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    Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has nothing but high praises for his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons. The father to Kimora’s two daughters, Ming and Aoki, says that Kimora will be a wonderful mother to her unborn child with actor Djimon Hounsou. Russell is convinced that Kimora will be a great mom because their daughters Ming and Aoki are so  “well-behaved”.

    He tells OK! magazine, “She’s an excellent mother, and I’m inspired by the way she’s raising our children. They are well-behaved and well-spoken. They are always well-groomed.”

    Russell and Kimora officially divorced in January 2009. Kimora Lee Simmons has sole legal and physical custody Ming, 9, and Aoki, 6.





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    1. i think his brothers children (rev run) are very well ehaved and grounded, yes they have their strops but they ar enver ever rude or disresprtful to their parents. Rev and jus are ery grounded and have good family values despite of what they have, you dont see a whole bunch of maids, hired help etc running around their house…

      as for kimora omg and russ omg i cant even elieve they are from the same family, i do think they love their daughters but the girls always seem to be with the chef, assistant, stylist etc it seems like they are riased by the help..

      but it hink djimon will be a very hands on dad at first it hought he was way to laid back and chilled to e with kimora (she seems high maitnenace) but he seems very strong willed and i am sure he will take a head of house role and look after them all and keep his new baby mama in check too loool i cannot se eher having any hissy fits with him loool

    2. I think this as OTHER issues is being taken out of text. We only see 30 minutes of these girls lives a week IF that so how can we judge anything from that. They are typical children with individual personalities. And to be treated as such. Ming is reserved and Aoki is OUTSPOKEN…SO BE IT! Everyone has a sibling like that..I know I do. Just because she allows her kids to speak doesn’t make them unbehaved…GHEEZ PEOPLE!!Is Kimora ever gonna do anything right in your eyes? She’s not black enough, too materialistic, don’t discipline her kids (ENOUGH FOR YOU)..the list goes on and on!!

    3. Oh yeah! Kids want to be normal kids, I don’t think these girls enjoy all the attention and TV camera’s in their face as much as one would think. KIds want a normal life without all the drama. Tori Spelling who’s Dad was one of the richest men in Hollyweired, All she wanted was a normal life like the rest of the kids that went to school with her. Her Mother would have her driven to school in a stretch limo, come on, while all the other kids parents would bring them to school. I since Kimora’ daughter will always seek attention from others, because they are always hanging out with adults and camera’s in the face.

      Ming ling did what she see’s her Mother do when the camera is rolling. Act out.

    4. @ Tamara , i do pick up books and read, and I read to my 3 year old. 3 year old, The bottom line is this Kimora’s girls will be just like their Mommy and Daddy, for the most part. You can see the drama in aoki lee’s behavior is like her Mother’s. Like I said before I wish them all well, I am going to wait and let time tell me. five to six more years, bCK I want you to still be around and post an update on the kids.

    5. I totally agree with alot of the post on her about forgetting that these are typical children. So many of you are quick to make a critical judgement. Despite who they are or who their parents are these are still let them BE!! Not one of us knows the Simmons personally..yeah it is JYO but DAMN! BLACKS will always be in the SLUM because we know no better. We can’t embrace that we have parents that actually care for their kids and want better for them. Hats off to Kimora for showing the IGNORANT BLACKS that you can rise above STUPIDITY!!

    6. Yeh, I don’t get it- everyone talks about how bad these kids are. I just don’t get it- which kids are you watching? Kimora’s kids- Ming and Aoki- are good kids, from what I’ve seen of the show. Of course you can’t possibly know what they are really like from the little that they show us, but from what I’ve seen, they are well-behaved, well-provided-for KIDS, nothing more. The little one is a ham- so what??? How many kids do you know that are hams, that like attention? A lot are like that, and I think her parents recognize it and just let her be. I’ve seen Kimor discipline Aoki on more than one occasion, and Ming bosses her too. They act like two typical kids, I really don’t see the misbehavior everyone so harps on.

    7. What is wrong with most of you people? How many ways and times will you disrespect this little girl? Far too many of you on this site seem to be devoid of compassion and REMEMBERANCE of what it is to be a six year old. Maybe some of you had your zest for life, spunk and child-like spirit beaten out of you… Nonetheless , both girls have quite age-appropriate behavior; Aoki is free- spirited and fun-loving(like my six year old daughter), Ming is a bit more quiet/reserved (as is my ten year old). Where is the crime in individuality and allowing our children to be themselves?

    8. The little one is so annoying and irritating..she is an attention seeker and she needs to know how to behave in public..look at Sasha Obama!!

    9. omg, leave Kimora and her family alone. Her girls act like her if that’s a problem…… tell me why you like Kimora? What made you interested in her? I bet 98% of you will say because of her style and attitude… she wouldn’t be Kimora without it!!!! Duh, her girls are just like her… get over it!!!

      By the way black folks…how many of you pick up a book (educational book) and put this much emphasis in it.

      Better yet, let’s all leave Kimora and her family alone… build a study group so we as black people can build profitable business in this world and help each other get out of the slum.

    10. Time will tell what kind of parent Kimora and Russell were, Time give it time. The girls are cute, but cute will only get you so far in this world these days. In the words of judge Judy Beauty fades.

    11. It is so funny how you people can judge Kimora on wether or not she is a good mother. Dont none of you know her or her kids, and you really cant judge the kids. They act like Kids! Aoki acts like a 6 year old. She is a little spunky and likes attention and have a lil DIVA side to her. So what. Who are you to judge. Thats her personality. How can you even think about comparing them to Paris and Nicole hilton.

    12. I suspect people are incensed over the criticism over Aoki’s behavior on the television show because of who her parents are. I don’t know if Kimora is a good mom or not. I don’t know her or her family. If Russ says she is, then, hey, whatever. I guess if your child is well-dressed and hair always combed, you are parent of the year. I don’t care what anyone says, the way that little girl was behaving was inappropriate. Of course kids will be kids, but that’s why they have parents to teach them how to act in public (unless it was scripted). Ya’ll know good and well when you see a child misbehave in the store or on the street, you shake your head asking why mama and/or daddy doesn’t put their child in check. It’s not the child’s fault. I guess because they beautiful, well-dressed, well-groomed children, we ohhh and awww and people think it’s cute. JMO.

    13. It’s amazing adults are criticizing 2 young chidlren. Keep in mind that you only know what you see on tv, and you cant believe everything you see on camera. Half of that stuff is scripted. They are living in the limelight so every aspect is going to be magnified and made a big deal of. Let them be kids. Let them enjoy the life they have and to each his own.

    14. I believe people are way too hard on these little girls, after all they are just that “little girls!” Of course I dont know Kimora personally, but from what I see on her show she is an excellent mom. She tries to teach those girls the value of work buy making them work. Yeah they are some lil diva just like mom, but my 9 year old is too a carbon copy of me. It is also good to hear an ex speaking well about the mother of his children. Way to go Russell and Kimora for being great parents and mature ex’s.

    15. I surprised he has time to notice their behavior, cause it seems he has a very active social life ( a different chick every other week as his date to events lately); maybe it’s a mid life crisis or he just enjoying being single again.

      Of course her girls are well groomed they have a hair hairstylist, and stylist to groom and dress them; she probably just gives her final approval on their outfits ( at least that how it appears on her TV show).

      I guess she is encouraging them to speak up and and be strong young ladies; but there is a time a place for everything and in public on stage ect. they should act like young ladies and tone it down a little.

    16. Being well groomed, well dressed and hair done does not mean she is a good mother it just means she has money to afford that for her kids. There attitudes are still way below what they should be. The next paris and nicole hilton.?

    17. YOU people kill me! you see a tv show and that determines whether or not Kimora is a good mother? Get the phuck out of here! You have got to be kidding me! I bet if she beat the shyt out of those kids you would be giving her high marks and she’d be the BEST mother next to Benita Jacks (you do remember her right? she killed her 4 kids and left their dead, rotting bodies in the house WITH HER)!!! Some of us REAL MOTHERS don’t have to beat our kids. We just give them a look a they know to staighten up! I see BLACK IGNORANCE is still in effect! Hats off to Kimora to raising 2 BLACK, RESPECTABLE, WELL DRESSED, ALWAYS GROOMED, oh and let us NOT forget HAIR ALWAYS DONE, little GIRLS!!

    18. Just because they are divas doesn’t mean they are bad, don’t listen and disrespect their parents. Yall need to stop talking about this mans kids.

    19. HA! Ok, Russell. We ALL know that you are just trying to butter up Kimora so she can get the Judge to reduce your $$$$ child support payments. You’re a smart man–you know that once baby #3 comes for Kimora, Sexy chocolate will be providing for Kimora and his child plus your girls(IT TAKES A REAL MAN TO TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN THAT ARENT HIS) Now’s a good time to petition the courts since their is another man in the house… I’m on to you Russ, my sorority sisters are married to your type,lol

      Oh and another thing: Yes, the girls are always well groomed as in hair combed, clothes matching, looking like adorable age appropriate children. But well behaved? You’re reaching.
      Unquestionably Kimora loves her girls, but whether she disciplines them is another issue.

    20. I think Kimora really loves her girls, despite the fact that they are definitely a couple of mini divas and may be a little too “grown” in terms of their individual attitudes. They are always well-groomed, that’s a fact…after all, their mother is a (former?) model and also a fashionista of many sorts. The girls are still young, and while it is important to mold them at such a young age, they are also in the process of growing and learning more about themselves. Let’s just hope that good morals, a steady homelife and a touch a spiritual guidance, whatever their religion may be, will cause them to develop into strong women of good standard and exceptional character.

    21. This is hilarious, he can not be serious that he thinks both his girls are well behaved and don’t even get me started on the fact that he thinks Kimora is an excellent mother.

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