Norma Mitchell Gibson, the estranged wife of singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, has filed court documents asking for an amendment in child support for the couple’s 19-month-old daughter, Shayla Gibson. In addition to child support, Norma is seeking spousal support as well as compensation for her attorney.

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    According to court documents filed on January 29th, 2009,  Norma currently receives a $5,000 dollar monthly stipend, as well as payments on an apartment and a leased car. Norma, however, claims that the current stipend isn’t enough to take care of her and  Shayla.  At times, Norma alleges, she has to borrow money from friends to pay for groceries and diapers for Shayla. Moreover, Shayla requires $350 outfits that can’t be worn twice per her dad Tyrese’s request.

    Norma admits that she is unemployed and has no “employable” skills other than being a  wife and a mother.  Mitchell makes a number of other claims in the court-filed documents. One such claim is that Tyrese has been an absentee-father.

    The couple married December 2nd 2007 and filed for divorce 10 months later and have since been separated. Though the couple have a prenuptial agreement, Norma claims that she signed the agreement under “duress and coercion”

    Click Here to read the full court document, provided by 8/26 starts the “ball rolling”




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    1. A colleague of mine encouraged me to take a look at this website several weeks ago, since we both appreciate precisely the same stuff and I must say I am truly stunned.

    2. There are some interesting points in time in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well

    3. Women like her make it hard for the rest of us. I’m a full time student (trying to better myself So that I will have skills to get a job), working part time as a graduate assistant and all I receive is $350 a month. Getting use to a life style is a sad excuse to sit on your butt and do nothing to help yourself. The money she is spending filing court papers she could be using to buy food and diapers. I don’t get free rent or a car and I make it on $350 a month. What values is she teaching her child. Get up and be a parent yourself!!!! Women like her are why men complain about paying anything at all. An 18 month old has no business wearing $350 outfits even if her father requested it. Common since would say if you can’t buy the baby food and diapers then you shouldn’t be buying expensive clothes. Get real!!! Get a job and Get a life!!!!!

    4. As a man it’s only right that he takes care of his “child”! But I don’t feel sorry for her. No one is in control of your life but you. So just because they started a relationship, meant she should stop pursuing her goals? She saw $$$ signs & forgot all about that. There are plenty of colleges out here (even online). She should have continued her education. If he was gone for days at a time when they got into it, she had nothing but time on her hands that she didn’t utilize. That should have been a warning sign to put a plan in motion (quick). You see he divorced her because she probably didn’t care what they were going through as long as he was footing the bill. If she really had that much going on in her life before he stole her from England (lol). She would not have given it all up so easy. She knew when she came over here on a visa, it was temp. I guess marriage was suppose to seal the deal. Pay a visit to the immigration office & tell them that sad story! Grown folks need to be more responsible for their own lives (men & women)! Stop allowing people to walk into your life & hender you from being everything you can be. Especailly women that get with these stars. I’m sure the glam can side track you. You want to trust your man but have a back up plan. What if the marriage was still going good but his career had gone down hill & they had no savings? How would they have survived than? Would she had stepped up to the plate or ran fast as hell in the other direction? Use some of that money he’s giving you for shopping & start your own little business or something. They have women coming at these men left & right. If you’re a loser…don’t think you can’t be replaced by several other losers! There’s always someone out there that can do an extra special trick better than you when that’s all you have to offer. A pretty face/body can only get you so far ladies. Remember that!

      • Wow Realist..

        I was going to leave my own comment until I reached yours.. U said everything I was going to say and then some! I second your words. U must be a Cap lol! Excellent.. Folks take heed.

      • Yes I wholeheartedly agree w/both urself and blackbeauty32. Although noone but the involved know what the marriage was based on (they cud very well have been in love) the fact still remains that it ended and they signed a pre-nup. Yes, Norma prob is living above her means, she got used to it. But she didn’t think of her future. Apparently, she thought their marriage wud last. I have fam who married non-americans and they did all that they cud (as quickly as possible) to get citizenship so that they cud work. And trust me, its an expensive process and my fams far from rich! Norma n Tyrese cud have done the same. As far as 5 grand a month? I barely make $500 a month right now! I dont have any kids but she’s gettin her note paid and her living expenses? That money is just for spending! Wow! They were married less than a year, you mean 2 tell me u got used to living off of more than 5k a month in that short pd of time?! crazy. Sis needs 2 take sum cpr classes n start a daycare if she wants xtra cash!

    5. Norma is in a sticky situation. She can’t work because of her immigration status and she has no family support networks in the US.
      If she tries to go home with her child the move could be blocked. What else is she suppose to do? Tyrese should do the honarable thing and let her go home with her child so that she can get the support she needs from family and friends who truly care about her. This is a persons life and it is not right to play with people like that. he needs to remember she gave up everything for him, so treat her better than that.

    6. Alright you airheads. Evidently you didn’t read everything. She is hear on a Visa and unable to work because of her immigration status. She is unable to obtain a work visa. She is from England. If she tried to leave and go back home, Tyrese would definintely take the child away from her. Between a rock and a hard place seems a bit worse for her. Give her a break and get your facts straight first. He (Tyrese) took her away from her home and she was attending college before becoming his wife. It seems to me he took advantage of her with his star status. Get a grip please.

      • Okay really people with all the women in this country who get no support for their children this chick needs to get a job and a grip…regardless if she was in college or not she knew what she was getting into. She got beaten up by Tyrese before she even had that baby…or did no one else hear about that, she knew he had plenty of money and she decided that even with phsyical abuse the “relationship” was worth it. As a single mother who happens to work full-time and is also a full-time student this sickens me.

        Maybe if he fought her tooth and nail and got sole custody of their child he’d be the hero, because he wants to keep his money he is the bad guy. This isn’t child support that she is receiving its lazy adult support.

        What woman can’t take care of a 19 month old on 5k…selfish greedy ones that’s who. See he got what he deserves for marryng her and she is getting what she deserves by having to settle for pennies. He could have married a girl from the states and he would not have had this issue well maybe so but in any case…she should have looked at the case log history for these types of cases. 50 cent, Young Jeezy, Dame Dash, R. Kelly. She didn’t read the fine print of the pre-nup and wants to walk away taken care of for life after 10 months of marriage. Every child deserves to be taken care of by both parents equally if he had 50/50 custody this would be a moot point.

        The only person in this situation that I feel sorry for is the little girl..growing up with parents who treat each other badly, a gold -digging mother, a father who is verbally abusive to her mother. She will need a ton of therapy.

    7. Leave it to a “Housewife” to defend this BS. This chick needs to get some skills and get a job. She said the only thing she knows how to do is be a mother and a housewife. And this child is only 19 months old…So was she a housewife in training all her life? Judges need to read through the BS and make these women pay for their own mistakes when they seek the easy paycheck.

    8. i cant beleive what im reading. whatever happened to real men taking care of their family. just because tyrese probably decided to leave that’s his problem, but in the mean time he needs to live up to his responibility and take care of his family. sowhat shes a housewife dont hate because she doesnt work outside of the home,that doesnt make her less than he is just because he got lucky and became a so-called artist and really what has he done lately. and for you irene you should be ashamed of yourself as woman to imply that men shouldn’t work so they dont have to pay child support, is irresponsible. how dare you

    9. she is not smart at all.. she should have been stashing some of that money every time they had a fall out lol…

      thats a old trick lol… “just being bad lol”

    10. You would hope this dudes wit all this money would get a chick from the GHETTO! they just do know they would appreciate them more! Ole girl need to get a JOB!

    11. Contrary to popular belief that men get fleeced in divorce proceedings. Women come off worst according to stats they are more likely to be poorer after divorce, men’s income increases by 25%.

      I find it rather creepy when celebrity men get divorced their wives suddenly become gold diggers when it comes to dividing marital assets. It shows that our sexism “its the woman fault” has not gone away, unless he is out right cruel (Eddie and Angel Murphy) We, even most women will lay the blame at the feet of the woman Esp black community “what did Rhianna do to MAKE CHRIS BROWN BEAT HER UP”
      The break down of any marriage is very sad especially for the children. I hope they put thier interest first.

    12. Why in the heck? are women in these days and time, thinking that being a housewife is a option lol..this is not the 50’s and 60’s..those broads need to get off their too good to work behinds and go to school..Honey we in a recession lol..

    13. Gee… I agree I think she needs to work ; it does not have to be a “fancy” job but she needs to understand that as a “parent” (provider to another life) it is “also” her job to contribute not just Tyrees . And if he is not around then how does he know what she is wearing or not wearing sounds like he sees her to know that. Who can not make it on 5k a month with your apt and car being paid for ? Greed ….

    14. Its so sad to see gold digging women continue to try to live beyond their means once a marriage goes sour. The sad part is Tyrese may have bank but gosh who really can’t live off of 5k a month. She better start shopping for her daughter at Children’s Place, The Gap, Gymboree, etc with some coupons. Some women are just sickening. Plus, she signed a pre-nup so a lot of good that’s going to do her they have her signature already. There’s no going back after that oh she was under duress what a crock of crap.

      Get it together Norma & stop digging for gold your cash cow is gone! Go out & make your own way instead of wanting to lay back & not work a 9 – 5.

    15. Wowwwwwwww!! This page is full of custody battles and crap. Smh… People don’t know how to get along these days. Beautiful little girl.

    16. Norma should get all that she ask for. She has been a good wife and mother to that lying – two timing Tyrese. Shame on him

    17. Women like her are pathetic…get your ass a job and take care of you and your child!!! To ask for $350 a month for an outfit is ridiculous. I wouldn’t give her anymore than she is already receiving.

    18. what $350 outfit can an infant wear i mean really??? Who’s gonna know how much your child’s outfit cost but you. They need to be focusing on saving money for college for the damn child!

      • I feel that no baby clothes would be $350 maybe its not the baby that she is shopping for maybeshes spending $350 dollars on her clothes and 5000 dollars for rent she should be greatful for getting that. What she needs to do is stop trying to break tyrese and be there forhum and stand beside him and be a good wife instead of complaining atlease he thinks about her enough to even include her in his life

    19. I guess the child support court systems vary from state-to-state; Norma gets 5k for one child in California, vs. the 3k to 5k increase Lashon Dixon had to fight Georgia courts for. Too bad it didn’t work between Tyrese/ Norma though- their baby is still so young and they made a nice couple.

    20. These broads kill me complaining about the lack of money they receive. Are you kidding me? The average women wishes she got $5,000 a dang month. In this day and age of recession, this women can’t live off of that nice sum of money. I suggest she take it down a notch and not live beyond her means. SMDH.

    21. Wow Tyrese isn’t Will Smith or Russell Simmons or Halle Berry when it comes to making the big bucks. 5000 a month is really good for any body. She needs to read about 50 cents son’s mother. And revaluate her position.

    22. We’ll they’re about right on the number of times that baby will wear an outfit. But not because its the “fashionable thing to do” but because that’s probably how many wears she’ll get out of it before it doesn’t fit anymore! Which is why is so ridiculous to pay $350 for one oufit!

      Oh and Norma, you really don’t need to many “employable skills” to work at Mcdonalds or The Gap. They will teach you on the job! LOL

      If your so hard up on cash, that you can’t buy groceries or diapers you better take w/e job you can get! Put “only skills are as a mother and wife” to work…get a job as a housekeeper, nanny, etc.

    23. Norma, if diapers and groceries equal 5k, where are YOU shopping??? This woman has a roof over her head as well as means of transportation. I think greed, and maybe the pressure to keep up with the Jones is the case here. Its so unfortunate, I was rooting for them.

    24. If he’s an absentee father, as she alleges, how would he know how many times the baby wore an outfit? Furthermore who couldn’t live on 5k a month, with the rent & car payments being taken care of separately. She definitely comes across as shady…

    25. Just pure greed!!! And not wearing an outfit twice is just ridiculous for a growing child who wouldnt know the difference.

    26. No skills boohoo…in other words the only thing I know how to do is be a gold digger…I guess Ty finally woke up and smelled the coffee..Who cant live off of $5000.00 a month…

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