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What:One For Jasmina

Who:”One For Jasmina” was established to find a bone marrow donor for six-year-old Jasmina who has an aggressive form of leukemia.


Jasmina Anema is a six-year-old girl dying from Leukemia. She has a rare and  form of leukemia and doctors believe that she could die within two months unless she receives a bone-marrow transplant.  To make matters worse, African-Americans are under-represented in worldwide donor registries: “It’s one in a million,” Anema said. “We really need the African-American community to step up,”  says Jasmina’s mother(Source).

Celebrities like Rihanna, Kelly Rowland , and  NBA star Paul Pierce, have already stepped to the plate and so can you.

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  1. I think its sweet that all the black people want to pray for her but why can’t we go to the nearest hospital and find out if we could be a match to be of earthly good to her as well.

  2. good news. she was relested from the hospital yesterday 7-24-09 . will be home for 6 months . she will have quarterly test for 2 years if she stays ok for that time it should not return

  3. My son is 16 and received a stem cell transplant at the beginning of June. There were no donors for him but there were stem cells donated when a mom has a baby. I would like to extend the donor list to umbilical cords. It saved my son’s life and everyone should donate. Make sure when you deliver your babies that the hospital accepts cord donations. You never know whose life you could be saving. Thank you

  4. As, I read through all of these comments about Jasmine, they only relief I had was in the last comment that she is in recovery after her transplant. Thanks to the Black community Jasmine’s life was given another chance, thanks to Elohim for divine connection and order, that the whoever heard or read Jasimine’s story was compelled to act! That’s the power of pray that God heard the multitude of saint that prayed for Jasmine and he sent his angels to her call. The most important factor to remember is that any efforts that can and can not be made to strengthen the community connection of African-Americans across the Continent are futile, because we were never encouraged to Organize. Historically whenever the black community organizes anything they is a skepticism that it’s an insurgence of some sort. There’s a reason for that. Did anyone see John Q? Hello…people it’s designed for us to fail…that’s why the ratio of donors on the registry is low. The information on donating anything life saving for blacks, or the low-income is futile and unaccessible, mainly because those registries were not orginated or maintained to save us! This may all sound conspiritorial but, just take in the fact that slavery established community. The triangle trade is proof of that! Trapping mixed tribes of African people who were forced as cargo to be chained and linked together on a tightly packed ship, proves to me that we had no choice but to learn copperative community from the time of our raped reigns in Africa. Again, no matter what community came together to save this little girl and together with action, faith and extended prayer they saved her precious life, which is what God wanted…otherwise it all would have never happend!

  5. Hey guys great news. They found two near perfect matches for Jasmina. She just recently underwent her bone marrow transplant. She is already showing good signs of not rejecting the donor’s marrow, since it wasn’t a 100% match. Jasmina will now have to stay in the hospital for 30 days before doctors can deem the transplant a success. If they do, then Jasmina can go home, but she will have to stay inside for 6 months because of her compromised immune system. Jasmina has already gotten a visit from Rhianna.

  6. i am 13 years old and as i hear the storys about jasmina it makes me want to cry to see how she ges thru all this..she is so brave,pretty,and has a whole life infront of her..i hope she find a match and have the transplant very soon cause it is sad to hear what she is goin through ad she doesnt deserves this with the life she has to live..jasmina stay strong and god will save you sweetheart..someone please be the donor..o and can kids do it too..god please keep jasmina in your hands and give her the care she needs..hurry plez

  7. I recently went to jasmina school when they had the bone marrow drive. I did my cheek swab, filled out the paper and that was it! it was quick and easy and there were a lot of people there. I thought they would have a match considering there were so many people out there like close to 2000 but I guess not. Hopefully she will find a match.

  8. I want to know where I could get tested for Jasmina? I live in the Rockland County area and wanted to know if I had to go into the city. Just need information please. Please someone respond

  9. I live in Texas and got the info for Jasmina on “The View”. I immediately went to the website and registered to become a donor. I am now awaiting my donor kit…I never knew it was that easy…they send you the swab…Awareness and Knowledge are power…and thanks to this little girl…many others may find a donor too.

  10. Of course, we all feel with Jasmina and all others who are fighting for their lives. It is so unfair and each of them are in our prayers. Nevertheless, it is (for me at least) common knowledge that the more people that get tested, the greater the chances of helping to save Jasmina AND others who are looking for a match.

    As said before by someone else: Getting tested is simple, you can request a donor kit (www.dkmsamericas.com), and take a swab of the inside of your cheek and mail it in for tissue typing.

  11. @ Bellazon, I respect your trying to make yourself a little clearer, But you still failed. Why don’t you keep my son and little Jasmania in your prayers, In the meantime, GOD forbid my son every needs a bone marrow, if he does I will personally fly you here to see if you are a match. Then maybe other blacks will follow your lead.

    You wrote ” Why can’t we go to the nearest hospital and find out if we could be a match to be of earthly good to her as well. I answered your question with one reason why, Also, Anybody can talk, people will say anything, I watch what people do. We could dedicate a whole year on the problems in the black community, and start with Pastors in the church. But instead, I will say this Black people have come a long way, but we have a long way to go. I don’t take the word of people at final, I read and think for myself, In closing GOD is in control, in your words if he leads us we will follow.

  12. @Midnite- I must make myself a little clearer, I did not say what i said as a challenge to anyone on this site, i meant it as a indicment of our black community in general. I am fully aware that everyone’s situation is different but as collective community we seem somewhat ill equiped to help each other.

    Over here we have the same problem with black donor’s we have such large community but when we fall sick and need a transplant of any kind the chances of us find a match are 1 in 1000 because under three percent of us donate not just blood but things like bone marrow.
    I also want to state that my comments if read closely do not dismiss the power of prayer but as my pastor says we should not be so heavenly that we are of no earthly use, nor so carnal that are of no spiritual use.

    In the end my point was about balance, lead by the spirit to bring results to the natural. You can only do as you are lead, but my point about our communtiy still stands.

  13. @ Bellazon, I think it is a shame and an insult for you to say we should go down and see if we are a match. You don’t know everybody’s situation on this site. So to share a little personal information with you, I would love to save this child’s life if I were a match, But I have a three year old child with Sickel Cell, How can I save another childs life, when I need to be a match for my own son, since a bone marrow is the only cure for him. So before you make such commnets, Think, you don’t know what the situation is with the people making comments. This little girl is GOD”S child, Just like my Son, he belongs to GOD, We all have a time to live and a time to die. Kids are Angels in GODA” eyes and he gives them to us and takes them away, We did not come on this earth to stay. But the GOD I believe in can do mircles, and I am praying for a mircle for little precious Jamsmina and a better cure for Lukemia and Sickele cell.

  14. i saw her on the pastry kicks website and i am 12 and i know what if this was me so i am gone to telll my parents and we are going to pray for her and she is so pretty could be a little model

  15. I think its sweet that all the black people want to pray for her but why can’t we go to the nearest hospital and find out if we could be a match to be of earthly good to her as well.
    It’s such a shame that we as a community are quick to pray but slow to act when it comes to helping our community in the physical as well as the spirital.

    If I lived in the states anywhere near this dear child it’s the first thing I would do.

  16. She is absolutely beautiful! This little girl has an audience to reach, a story to be shared and a purpose to fulfill. I pray she gets the help that she needs and deserves…and fast =)

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