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    A source exclusively tells Blackcelebkids.com that Kimora Lee Simmons is six months pregnant and is having a baby boy! This is joyous news for the mom who already has two daughters, Ming,6, and Aoki,9:

    “Kimora is having a baby boy! She is due in twelve weeks and is ecstatic that she will be having her first boy. Both mom and baby are healthy.”

    Our source also tells BCK that Kimora and Djimon Hounsou are married, but BCK will wait for confirmation from the couple about their marital status or lack thereof.





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    1. Kimora is the best parent and PERSON,, who cares if her baby is blk white or GREEN!!!!! its a Human Race to me so stop already!!!!! Today is the anniversary of my 1 and only sons death do U think I care about what color he is or any of that HHHHHEEEELLLLLLL NO!! ijust wish he was here. is that all people care about today is COLOR?? Get Real People let her name him or do what ever she wants it is a free country Uknow that all we worry about today is whats his name what color will he be hope hes black nope hope he looks oriental he is going to look like himself what ever God wants him to be and grrow up to be a smart healthy beautiful Boy!!!!! GOD BLESS U KIMORA AND FAMILY. XOXO Cheri

    2. The name that they pick is definately going to be interresting. The girls have asain names so now what? He is African so he may want his son to have a name within his culture. Kimora is over powering though, she want want it her way and name the boy an asain name so I guess we will have to wait and see.

    3. congrats to them both, they look so happy, Kimmora is Divorced from Russell, life still goes on, I think she is entitled to find love again, aren’t we all. I think they make a beautiful couple, let’s be happy for them love is magical.

    4. @naiyaJ I think Djimon is handsome. I dont like how hear has a grey beard tho.

      @vagabond I find your comment EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE!
      ‘cute but nada special’ ? GTFU !
      Ming has the Asian eyes while Aoki looks like her Dad & has his eyes.
      Vagabond Davotchka Says: February 20th, 2009 at 10:43 am
      My guess is that it will look… Cute but nothing special really – black folks look like that all the time.

      U have seen Afro Asian offspring:
      Kimora is 1/2 korean(M) & 1/2 afrAm(D)
      Chanel Iman is 1/2 asian(M) & 1/2 AfrAm(D)
      Tyson Beckfor is panamania, jamaican & chinese.

      ..or do u mean bc Djimon is directly from Benin, West Afrika?

      @KiKi: Yea K did start dating Djiom while still married, however she was seperated & had filed 4 divorce(26Mar6).
      & Russ dated then 24yr old model model Porshcla Coleman (born 1982) until the end of 06, while still married.

      @msl007: They’ve been @ all the events as Feb is the month of the grammys, all the movie awards(Djimon), plus fashion week(K).

    5. Glad it’s a boy, it should be interesting to see how he turns out and interesting to see what kind of name they pic. I’m thinking it’ll be something Asian as the first name, but than again maybe Djimon wins and it is an African first name.


    7. They always look so smitten with one another, and seem to balance each other out. I wish them continued happiness and I know that little boy’s gonna be such a cutie.

    8. LMAO @ Kiki. I believe Kimora and Russell divorced a while ago. Anyway if Kimora’s baby is a boy, I think he will either look like Tyson Beckford (Supermodel) or Will Demps (NFL player). :)

    9. Mel, Ming and Aoki are African-Asian. I just consider them black though since they are technically only 1/4 Asian. Just as I consider the Obama girls black even though they have a white grandmother.

      I wish them all the best but I still feel that it sends a very bad message to kids to be married to one man and pregnant by another. It’s just wrong!

    10. I cant wait to see the baby with all the interracial mixing now this will be an interesting combination as I’ve never seen an Afrian-Asian offspring.

    11. LisaLisa, I too can see this kid modeling in the years to come. He is def going to be a cutie and just as his sisters have, he will probably walking down runways at an early age. I also the oldest girl (Ming?) modeling. She has such pose and is very graceful for her age. But Ms. Aoki seems like a business woman. I see her behind the scenes making that money.

      And I think Djimon is very attractive. Tall, dark and handsome just as I like them. Being African, his features are a little stronger than African American males who more than likely have been mixed with other races more than Djimon has, if he has at all. But as someone else, based on looks alone, I would def date him. And I too loved him in beauty shop.

    12. I think he will look like Tyson Beckford! Hopefully he will be tall like Mom, dark like dad with hints of Asian. Can you say model material? I hope I am around in twenty years to see him model. A true heartbreaker in the making!

    13. OOh good question Blue. Maybe his first name will something strong (African) and his middle will be something meaningful (Asian). Now I’m anxious for her to have the baby just so I can hear the name. LOL

      I’m also happy she’s having a baby. I heard her speak about wanting a boy in the past when she was still with Russell so this is definitely good news. I’m sure she’s over joyed. Aoki and Ming are probably going to eat him up.

    14. Congrats to them! I can’t wait to see this baby and hear the name…I wonder if it will be Asian or African…or both?

    15. Am I the only one that doesn’t find Djimon the least bit attractive. I just dont see it.

      Newho I am happy for them. I wonder how a lil boy is going to blend in with the mix they have going on. YOu know the clothes that Kimora and the kids where are never in stores. I might buy it if they were but the selections I see now are not to my liking.

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