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michellebeyoncebarack27-year-old singer Beyonce Knowles is delighted because First lady Michelle Obama has hailed her as being a role model to First daughters Sasha,7, and Malia,10.

Beyonce says that First Lady Michelle Obama approached her before the inauguration ball on January 20th, 2009  and thanked the R&B star for being a good role model to Sasha and Malia.

  “She told me that she was very happy that her children had an artist like myself and — I don’t even feel right saying this – she said she was happy they had me to look up to,” the ‘Sun’ quoted Beyonce as saying.





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  1. you people are haters for god sack beyonce has a great futer that has already began and i think you guys are jus haten on her because she has a beatuiful voice and is talented. this worlds has enough haters and we dont need no more lik u people. :p

  2. Blue, just as you and your sister are blessed to have your mother, your sister is blessed to have you. I have a pretty awesome big sister and she played a huge part in why I am the woman that I am today. Keep doing what you are doing and keep being someone that she can look up. Your role in her life is almost as important as your parent’s, role and unfortunetly a lot of older siblings don’t realize that. But that are many that do and are great examples and you seem to be one of them. ~ Praying God’s limitless Blessings for you and your fam (no really I am).

  3. Our First Lady is veerrrrry sharp! Did it occur to ANYONE that she respects and appreciates Beyonce’s talent, but may have been using REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY? Her daugthers probably like Beyonce to a certain degree but most of her songs, none of her videos, and maybe one of her movies (ie Fight temptations-before she got “out there”) the girls are even permitted to see. She was probably, as the sophistacated women of esteem that Mrs. Obama is as well as an elder to Beyonce, may have been trying to make Bey more cognizant of her influence on young girls and women. Maybe she’ll thing twice before she makes her next video. Bey put some clothes on !!!

  4. I don’t have any children of my own, but I do have a 9 year old sister. I volunteer at her school alot and I can tell that parents there don’t have the same mind set as you. I agree that every parent should be doing what you are but it seems so rare that I find someone that actually does (besides my own mother). I can’t put into words how much respect I have for you. I wish all children had someone in their lives like you.

    Lol at your last statement :) You had me spitting out my soda.

  5. Blue as you can see, I did misunderstand you, and wrote a book about it. LOL But I see what you’re saying and I agree with you. I don’t mind my kids “looking up” to certain celebrities though. I just want to know who they look up to and what reason they admire that person and then we would have a conversation about that. And if I felt that they were putting a celebrity/athlete on a pedastool, you better believe we would have a conversation about that too. LOL But anyway, I feel you. And it’s funny that you mention Ben Carson because I was going to say something about exposing my kids (neices/nephews & cousins) to ppl that have made great contributions like he has. And fortunetly for me, there are so many people in my family that I can’t wait to tell my children about. But I think that for the most part we are on the same page. And you don’t have to pat me on the back because I’m just doing what I firmly believe every parent SHOULD do. It’s my job.

    Gotta say it one more time for GP. BEYONCE…NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!

  6. “…the first person kids should look up to is their parents.” I agree with that statement 100%! I do know that children will look up to celebrities but I still do not agree with it. I am not talking about a child saying “I want to be president like Barack, play basketball like Michael and make movies like Tyler Perry…” to me all of those things are fine (sorry if I somehow led you to believe otherwise). I am talking more on the lines of children placing celebrities on pedestals (which they so often do). It seems as if children “worship” these celebriites and that is what makes me upset. If Hannah Montana dyes her hair, wears fake nails or dates a boy, little Suzie wants to too. If Miley takes inappropriate photos it’s fine because shes Miley…those are the types of things that I am talking about.

    I agree that the best thing a parent can do is talk to their child. Unlike you (and I give you all the high fives, hand claps and pats on the back in the world), it seems that most parents aren’t. They don’t expose their children to the Ben Carson’s, Martin Luther King’s, or Nelson Mandela’s of the world. They are content with their children admiring entertainers. Yes most donate to charities and volunteer, but that is not what the kids are admiring them for.

  7. Blue I really understand where you are coming from but just because someone is a celebrity that doesn’t automatically cancel them out as role models. As I was trying to say with Sasha and Malia, the first person kids should look up to is their parents. As an parent, aunt and big cousin, it is ubberly important to me to be someone who they can look up and want to look up to, in my faith and love for God, the way that I treat people and the way that I carry myself, among other things. But most young kids are going to look up to some celebrity or athlete besides their parents and family. When I was young I looked up to CeCe Winans. She is still a strong example for countless young women today. As long as I know that my kids are going to look up to someone besides me, I can talk to my kids about the celebrities/athletes they admire and let them know if what that person is doing and the way they carry themselves is okay. But if you don’t talk to your kids, they might think that the half-naked woman on stage is more admirable than the woman on stage singing for the glory of God.

    I don’t have a problem with my children looking up to Obama and saying, “I can be President too”. I don’t have a problem with my children looking up to Venus Williams and believing that they can break records in a sport where you don’t see many people of color. I don’t have a problem with my kids looking at Mary Mary, Canton Jones and KeKe Sheard and knowing that they can be super successful using their God given talent for the purpose God gave it to them while carrying themselves as real children of God should. And I don’t have a problem with my kids looking at KeKe Palmer, an African American girl who is going beyond just acting and wanting to be on tv but at the age of 15 is about to PRODUCE a movie. My children may not break records in tennis or be a gospel artist or be an actress or produce movies, but there is something that they can learn from each of these people and SOME (a select few) other celebrities and athletes. These people will not be the first people that I will direct my children’s attention to as examples, but I don’t have a problem including them. Don’t think that your children aren’t looking up to ANY celebrity, let’s just be real. But talk to them about who they look up to and what they admire about that person and let them know if that is something that is admirable or not. There are things that others are doing that I haven’t done but my kids may want to do. So I can’t just say, “don’t look at them, look only at me.” I don’t think that’s realistic. And I feel you on them placing celebrities on a pedastool. Can’t stand it either. But I don’t want them placing NO ONE, including myself, on a pedastool. These people that I’ve mention aren’t perfect, and neither am I. All I was saying is, they are acceptable. And once again, Beyonce…NOT IN MY HOUSE!!! And I’m as serious as a heart attack.

  8. This isn’t even hating on Beyonce, but I don’t see how she could even be looked at as a role model for Sasha and Malia. When the have a strong and intelligent mother at home. It’s one thing to admire and love her music, but that’s where it stops.

  9. What is Mitchelle Obama smoking… Beyonce role model for kids. How does she call a black woman a role model who is a bimbo,makes bubblegum music with nonsensical lyrics, parades half naked on stage with raunchy dance moves, potrays sex gimmick images, married a rapper who used to be a drug dealer, disrespects female music icons that paved the way for her eg the lauryn hill, jackson family etc, gets manipulated through endorsements eg the controversial Loreal deal. What about Alicia Keys she is so much better than Beyonce musically and otherwise.

  10. Did you not see the face of the Obama girls when Beyonce performed? It is clear that they love her!

    However, I don’t believe in children looking up to celebrities be it Raven, Ke Ke Palmer, or Beyonce. I am fans of all 3 but there is no way that I want my child to look up to any of them. It sickens me to see little girls place these celebrities on such high pedestals.

  11. She may not be THE role model, but she can be A role model. No unwed pregnancy, No record of drugs, hard working, motivated and private with her personal life. I don’t have a problem this.

  12. Uhmm, no. beyonce is not a role model. We certainly need more role models out there people young kids and Malia think that Beyonce is a role model. God help us all

  13. See that’s the problem with our society. Why are we looking to entertainer and sports figures to be role models for our children. We as parents are suppose to be our children role models. Beyonce has not even graduated from high school. Who roled model is she going be? What she going to tell them shake a tail feather and marry a former drug dealer turned hottest rapper in the game give me a break.

  14. I don’t believe it. The Obama girls are into younger acts, like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers. Nice try Bey.

  15. NOT!!! You have GOT to be kidding me. The best role model to Sasha and Malia is Michelle herself. I can only speak for myself but she is not whom I want my kids, nieces or young cousins looking up to. Mary Mary…Yes! Kierra “KeKe” Sheard…Yes! Raven Symone…Maybe? KeKe Palmer…Maybe? Beyonce…NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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