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     In the Hot seat: Nicole Ari Parker-Kodjoe


    • Nicole wore this “maternity” looking dress to an event this past weekend.
    • Last year, Nicole was rumored to be pregnant, but the rumors ended up not being true.
    • In December 2008, Nicole in a chat with members on, said that she and Boris are not expecting.

    So is she or isn’t Pregnant?

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    1. ooh forgot to mention..Nicole’s hair is killing it. She looks sharp, age appropriate yet still sexy.
      I think the short styles work so much better for most women, especially of a certain age. i.e.-I don’t think long hair has ever really complimented the facial features of women like Halle BErry or Toni Braxton.

    2. Love this couple, and I hope they’re pregnant again..cuz that would be a blessing.

      missLady-I definitely go for those dresses when Ive been eating up a storm and not exercising the way I should. But yeah, you inevitably get the preg-o look.

    3. She’s pregnant, congrats!!! She looks beautiful, but let’s be honest.. I don’t care how cute the dress is, no one goes for the big billowy wide look on purpose.

    4. I think it’s just her dress but if they are I’m sure they’ll let us know. I don’t recall them keeping either of their pregnancies a secret.

    5. Well is she is, then congrats her husband is fione.

      It might just be the style of the dress, those babydoll dresses make you look pregnant.

    6. Most tops and dresses are like that now (which I hate) because I dont want to look like I’m pregnant at my age but I’ve read on some other websites that they are expecting their third child. Only time will tell.

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