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  1. That’s great the Obamas ore jazzing up the white house.. They are going to leave alot of legacy’s there. Go Obama

  2. Again if people would relax that attitude they would find out that this picture was released by the White House photographer and all the presidents do it. JFK did it, Jimmy Carter did it, and even the Clintons did it. It’s how it goes.

    Womp this isn’t a political blog, keep your negativity to yourself.

  3. I thought this wouldnt be fun 4 Malia since she is turning 11 & tall, but I guess Im wrong. But I dont think she’ll have years of fun on it bc it does look like a small swing set & she is already to tall 4 that wall climb.

  4. The obamas are just as much publicity whores as any one else they are trying to flood the black community with family pictures so we can get distracted what crap he is doing.

  5. Actually, Sydney I can understand how a picture of the girls receiving a swingset would be more private. That moment, you know the reaction, is something every parent would remember, and may not want to share that with the mass public. Although, just showing them playing on the swings, to show the first family as normal, happy, and to show that the white house is now ‘family friendly’ is understandable.

  6. So much for protecting the girls’ privacy. I could understand them showing a pic when they got the swings, but this photo wasn’t necessary.

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