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    Samar Riley wants you to know that he has been rapping and dancing since he was a little bitty baby. Three-year-old Samar Riley, who is the son of music producer Teddy Riley, is a budding young artist in the making.

    Watch as Samar’s family talks about their “budding artist”
    Watch as a two-year-old Samar raps




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      • well i no u just turned 4444444444!!!!happy late b day i would have came but i had to work so i left the A right be4 the party started i hope to be at the next one!!!!!love always family……..

    1. also he can read count and speak other languages lol music is just in his blood so dont hate on my lil brother because he has a natural thing for msuic

    2. He’s a cute kid but I have mixed feels about his songs.

      Just discovered his dad is Teddy Riley, and now it all makes sense…

    3. I am not a fan of rap music. I like some rap songs (Run away love by Ludacris, Brenda’s got a baby by Tupac… songs like that) but I’d rather listen to R&B.

      That aside, this little boy is too cute for words! I watched a few minutes of some of his videos and he is such a ham! I never got to the actual rap but I did hear him beat box, really good for a baby.

      And yes he can count lol. :)

    4. Brooks, I’ve been saying this all along. I don’t understand it. I mean, brag if your child can read, write, or do mathematics. Is this our only claim to fame?

    5. Surprised that a grown man would exploit & encourage this type of behavior from his baby… Is this all we can inspire for our children to be rappers & ball players. We gotta do better.

    6. I would be more impressed if this cute little toddler had been reading and learning to count numbers than rapping. Priorities people.

    7. Cute boy but I have mixed feelings.

      Exposing him to the harsh lyrics of rap at such a young age (you all can’t deny rap lyrics unless we are talking about positive and up lifting lyrics) vs. his father encouraging his talent.

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