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VH1’s “For The Love of Ray J” contestant, Monica ‘Danger’ Leon, who just a few weeks ago accused singer Ray J of fathering her baby, says that she is not pregnant . 

Just a few weeks ago, Monica claimed that she was more than three months pregnant with Ray J’s baby. Monica also alleged that she became pregnant with Ray’s child while on his reality show. She also claimed that  Ray J was keen on being there for the baby. 

In a recent post on her Myspace page,  Danger says that “No, I am not pregnant.” She adds,  “I love the attention, I knew I was born to be in film, it has always been my dream.”

 Monica is now engaged to rapper/actor Nick Cannon’s brother Gabriel.




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  1. Its a disgusting show from a long line of disgusting televisions shows that are making Sexism widely acceptable even among women, who really should be offended by this because its DISRESPECTFUL TO WOMEN But of course they take it as a joke or innocent fun and entertainment. Lets get real people, this show portrays women in the worst way possible and minorities in an even worse light. Why should a group of women who are somebody’s daughters degrade themselves by agreeing to come on this show and wear next to nothing while behaving like prostitutes but calling it a “competition for love” as if Ray J is really looking to love these women. No, he’s not looking for love, he’s looking for lust and fame and money and drama and a cheap thrill. Honestly I think these shows are the most disgusting thing in the world, but its not the only one. There’s nothing good on MTV Or VH1 or BET these days. Nothing truly good.

  2. she is immature for claiming she is expecting . although i am a no fan of rayj, like back in the day. to each their own i guess.

  3. ANYHOW, ray j, better be careful how he look for love, i dont think that is a safe way to look for it, he need to let god do the work. and be patient and let his come to him by the way of god, none of them broads on that show is there truly for him,

  4. THANK GOD she is not having his baby!!!!! He is too fine & too good for that crazy chick!!! Good luck to Gabriel Cannon!

  5. I don’t know if this was a publicity stunt gone bad… (ie, useless tactic to get viewers to tune into the show weekly) OR if this chic actually believes “reality” TV is her ticket to the oscars. Furthermore, lying about being pregnant is not going to further anyones acting career, it will only lessen your credibility and contribute to a good laugh in Hollywood.

    Is it just me or is the half female breed getting dumber by the minute?

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