

    14. You right she should have done it the old fashion way because now she could possibly loose her life. I just don’t think it’s worth it. I mean that’s just lazy. Money could buy it but could it heal it.

    15. To each his own but I will never understand why people who aren’t good candidates for plastic surgery opt to go under the knife. Some doctors frown upon NECESSARY surgeries due to the complications. So, why one who is physically unqualified for a cosmetic surgery, (I.E. just giving birth a few months ago, having high blood pressure) chooses to have a procedure to fix some unsightly part of their body continues to stump me. But I am with ‘g’ on this one. As much as I don’t understand it, I don’t wish any bad health upon anyone who makes this choice.

    16. I hope everything’s okay for her. I’d be scared to have surgery outside of the U.S. I’m not saying that being here is a guarantee (Donda West), but I would think it would be more regulated. I don’t know, but I wish them well.

    17. Now I’m not a fan of the woman but I don’t want her to be hurt. But I’m wondering why she had to have a tummy tuck anyway. One she looks fine, and two she is young enough to get her body back through diet and excercise. Usher has money for a trainer. There’s never a reason to go under the knife uneccesarily, too much risk.

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