R&B crooner, Tyrese Gibson, is pictured with his daughter Shayla Somer. Looks like Shayla has grown up to be a cute little girl(see baby pictures below). Tyrese and his wife Norma welcomed Shayla on July 11th, 2007. 

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    1. Tyrese is so fine! And I didn’t even know he was married or had a daughter! And it’s crazy cause little mama has my name! And she’s so adorable! God Bless Ty!

    2. bellazon, AMEN!
      people are so quick to assume a woman is lying an cheating jus cos they baby might be light.
      if u ask me i think she favours him a lot its jus that she light.
      babies come out all different colours no matter who the parent are, a friend of my mother family, a white couple had a black child, dna proved it was both of theirs, the man was ready to kill her wen it came out but it was prove to be his.

    3. I think a few people on this blog might want to read up on genetics. Genetic information passed from parent to child won’t always produce carbon copies of themselvs like spike Lee and family.

      Randomly selected genes from both mum and dad can produce a range of phenotypes outside the original copy. The child could inherit features from other immediates relatives. I don’t think its important to have a mini me to leave to the world as it is to have a heathly happy child. His little girl looks well loved and thats good enough for me

    4. She is beautiful! Though, I met Tyrese in a Chicago airport 2yrs ago standing in line at a bagel place (no one else even noticed him) and he was a complete jerk. Immediately was over him.

    5. what a cutie..and no Naija Gal you’re not alone. I was like ‘wife?!, he’s married?!’ I think I remember hearing about kids, he has another child right.

    6. Naija (love that name by the way) I didn’t know either lol.

      She is such a cute little thing. Love the photo of her an Tyrese.

    7. I’m so sick of these kids that look nothing like the daddy, what the HELL???? We don’t know if that baby belongs to him, they looks like day and night.

    8. she’s cute. she must look like her mommy (not sayin Tyrese is not handsome, she just doesn’t resemble him)

    9. Um, was I the ONLY one who didn’t know that he was married…and a father????

      Hmph, I need to get my head out of these books.

      Cute pics!

    10. Go Tyrese!! She is so cute. It’s so heartwarming to see a father and babygirl interacting. It paints a beautiful picture of even more hope for strong black families..

    11. What a beautiful picture. It’s great to see Tyrese interacting with his pretty baby girl. She is adorable. It’s so wonderful to see fathers with their children but especially more black fathers with their children in this day and age. Go Tyrese!!!!!

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