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Actress Joely Fisher and her 6-month-old daughter, Olivia Luna, attended the Bring Your Heart To You House: The John Varvatos And Converse 7th Annual Stuart House Benefit on March 8th. The ‘Til Death actress Joely has four other children: two daughters True,2, and Skylar,7 and two step-sons Cameron,24, and Colin,22.

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  1. Vix you are wrong about black couples not being allowed to adopt white children. If you google lack families adopting white children you will find plenty of stories. Your race does not exclude you from adopting a child of another race and it shouldn’t.

    Be sensible about it, if these children weren’t adopted by white families they would probably be in the foster care system their entire childhood and eventually lead a life of crime.

    Besides how are you to judge them, God is smiling on families like this.

  2. The reason people adopt oversees is that when you adopt in your own country it can take twice as long and cost twice as much and it is sad to say that many in the african american community won’t adopt for various reasons. My own grandmother adopt 3 girls in her 50s who she raised by herself, they have all been successful and gone to Cornell and johns Hopkins. Many foreigners are actually adopting black babies from the US because of the same reasons. Here is a story from abc news and people.



  3. I wonder if this was an international adoption or a stateside adoption. Not judging anyone, but it seems like stars prefer the glamorous route of adopting…taking babies from other countries when the US has some extremely poor areas with children waiting to be adopted. Either way, it doesnt matter.. I am glad that another little person has a home and a family to love

  4. yes, what tight2def said, Angela Bassett’s children are hers… they just had a surrogate mother. I dont believe she has any adopted children.

  5. Angela Bassett’s kids aren’t adopted. She couldn’t carry them, so she and her husband put their sperm and egg into a surrogate mother, who carried them for them. Those twins have Angela and Courtney’s DNA.

    Anyway, this little girl is beautiful. God bless her.

  6. @ Mz Sazzy: Angela Bassett’s kids are adopted?

    Anyway I love the name Olivia. She’s pretty already and is going to be absolutely stunning when she grows up. Kind of reminds me of Rev. Run’s baby girl.

  7. This is cute.
    The latest trend adopting a black child, having a black man and raising mixed raced children. What a trend!!!

  8. Awwww, she’s so cute. In my town a white couple adopted three little black girls who were sisters about twenty years ago and now all three sisters graduated from Yale University. The couple did such a great job. I hope little Olivia has a great life. Olivia? You rarely hear that name anymore, but i like it. It’s old-fashioned and pretty.

  9. she is so cute!! is it me or does it seem as if only white celebrities only adopt black kids. I’ve haven’t seen or known any black celebrity with a adopted black child. I lied, besides Angela Basset

  10. We have a black pres and all these celebrities adopting black babies! Glad to see the world is integrating!

  11. olivia is cute. She looks like an older soul who has been here before. Like Olivia, whom they called Old-livia in the Color Purple.

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